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The Kleaner Games By: Billy, Gavin, Jack, and Will Wipecorns VS. the Jelly Gnomes.

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1 The Kleaner Games By: Billy, Gavin, Jack, and Will Wipecorns VS. the Jelly Gnomes

2 Introduction In the beginning, whilst once upon a time in a mystical forest protected by the almighty Wipecorns, there came to be a hindrance in the royal society of the mystical forest of the royal Wipecorns. They were the Jelly Gnomes. Soon as the Wipecorns started to lose men and they grew weaker they called in the peanut butter people who were commanded by Wipeness Everclean. She had had many former battles and used her Clean- and-arrow to defend her self. Path 1 Path 2

3 Path 1 After the Wipecorn army had lost most of its strength in its first battle against the Jelly Gnomes they relied on the Peanut Butter People for many of the next confrontations. One of these battles was when the Butter Tails fought the luft-wafer and their famous maneuver the luff-jelly and their allies the Mayonnaise-Monkeys, in their famous battle above Bergnome. In this battle the Butter-Tails outsmarted the Luft-Wafer by making a diving attack and knocking out their most skilled pilots first. This battle crippled the Jelly- Gnomes ability to fight and this was the beginning of the end for the Jelly- Gnome army. Ending 1

4 Path 2 With the upcoming battle, Wipeness prepared her special team of Cleanmandos. On a secret raid on the jelly gnome’s hideout. They positioned Cleantillery guns outside the camp, and blasted the Jelly Gnomes secured front door open. They stormed in, and awaited their first challenge; Jello Team. Wipeness fired a mop at a Jelloper. A Cleanmando ordered a WetJet strike, and soon the ground was covered in Windex. All the Cleanmandos stormed the compound. Soon the Cleanmandos started to take casualties, and the needed to send in Cleanforcments. Pink Team Six rappelled down the ropes, and the Commander shouted, “Pink Team Assemble!” suddenly, all of pink team assembled, along with some pink Jelly Gnomes. “No, not you!” Ending 3 Ending 4

5 Ending 3 Wipeness Everclean was the only survivor of the Cleanmandos, Pink Team and her got pushed back into a corner. Wipeness threw out a pack of Clean-4, and they exploded with a blurr of yellow explosion of cleaning fluid. They proceeded to the Cleanmand Room to disable the Sloppy Joe Nuke that was to land on the Royal Society Of The Forest Of The Mystical Wipecorns. “We Must Disable this Joe before it hits the Royal Society Of The Forest Of The Mystical Wipecorns!” “Yes, the Royal Society Of The Forest Of The Mystical Wipecorns is in danger!” “Just say the R.S.O.T.F.O.T.M.W!” “The rosotfotmw?” “Its pronounced the Rot-Sot-Foo-Tmow!” “Oh…” And at that moment, the final challenge, The Supreme Jellymaster broke in. Whiteness Everclean and Pink Team Six open fired. “You will never win!” said the Supreme Jellymaster, while Whiteness shot a explosive Soap-Arrow at him, and he was defeated. Whiteness disabled the Sloppy Joe Nuke and saved the day. Pink Team Six and Whiteness returned as heroes, and the Cleanmandos were recognized, and they all lived happily cleanerly after.

6 Ending 4 As pink team Six saw the pink Jelly gnomes come out of hiding they opened fire with their Lysol throwers. As more and more pink Jelly gnomes came out of hiding pink team six ran out of ammo and soon needed reinforcements. “Bring in the A.C. (all clean) gunship”, the pink team six commander said. Soon the roar of the Lysol powered engines were heard in the skies. The Wipecorns gunners in the A.C. gunship rained down fire on the pink Jelly gnomes. Soon the pink Jelly gnomes started to retreat. The Wipecorns didn’t stop and kept shooting as they ran away. The victory was the Wipecorns!

7 Ending 1 After this famous battle the Wipecorns and the Peanut Butter People started an all out ground offensive that began with the insertion of the Klean-O-Trons behind enemy line to set off major explosions and disorganize the Jelly-Gnomes. This tactic worked and soon all the Jelly- Gnomes (that were left) had surrendered. This led the Wipecorns to now send all of the Jelly-Gnomes to work in factories. This happened to have consequences because then the jelly eating monster, Rusty came in and sucked up all of the Jelly-Gnomes and into his stomach. They were soon digested and there were never again Jelly-Gnomes to bother the Wipecorns.

8 Ending 2 After the Jelly Gnomes were destroyed, the Wipecorns took advantage and wiped out every army including the Mayonnaise Monkeys and the Peanut butter people. All that was left was the almighty, blood- thirsty, monster named by the locals; Feisty. He was as hungry as ever and was mad because the Wipecorns had wiped out the Jelly-Gnomes. It was all up the Wipecorns to save the mystical forest of Gingg. The Wipecorns split up into different groups to clean up this mess. They cornered the almighty Feisty and clobbered him with paper towels and sprayed him with the acidic Windex. Feisty finally fell to his death with tons of Windex and paper towels all over him. Everyone was cheering as the Wipecorns ran into the mystical forest proud that they had won the biggest battle in the history of Gingg. But this all happened in a weird mystical world...

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