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Theme: Survival & Immigration How can we survive?.

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1 Theme: Survival & Immigration How can we survive?

2 PBL Marking Period 1

3 Parts of PBL Speculative Essay-everyone Scrap Book or ABC Book Research Presentation of Book to elementary audience-everyone Reflection Page-everyone

4 Speculative Essay Draft #1 The girl entered her house and she immediately felt a sense of dread. Before she screamed for her mother she noticed that the suitcases were packed and the passports were on the table. Her mother told her that she was to tell no one that they were going to sneak away during the night. Write a speculative essay about where the family was going and why.

5 Speculative Essay Draft #2 Same prompt as draft #1 Revise and edit after teacher conferences and research Add details to your speculative essay by using the knowledge you acquired from your research paper

6 Book Option #1 Create an immigrant scrapbook using the information from your immigrant interview that explains the immigrant’s experiences and challenges A scrapbook is a collection of pictures, newspaper clippings, and other mementos Copy these items and arranged them on paper with headings, colorful borders, drawings, etc.

7 Book Option #1 Each page of the scrapbook will focus on a particular topic, person, or event. Each student will create 3-5 pages for their scrapbook. You will use a combination of pictures (with captions) and written information to create your scrapbook

8 Book Option #1: Interview Minimum of 10 open ended interview questions: Must be open ended…which means the person can not say “yes” or “no” they must explain it… Use the question “Q-Matrix” to develop your questions One question must by about “survival” or “surviving the immigrant experience”

9 Book Option #1: Interview (cont.) The interview itself is accepted in the following formats: A video presentation, a power point presentation, booklet presentation, or a poster presentation. If possible include a photo of the person who is being interviewed. 10 questions rough draft is due on …

10 Book Option #1: Research Research on the Country of Origin of your interviewee and including the following : Country Flag Capital of the Country Population Ethnic Make Up (What kind of People live in the Country?) Official Language Official Religion What is the country known for (foods, exports, imports, etc….)

11 Book Option #1: Research (cont.) Research on the Country… : Type of government Main Currency (Type of Money) National Holidays Minimum of 3 facts about the country that were not covered above: Famous politicians, actors, actresses, authors, music, or any movies the country is famous for, etc. Rough Draft Due on …

12 Book Option #2 Create an immigration ABC Book depicting immigration then and immigration Now using information from your research the book must explain the immigrants experiences, their challenges and how they either “survived the immigration process” or “how they survived the immigrant experience”

13 Book Option #2 using information from your research the book must compare and contrast the immigration experience THEN & NOW

14 Book Option #2: Research Research can including the following : Flags from the country of origin of those immigrating Then vs. those immigrating Now Population numbers of each ethnic group that immigrated Then vs. Now Official Languages of those that immigrated (Then vs. Now) Official Religion (Then vs. Now) What is the country known for (foods, exports, imports, etc….) Then vs. Now

15 Book Option #2: Research (cont.) Research on the Country… : Way immigrant arrived Then vs. Now First stop upon arriving in host country Then vs. Now Immigration quotas/regulations Then vs. Now Host countries feeling about immigrants Then vs. Now States were different immigrants settled Then vs. Now Rough Draft Due on …

16 Book Option #2: Graphic Organizer Must create a compare and contrast graphic organizer depicting information gained from your research

17 Presentation-Everyone Must read your book to an elementary grade

18 Reflection Page-Everyone One page reflection to answer the following: What did you learn during this PBL? Explain What was hard about this PBL? Explain

19 Reflection Page-Everyone One page reflection to answer the following: What was easy about this PBL? Explain If you had to do the PBL over again what would you change about the PBL? Why? Explain Due on …

20 Note The teacher will use to publish the book Phone number 1-800-867-2292 The teacher must call the company or e- mail them for a “publishing kit” all the directions for creating the book for publication are included within the kit

21 Note (cont.) The company will publish one hard cover book for the teacher for free and the students have the option of purchasing the book for a nominal fee IF THEY WISH (there is no obligation to purchase the books)

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