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 Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Roamer Bluetooth Activities Jail Break.

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1  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Roamer Bluetooth Activities Jail Break

2  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Free Bluetooth Activities Buried Treasure Cops and Robbers Safari Jail Break Emergency Landing Space Geologist Cave Rescue Jail Break is one of the Free Activities you get with the Roamer Bluetooth Accessory Pack. When you get your Bluetooth package you receive a disc. Run this disc and you will add the Bluetooth Interface to your RoamerWorld and at the same time you will add all the free activity files.

3  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Get Out of Jail King Roamer had been off doing good deeds in the land of Math. His wicked brother Prince John had taken advantage by taxing the good citizens of RoamerWorld. When the King returned to “sort out the situation”, the Prince’s henchman the Sheriff of Nottingham captured the King and threw him into jail. Good Robin Roamer was determined to bust the King out. He was not dashing and daring like his ancestor – he’s a geek. Instead of scaling the walls of Nottingham Castle he used a satellite micro wave scanner to spy on the guards. He sent text messages King Roamer (who still had his cell phone). He told him how to escape past the guards and how to get to the secret dungeon door. If he sang the right tune the door would open and he could escape.

4  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd What You Need Roamer RoamerWorld Roamer Bluetooth Module Free Activity Downloads Roamer Clear Grid Mat Tape

5  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Preparation Use the tape to mark out the walls of the dungeon Place the floor Roamer on the starting point

6  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Task: Gathering Intelligence One student plays the role of Robin Roamer Write a program with the Roamer waiting for 1 minute Run the program and watch the guards: estimate when they’re asleep and when they’re awake King Roamer can pass a guard when he is asleep If the guard is awake when the King tries to pass, then he captures him Test your Roamer and how fast it moves Work out a program that will help the King escape

7  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Task: Escape Bid When “Robin Roamer” thinks they know the guard behaviour pattern they start telling the floor robot what to do to avoid the guards and escape Another person programs the floor robot according to the instructions of Robin Roamer The Bluetooth Module transmits the floor robots movements to RoamerWorld and makes the screen robot move If the robot passes a guard when he’s awakes he is recaptured When you get to the spot in front of the door play some Roamer music and the door will open Once you get there door to open you win

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