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Chief Inspector Ian Vincent Metropolitan Police Exchanging Places.

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2 Chief Inspector Ian Vincent Metropolitan Police Exchanging Places

3 A presentation on good road behaviour and safer cycling by The Metropolitan Police Exchanging Places TOTAL POLICING

4 The background The number of cyclists on the Capital's streets has more than doubled (117%) since 2000 39% of cyclist fatalities in London (1999-2008) involved a vehicle over 7.5 tonnes In peak hours cyclists can be up to 40% of traffic. In 2009 there were 433 cyclists killed or seriously injured in Greater London, a reduction of 3%. 2011: 16 cycle fatalities. 9 involved LGVs 2012: 12 to date, 3 LGVs, 1 bus, all on the nearside TOTAL POLICING

5 Top causes of cyclist injury Going down the nearside of large vehicles may result in fatal or life changing injuries Vehicles changing direction - turning right, left and changing lane. Opening doors of vehicle into the path of a cyclist. Cyclists failing to conform to traffic lights. Cyclists on the nearside of HGV at junctions when the vehicle turns left. Cyclists entering road from pavement, including cycling across pedestrian crossings. TOTAL POLICING

6 The now Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme Cycle Super Highways Economic effects of the recession Cycling is getting bigger TOTAL POLICING

7 Creation of the Cycle Task Force to address biggest disincentives to cycling: road safety & cycle crime. Funded by Transport for London The Metropolitan Police Response TOTAL POLICING

8 Cycle Task Force - Security One team of officers, using proactive tactics to arrest cycle thieves. PCSOs offering free bike marking and registration. TOTAL POLICING

9 Cycle Task Force - Safety Two teams of trained Traffic officers, patrolling on cycles. Enforcement Education Engineering TOTAL POLICING

10 Enforcement Over 7000 offences reported since inception Capital Cycle Safe scheme – 1000 issued All road users: 24% cyclists, 26% commercial vehicle drivers, 50% private motor vehicles TOTAL POLICING

11 Education Exchanging Places An opportunity for cyclists to see the view from a lorry driver's perspective. Over 2000 cyclists in past 12 months 95% say they will change their riding as a result 97% would recommend it to a friend. TOTAL POLICING





16 ‘The 300 cyclists who turned up were all invited into the cab of one of the lorries to get a driver’s view of the road; it was a revelation. From 10ft up it is impossible to see a cyclist on the kerbside; even more scarily, it was impossible to see a cyclist right in front, either. I dread to think of the number of times I have gone in front of a truck at a traffic light thinking I was safe. I’ll never do that again. The police advice? Stay a safe distance behind. What will overtaking gain you, asked one policeman; three seconds?’ Eleanor Mills, The Sunday Times, 29 November 2009 TOTAL POLICING

17 Engineering Working with TfL and councils in planning stages of new cycle routes. TfL Junction Review, a result of high-profile collisions. Suggest solutions to problem areas. Able to use skills and experience as cyclists, lorry drivers, advanced police drivers & collision investigators TOTAL POLICING

18 Working with the Commercial Vehicle Unit Supporting a TfL scheme targeting freight operators that aims to transform freight delivery in London – offering practical advice and guidance, driving down collisions and even reducing costs Over 3,000 LGV drivers trained as part of their CPC in cycle awareness Members of the CTF or Commercial Vehicle Unit attend some training days-engagement opportunity Cycle Task Force TOTAL POLICING

19 Commercial Vehicle Unit (CVU) 22 Constables and 3 sergeants Working from 4 bases around London Enormous experience with large goods vehicles and buses/coaches Respond to all personal injury collisions involving pedal cycles and large vehicles Will examine vehicle, driver history and will conduct company visits to examine transport management activity. Part funded by Transport for London, close working with FORS

20 RoadSafe London website Investigating most serious breaches, captured on helmet cameras Cycle Task Force TOTAL POLICING



23 Partnership working Regular Cycle Safety Meetings and Cycle Risk groups meeting to discuss recent statistics and trends. Hosted by TfL with police and includes groups such as the London Cycling Campaign and the Cycle Touring Club of Great Britain. Introduced an opportunity for cycle bloggers to meet police and TfL in a casual environment to discuss concerns. TOTAL POLICING

24 Partnership working Several councils delivering LGV driver courses that include getting drivers out on pedal cycles in London Cross Rail delivering LGV driver training that forms part of the Driver CPC and is heavily focused on cycle awareness TOTAL POLICING

25 When and where are the Exchanging Places events. events/1400005859885/1400005859885 events/1400005859885/1400005859885 20.11 Nov- Victoria Park 0730-1000 21.11 London Fields/Martello Terrace Hackney 1600- 1900 22.11 London Bridge,Kings College Hosp St 1100- 1400 28.11 Stoke Newington Fire Station 1600-1900 TOTAL POLICING

26 Conclusion TOTAL POLICING Partnership Working Low or no cost Vital to deliver the safety message Come and see it in action or get in touch Thank you

27 Any Questions My contact details Chief Inspector Ian Vincent 0207 161 1022 0203 054 4470 07919 555812 TOTAL POLICING

28 Freedom of Information Act Protective Marking NoPublication Scheme Y/N:N Title: MPS Cycling Safety Summary: Presentation regarding police road safety operations involving cyclists Branch / OCU: SCO15 Date created: 07/11/12Review date: 07/11/13 Version:3 Author: Simon Castle PS 194132/ Ian Vincent Chief Insp 181382 TOTAL POLICING


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