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Student Name: Riley Lialios. Welcome to our Virtual Wiki-Classroom Visit us anytime at

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1 Student Name: Riley Lialios

2 Welcome to our Virtual Wiki-Classroom Visit us anytime at

3 Explain in your own words what happens on the classroom Wiki-workspace. [It is where we find the things we must download to work on]

4 I use Performance Based Objectives in GATE. PBOs are important because [It tells you what you will use to get your work done.]

5 I use Language Based Objectives in GATE. LBOs are important because [It tells you what you will be using when your working. Such as your voice and writing ]

6 What is Red Light Thinking? [It is when you stop and read to collect facts.]

7 What is Yellow Light Thinking? [When you start to think about what you will write or type.]

8 What is Green Light Thinking? [Green means go, so start your project.]

9 Why is our GATE Student Checklist important? [It is important because it tells you what to do. You can also get more work done because you don’t need to wait for other people to finish.]

10 Critical Thinking Shapes Explain what this product is and how you created it. [I created the new shape by measuring with my fingers. If one line was the size of my pinky then the other needed to be the size of my pinky. I think It looks like a Pac-man with a moa hawk. ]

11 GATE Student Journal  April 23, 2012   My goals have been going great! I’m still playing softball and riding my scooter or bike every day. I’m still practicing division but my teacher hasn’t given us a test yet.   If I was the president of the United States of America I would do many things. I would make more jobs. I could get people with no jobs to get the gasoline from the ground of America. That would save money for people and make more jobs. I would make the rich people pay a little bit more for taxes to give to the poor. We could start putting only animal shelter animals into pet stores so that the shelters will have enough room for the animals to be comfortable.

12 Solar Systems Name the eight planets in orders. Mercury Venus Earth Mars JupiterSaturn Uranus Neptune

13 Solar Systems Post ten facts you learned about the Solar Systems. 1.Earth is third from the sun. 2.Sun is not the biggest thing in space. 3.Venus is about the same size as earth. 4.V V Cephei is the biggest star. 5.Pluto is not a planet. 6.Saturn has 7 rings. 7.Jupiter is the biggest planet. 8.Mercury is the smallest planet. 9.The Red Dwarf is the smallest star. 10.The sun is the heart of are solar system.

14 Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets Date High Temp ° Low Temp ° 2/6/20128844 2/7/20126634 2/8/20127733 2/9/20125635 2/10/20127837 2/11/20128950 2/12/20128744 2/13/20128865 2/14/20128035 2/15/20128455

15 Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets Date High Temp ° Low Temp ° Difference 4/23/201263576 4/24/201266597 4/25/2012685711 4/26/201262566 4/27/201262575 4/28/201266597 4/29/201268599 4/30/201265578 5/1/201264568 5/2/201263567

16 Dogertown is nice and warm. Minot is very cold.43-11 is the temperature range for Minot for these 10 days. 71-42 is the ten day temperature range for Dogertown. So we have a big difference in temperature. The high temperature for Dogertown doesn't change drastically. The low temperature changes a little bit. Minot's high temperature changes more than Dogertown. The low temperature changes more then Dogertown too. So for Dogertown a sweat jacket is fine but for Minot get bundled up.

17 Weather Report What is a cold front? a zone separating two air masses. What is a warm front? The zone between warm air and the cold air is replacing it. What is a stationary front? A front that is not moving, when a warm or cold front stops moving it becomes a stationary front.

18 Hurricane Facts Hurricanes are very dangers. Hurricanes come from water. The middle of the hurricane is called the eye of the storm. The eye of the storm is calm.

19 Tornado Facts Tornadoes usually come after thunderstorms. Tornadoes don’t happen very often in Arizona. One tornado pick up a train and threw it very far. If there is a tornado get as far under ground as you can get.

20 Introducing my GATE Teacher Mr. Lewis is a great teacher because he is nice but he doesn't mess around when it comes to work. I couldn't ask for a better teacher. He is planning a party for us to celebrate all the hard work we have done this year.

21 Why is GATE important to you? G.A.T.E. is important to me because I get to go out of my class room and work on the computer. Instead of working on penciled and paper I get to use technology. It is also a place where I get to stretch my mind. It also helps me get better grades in normal class.

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