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PICTURE IRON AND RESTATING Meeting 13 Study Program: S0673 / Building Construction II Period: 2007.

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2 PICTURE IRON AND RESTATING Meeting 13 Study Program: S0673 / Building Construction II Period: 2007

3 Bina Nusantara 3 Learning Outcome By the end of this meeting, expected student will be able to : Student can yield plan making of simple building as according to conditions which have been studied.

4 Bina Nusantara 4 Outline Items Items 1: Retortion of bone steel. Items 2: Overlap or barb length and channeling. Items 3: Log and Column

5 Bina Nusantara 5 WORK AND INSTALLATION OF BONE. Retortion of Bone. 1.Bone bar may not be curved or straightened by damage that bone. 2.Bone bar which profile after bended to be re- straightened may not be curved again in distance 60 cm from bending previously. 3.Planted bone bar some of in concrete may not be curved or straightened field, except if determined in pictures plan or agreed by planner.

6 Bina Nusantara 6 4.Curving and straightening bone bar must be done in a state of chilled, except if installation proposed by planner. 5.If warm-up permitted, bone bar of artless soft steel profile can be heated until looked to be crimson but may not reach temperature exceeding 350  C. 6.If bone bar of natural soft steel cool workmanship in its execution in the reality experience of warm-up above 100  C which non continued moment, hence in calculations as strength of steel have to be taken strength of the steel which not experience of cool work.

7 Bina Nusantara 7 7.Bone bar of hard steel may not be heated, except permitted by planner. 8.bent Bone bar with warm-up may not be made cool to pass sprinkler with water. 9.Gilding bone bar with zinc may not be conducted in distance 8 multiply diameter ( identification diameter) bar from each part of curved.

8 Bina Nusantara 8 Tabel.2. Tolerance BOLDNESS.NOMINAL DIAMETER. (MM) TOLERANCE (MM) Chock, fastener bar and spiral. Variable 55 Bone bar besides which profile. (Artless iron)  28 (Thread iron)  25 1515 (Artless iron)  32 (Thread iron)  29  20 Total Length after cutting.  20

9 Bina Nusantara 9 Overlap and channeling length. 1.If needed place tacking on bone where not be showed at picture. Election of extension place have to be consulted to supervisor of expert. 2.Overlap and channeling length have to as according to price contained at Tabel.3. Note : When length of overlap needed to bone bar with different bar diameter, have to be based from smaller diameter. Shares bend from fundamental bone ( long bone), not the included in length of overlap.

10 Bina Nusantara 10 3.Overlap can only wear at bone bar with diameter  30 cm. d1  d2 :Length of LA based of smaller bone diameter. a>2.5 d : is used “ d” of big diameter.

11 Bina Nusantara 11 Tabel 3. Length Channeling Tulangan Kekuatan BetonPanjang Penyaluran Karakteristik Tulangan Bawah Panjang Lewatan 28 hari (kg/cm2)UmumBalok AnakPelat Lantai dan Atap KLL1L2LA Tulangan 225  K  350 40d dengan 150d dengan35d dengan Polos bengkokan 225  K  350 40d dengan 45d dengan bengkokan Tulangan 225  K  225 35d atau 25d25d dengan10d dan lebih besar45d atau 35d Ulir dgn bengkokanbengkokandari 150ddgn bengkokan 150  K  225 40d atau 32d 45d atau 35d dgn bengkokan

12 Bina Nusantara 12 Note : If no other rule, length of bone overlap have to be adapted for Tabel.3. Method tacking on besides extension of overlap have to be adapted for the specification of project. Channeling length “ L” have to equal to “ price of L” like in Tabel.3. added 5d. Channeling length and length of overlap for nets.


14 Bina Nusantara 14 Tabel.4. Form Relate by the end of Bone.

15 Bina Nusantara 15 Tabel.5. Tortuous Form is Middle Bar Bone

16 Bina Nusantara 16 Installation of Bone In each meeting of bone have to be bound with strand of metal become militant with diameter 0,90 mm. To keep distance between bone, used isolator of bone ( scrawl ). Clean distance between bone have to be more big the than 4 / 3 times harsh aggregate size measure, and in all matter may not smaller than price following: - 2,5 cm : at plat - 3,0 cm: at column and log wedge with chocks. - 5,0 cm : at column and wall twine spiral.

17 Bina Nusantara 17 Maximum distance between axis bone bars to axis specified as follows: a.At plate of floor, part of maximum momen, axial distance between bone may not more than 20 cm or 2 thick times plate. b.At logs, part of maximum momen, axial distance between bone bar may not more than 15 cm; axial distance between bone bars from other side higher level log from 90 cm, may not bigger than is wide log body or 30 cm.

18 Bina Nusantara 18 c.At shares, axial distance between vertical bone may not bigger than 3 thick times wall or 40 axial distance and cm between horizontal bars may not bigger than 1,5 thick times wall or 40 cm. d. Length bend finally.

19 Bina Nusantara 19 Part of Back part. Middle Part

20 Bina Nusantara 20 PLATE A. Installation of extension place of overlap. At direction unfold shortly.

21 Bina Nusantara 21 At direction unfold length. L1 = length unfold shortly.

22 Bina Nusantara 22 Inclination place. Axis of inclination have to be placed dot of L1 / 4 from log face in direction unfold shortly cleanness, L1. Installation of additional bone D13 at tabletop lisp above inclination of bone lisp such as those which seen picture under. Thick concrete blanket have to according to ( Seeing Tabel.1 : “ Thick Blanket Concrete”). If not be used bone net at plate of roof, bone tide to the like picture under.

23 Bina Nusantara 23 B. Channeling length.

24 Bina Nusantara 24 Plate with voute. If any difference of elevation. ( have to be consulted with supervisor of expert)

25 Bina Nusantara 25 If plate lay on log side. Plate lay on log base.

26 Bina Nusantara 26 Bone For Hole All hole made at plate have to be consulted with supervisor of expert. For to holey plate broadly hole 0,3 mm 2 max and with length of max 600 mm (long side) have to be made as follows :

27 Bina Nusantara 27 If c  100 hence bone have to be bended into like picture side.

28 Bina Nusantara 28 When attached box or frame plate, box have to be attached before installation of bone ; and bone may not blocked box or frame. When bone cutting cannot be obviate box or frame, same additional bone broadly or bigger than bone have to be enhanced in the affirmative supervisor of expert.

29 Bina Nusantara 29 Restating for special conditions When there are difference of elevation.( consulted with supervisor of expert) Note : if to > t hence restating have to agree supervisor of expert.

30 Bina Nusantara 30 Log with high addition. Note : condition of where bone to the cannot be put down above like shown.

31 Bina Nusantara 31 Link with wall. (beside ordinary plate bone, have to be enhanced the following bone).

32 Bina Nusantara 32 Restating for the plate of cantilever Bone have to be channeled to log if there are high difference right and left plate log. Give min 2-D13 and bone broadly larger ones of broken bone.

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