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PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT An Overview 4/27/2015The Salvation Army Southern Territory1.

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1 PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT An Overview 4/27/2015The Salvation Army Southern Territory1

2 Goals for Today 4/27/2015The Salvation Army Southern Territory2 Review the process for completing a performance evaluation. Discuss how to make accurate comments on a performance evaluation. Demonstrate the importance of an accurate performance evaluation. Show how to use the web-based system.

3 Effective Performance Management Evaluates an employee’s performance for the entire year Sets clear and specific performance expectations Assists in determining and creating individual training and development plans. Helps identify and document areas needing improvement. 4/27/2015The Salvation Army Southern Territory3

4 It Should Not Be… A routine yearly task that most employees dread—supervisors and direct reports alike. A tool used ONLY to determine pay increases. Just an annual performance evaluation. 4/27/2015The Salvation Army Southern Territory4

5 ANNUAL EVALUATION The Performance Review 4/27/2015The Salvation Army Southern Territory5 Pg. 6

6 Form Assignments 90 Day Evaluations. Any New Employee or Transfer beginning on or before January 1, will receive a 90 Day Evaluation for 2013. If the 90 day comes due after June 30, complete on the due date. If you have already completed a 90 day evaluation for an employee beginning in January, you do not need to redo it. Forms 1-4: Pre-Assigned. 4/27/2015The Salvation Army Southern Territory6

7 The Evaluation Process Completes Evaluation Rater Approves or Denies Evaluation Reviewer Makes changes to review or submits to employee Rater Makes comments and signs off on evaluation Employee 4/27/2015The Salvation Army Southern Territory7

8 Evaluation Components Exceeds, Meets, Below Competencies 2-3 job specific Goal setting 2-3 ways to build skills Development Needs Overall & Employee Comments Rater, Reviewer, Employee Signatures 4/27/2015The Salvation Army Southern Territory8

9 Ratings Meets Most often used. Consistently displays use of skill and/or knowledge Consistent with a fully qualified and experienced individual. No comment required. Exceeds Fewer competencies will receive this rating. Performs well beyond the expected level of competence. Exceeds the majority of goals and job duties. Requires comment & explanation Below Inconsistently displays the use of this skill and/or knowledge. Demonstrates moderate or limited use of this competency. Requires comment & explanation. 4/27/2015The Salvation Army Southern Territory9

10 Example: Adaptability Adapts to changes in the work environment Manages competing demands Accepts criticism & feedback Changes approach or method to best fit the situation Adjusts to changes in demands & team interactions 4/27/2015The Salvation Army Southern Territory10

11 Narrative Writing Tips Avoid writing anything that could be interpreted as discriminatory. Protected Categories under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act or other state worker protection laws. Avoid vague terms such as; “attitude.” It is a subjective judgment. Describe objective behaviors. Use the phrase, “For example…” 4/27/2015The Salvation Army Southern Territory11 Pg. 13

12 Writing Tips Not necessary to give a reason for a leave of absence. Document efforts you’ve made to help the employee meet performance standards. Avoid words like “Always” and “Above and Beyond” 4/27/2015The Salvation Army Southern Territory12

13 Reminders PERFORMANCE NOT PERSONALITY. Looking at the entire year. No Surprises. Beware of Rater Errors. Does the individual show a certain level of competency more or less often than not? 4/27/2015The Salvation Army Southern Territory13

14 ON TRIAL Performance Management 4/27/2015The Salvation Army Southern Territory14

15 The Plaintiff’s Attorney Writes… Dear Sir: Your company recently fired my client, Joe Smith, because of his age (54) and because he filed a workers’ compensation claim three weeks before his discharge. We therefore call on you to rectify this unlawful action by reinstating Mr. Smith with full back pay and benefits, compensation for emotional distress, and payment of attorneys’ fees and costs incurred. Very Truly Yours, Ernest K. Barrister 4/27/2015The Salvation Army Southern Territory15

16 The Reply Back… Dear Mr. Barrister: We are in receipt of your letter on behalf of Mr. Smith. Please be advised that his claim is utterly baseless. He was fired for three compelling reasons: incompetent performance, abysmal attendance and chronic bad attitude. Please be advised that should you pursue such a frivolous claim, we will seek sanctions from the court against both your client and you personally. Govern yourself accordingly. Sincerely, Snidely J. Whiplash 4/27/2015The Salvation Army Southern Territory16

17 So What? 4/27/2015The Salvation Army Southern Territory17

18 Cycle of Performance Monitoring & Coaching Goal Setting (Planning) Goal Review (Check-In) Annual Review (Evaluation) 4/27/2015The Salvation Army Southern Territory18


20 Reminders Save work often. The system times out at 60 minutes. Consider typing content into Word first so that should you lose the data in the system, you still have it elsewhere. 4/27/2015The Salvation Army Southern Territory20

21 Logging On

22 First Time Log In: Changing Password

23 Changing Password

24 Completing A Review: Step #1

25 Completing a Review: Steps #2-3

26 Completing a Review

27 Review Status


29 Making Changes

30 Releasing the Review

31 Completed Reviews

32 Viewing Supervisor’s Direct Reports

33 Approving & Denying Evaluations: Email Received

34 Pending Approvals

35 Electronic Notes


37 Printing Reviews



40 Session Expires: SAVE OFTEN

41 Viewing Your Evaluations

42 Signing Your Review

43 4/27/2015Territorial HR Department43

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