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Warm-up Re-read your essay. Take this time to: - add any missing paragraphs - add (stronger) adjectives/ adverbs (remember you want loaded language- pathos!)

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1 warm-up Re-read your essay. Take this time to: - add any missing paragraphs - add (stronger) adjectives/ adverbs (remember you want loaded language- pathos!) -check P.C.’s -check major parts: thesis, CA, rebuttal, call to action HW: bring books

2 English 2p Agenda: Warmup: go over essay – add paragraphs and/or add adjectives and adverbs Discuss irony/ ppt. Start “Lamb to the Slaughter” Expectations/rubric TOD (IF TIME) Objectives: Students will be able to: Take C. notes in order to understand Irony HOMEWORK: bring books/ bring flash drive Friday

3 Writers use irony to reflect the real world— one where expectations aren’t always fulfilled and unexpected events surprise us. Irony is the difference between what we expect and what actually happens. Irony

4 There are three basic types of irony: verbal irony situational irony dramatic irony Irony

5 Definition: occurs when someone says one thing but means another Example of Verbal Irony: You get into a wreck and the passenger says, “You’re a great driver!” Verbal Irony

6 Another example: “I’m not sure I’ve read enough books about computers,” said Mr. Manor. Verbal Irony Verbal irony notes: is the simplest kind of irony can become sarcasm if taken to a harsh extreme

7 Situational Irony Definition: When a situation or event ends the opposite of what is expected Example: When a lifeguard is saved from drowning…

8 Situational Irony Another Example: The dentist was surprised to find a cavity when she examined her own dental X-rays. Situational Irony Notes: -it’s surprising -it’s very shocking/

9 may mock (make fun of) human plans and intentions Situational irony is often more important to the storyteller because it is often humorous and sometimes shocking Situational Irony notes

10 Dramatic Irony When the audience knows something that the characters do not… Another example: Horror films are notorious for presenting dramatic irony. The audience always knows where the bad guy is hiding when the “frantic” girl does not.

11 Heightens (increases) the sense of humor in comedies and deepens the sense of dread in tragedies adds greatly to the suspense Dramatic Irony notes: [End of Section]

12 Example: a fire station burns down Definition: a contrast between what is expected and what actually happens Situational: something happens that we wouldn’t expect to happen Example: a fire station burns down Dramatic: the reader knows something the characters do not Verbal – what is said is different than what is meant Home Alone: We know that Kevin has planted traps every where, but the thieves don’t! You tell someone to break a leg but you mean for them to have good luck

13 Identify the following examples of irony as situational, dramatic, or verbal… 1. George breaks a date with his girlfriend so he can go to a ball game with the guys. At the concession stand, he runs into his girlfriend with another guy.

14 A: SITUATIONAL IRONY We do not expect George to see his girlfriend with another guy.


16 SITUATIONAL IRONY We don’t expect a FITNESS CENTER to have an escalator because they cause you to burn LESS calories.

17 3. You are watching a horror movie. You know that the boogey man is waiting for the main character in the closet, but the character doesn’t know and unknowingly opens the closet door.

18 A: DRAMATIC IRONY You, as the audience, know something that the main character does not.

19 5. As you walk outside into the pouring rain, your friend sarcastically comments, “What lovely weather we’re having today.”

20 A: VERBAL IRONY Your friend is saying that it is lovely weather but what she means is just the opposite. It is a very dreary day.

21 7. A police station gets robbed.

22 A: SITUATIONAL IRONY  We wouldn’t expect a POLICE STATION to get robbed. They investigate robberies!

23 9. Your date for the school dance shows up in ripped jeans and a stained t-shirt. With a smirk, you say, “Oh! I see you dressed up for the occasion.”

24 A: VERBAL IRONY  What you’ve said is different than what you mean. You mean that your date hasn’t bother to dress up at all, but that isn’t what you said!

25 11. When watching a talk show, the audience knows why a person has been brought on the show. However, the person in the chair does not know that they are going to be reunited with a long lost friend.

26 A: DRAMATIC IRONY  The audience knows information that a character does not! (We know why the person has been brought on the show, but they don’t!)

27 Daily Reading/Cornell Notes rubric 1- Not following along/on the wrong page/ cannot answer the question/completely off task 2 – can somewhat answer the question/wrote the question but you have no answer/unable to pinpoint where we are in the reading/sometimes follows along 3 – can answer the question/on the correct page/following along during the reading 4- definitely following along/answered the question correctly/on task/ wants an A in English

28 Cornell notes: “Lamb to the Slaughter” black – orally discuss/RED – note it – write it out IDENTIFY – PAGE 150 INFER PAGE 151 PREDICT – PAGE 151 – USE A QUOTE I predict that _____________ because I read that “_____________” (Dahl 151) or (Dahl 150). IRONY PAGE 152 This situation is ironic because _______________________. PREDICT PAGE 152


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