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By Kimberley Rauchelle Please Click to Continue EVIL possession.

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1 By Kimberley Rauchelle Please Click to Continue EVIL possession

2 One night I was at a hotel and I met a bar attendant a lady called Mahalia, she was a bright, attractive and very personable twenty seven year old, she was also a student learning Psychology, we got on very well. Mahalia suggested we exchange phone numbers and it was not long before we became friends, I found her a very interesting woman, we were both the same age and had a lot in common, her friends and mine mingled together well. A few years after meeting Mahalia she mentioned to me she had met a couple who were into séance rituals and black magic. Because I had had a religious background I warned her against getting involved but to her it was exciting. Meeting Mahalia

3 Months went by and Mahalia started to change she started drinking a lot and taking heavy drugs, she dropped out of her class at university and started to get involved in dark behavior. I kept warning her but my warnings fell on deaf ears, she was totally absorbed in the couple she met and our friendship started to waiver, but I still cared for her. Xmas came, Mahalia invited my friend Rhonda and I for Xmas lunch. It was a steaming hot day I had the roof off my MG. We knocked on the door no one came out, we went back to the car ready to drive home then the door swung open and standing there was Mahalia dressed like a can- can dancer. She did a can-can dance showing she had no underwear on, she danced her way to the car and PAWED Rhonda's arm stoking it like she would a well cared for cat and said in a slow drawl “come in my lovelies”. I had never heard that tone let alone seen that type of behavior with Mahalia before.. Meeting Mahalia

4 Daunted by what had just taken place Rhonda and I followed Mahalia into the house, she was dancing all the way down the hallway. She took us into the family room made us coffee, sat on the floor, opened a large bag and proceeded to brag about how on that Xmas morning she had gone to a chemist and stolen at least twenty top brand perfumes. She said, “ The Chemist was such a nice man and while he was filling my prescription and talking about the beautiful day and his family lunch, little did he know I had half the shop in my bag “, she was laughing and so proud of herself. Rhonda and I looked at each other shocked, I looked at Mahalia and said “ what is going on here “, in a disapproving manner, I could see a dark shadow go over her face, her face twisted, her head went back and her tongue came right out it was green and yellow and it was very long indeed, similar to the Kiss singer, her eye’s went black, for a second all I saw was ugly. Instantly a dark evil voice said to me “ Get over to the radio “, my body was pulled out of the chair and I was DRAGGED to the corner of the next room at least eight meters away. Rhonda came after me yelling “What is happening “ she was scared stiff. Shocking Revelations Shocking Revelations

5 My body was ridged my arms were clamped in a folded position, my legs could not move. I heard the masculine rough deep dark voice behind me, I could not talk my mouth was clamped, I was yelling at the THING in my mind. I was telling it to get out, it started to push me I was saying things like “ In the name of Christ I demand you to go “. Rhonda was screaming “ What is going on Kimberley “, she was scared stiff. Although I was fighting with this THING I was not scared at all during this time. Next the THING got my body and hurled me out the door to the pool…it then was yelling “Get into the pool you #*@! “. It was screaming at me and using foul language, constantly cursing. It said really loudly, “ Who is this Jesus Christ, he is nothing, I am more powerful than this maniac…Jump in the pool and drown yourself you #*@! “. The Demon went on for ages, although I was not emotional tears were running down my face which was pulled tightly and I was feeling very hot. I could not unclamp my jaw, I was starting to yell at it aloud with my jaws still clamped. Rhonda heard me, she was still shouting in fear “ What is this Kimberley “, my arms were still folded, by this time I was drawing my own blood from my finger nails imbedded in my skin, I was paralysed totally trying not to be pushed into the pool. There was a fence at the side of the yard with a gate, it said as it pushed me towards the gate “Get out now bitch “, then I felt the GRIP leave me and the next thing I knew was that Rhonda had my arm and was pulling me to go …. Shocking Revelations

6 By the time this time fighting with this THING had exhausted me, I was left very numb, Rhonda said “ We are OUT of here NOW ”. She was shaking, she took my arm and pulled me inside, she grabbed our bags and we ran to the door. Mahalia ran to the door to stop us leaving, “What is your hurry girls “ she mused. Rhonda just yelled at her to get out of the way, Mahalia had her arms out across the doorway trying to keep us there, Rhonda grabbed her by the waist and pushed her aside. Finally we were out the front, Rhonda was pulling me, she opened the passenger side of my car and threw me in, we were both grateful that the roof was down on my MG, it made the exit easier. She started the car and we took off, when we were down the road Rhonda stopped the car, our hearts were racing, she said “ I tell you what girl I am a believer now, how the hell did that happen,please tell me what you were going through, I have never seen anything like that in my life, what was it all about, the look on your face and the whole scenario was scary “. We slowly drove home we did not say much with exception to “ I don’t believe what happed “, over and over again, I am sure you know what I mean, when something unexplainable happens, you can become speechless…. Our Fast Exit

7 Rhonda had never believed in the UNSEEN, she had always listened to me. When I had told her things I had seen thankfully she never mocked me, she just listened and said she could not relate. She did not believe as she has never seen, so imagine how she felt. We went to her place to get some clothes, she was so scared she ran into her house and was out of there as fast as she could. I have never seen this very well grounded woman so scared, we did not speak for hours, we just sat. This event was in the early eighties, when conversations of unseen worlds comes up with Rhonda’s friends and they do not believe she still relates this event to them after all this time. She is converted now and never wants to experience anything like this again…she now knows there is THE SEEN AND THE UNSEEN....Other Realms. Arriving Home Safe

8 Mahalia’s father, whom I loved dearly had passed away a few months after Xmas and left her enough money to buy a house. She chose an old white painted wooden house with white roses in the front yard. The house was from a deceased estate, she invited me over to have a look at it. When I got there she was taking down the rose patterned wallpaper in her bedroom so I helped her. As we were pulling a section down we exposed a large mural painted in very bright colours of red, yellow and orange. It was of a very nasty Demon, the mural was huge it took up most of the wall, I was blown away, she loved it, then I remembered Xmas day and I instantly thought “ No wonder she had picked this house and how deceiving it was as the outside was so cute “, I asked her to try and find out the history of the house. And what a coincidence, the couple she had met who were into Black Magic told her that years before evil rituals were held at the house and they had attended the gatherings. Back to Mahalia

9 Dark Entices Dark Months went by, Mahalia phoned me and asked me over for lunch, she was into costumes and she was sewing a few when I got there, I noticed she was taking lace out of the hands of a large female Buddha statue about three feet high. I thought it was beautiful, it was similar to the picture on the right. She said she got it from a garage sale of a deceased estate, I said “ How much do you want for it “, she said she wanted it and she would leave it to me in her will, as a joke to each other we said this often when either of us wanted what the other had. I went to touch the Buddha but withdrew my hand immediately as I felt a very DARK vibration radiating from it. I said “ Mahalia the thing is EVIL “, she laughed and said “ Yeah good one mate, nice try “, once again I was astounded at what Mahalia was attracting into her life. I had known for a long time that objects can hold vibrations both good and bad and I was very worried where my mate was heading to…….THEN…..IT ALL STARTED…

10 Dark Attracts Dark Mahalia had met a man a lot younger that herself, they had a lot in common, he stole thousands of dollars from her business account, in turn she would take from others all she could, it was getting serious. My beautiful mate now had no conscience, she was trapped in a vortex I will never really understand, she had lost control, she was no longer the vibrant woman I had met, her health started to deteriorate and her life was a mess. One day she rang me and told me she was very ill, the prognosis was not good, she had a disease that would eventually take her body, then her mind, at forty two she was on her way out. I tried to help but she was not into it, she just kept going on regardless, it did not help that just after she found out she was ill, her Baby, a dog called Princess was killed by a car when her boyfriend left the gate open. That was the beginning of the end, she was mourning for months and was thrown into a child like state, she did not understand anything, her house was starting to fall down…literally, the floor boards were falling in, the walls started to crumble, and the front which was so pretty was now un-kept, the roses had died, weeds were everywhere and as this was happening, it was mirroring her, she was falling down, every aspect of her life was rapidly declining….

11 Trying To Help Trying To Help Mahalia and I had a mutual friend called Dianna, Dianna rang me concerned about Mahalia and asked could she bring her to stay with me for a few weeks as Mahalia’s boyfriend was not looking after her. I had a beautiful peaceful setting. I thought a new outlook would help so of course I invited her over for respite. As soon as I saw her I was in shock, she was so depressed, had lost too much weight and was not at all like her former beautiful Spanish beauty. She had been going down for months but this was too much, all I saw and heard was DOOM, she wanted me to help her kill herself…AND SHE WAS SERIOUS… Of course I could not help her as it is against the law…but I have to say if it was a legal thing to do I would have helped her. She had lost most of her dignity, she had a child like mentally and could not understand anything, she was mumbling to herself constantly and was full of grief. Over the days she stayed she told me how she had tried to kill herself at least eleven times but her boyfriend stopped her each time…she tried to drown herself several times and tried to gas herself in the car….and mentioned she had put a bag over her head to do so. This I could not understand, I was mortified for her…After a few weeks…unchanged…she went home….THEN…

12 A week went past, I was watching T.V.. Around midday I saw a smoky effect, the usual signal that another realm was opening, then out of nowhere I saw Mahalia’s face smiling at me. She looked absolutely beautiful, she waved, winked and then disappeared, I knew she had separated from her body, she looked the same age as when I had met her. Minutes later the phone rang and without saying hello I said “ How did she do it “, Paul her boyfriend was on the other end of the line, he asked me how I knew and I told him she had appeared to me a few minutes before he rang. He was astounded, he said she had played a trick on him to get him out of the house and had hung herself whilst he was gone…she was forty five years old. The Battle Ending

13 The Buddha Several day’s after Mahalia’s death she came to me in dreams, she told me she was released now and was with her family, even Princess her dog was with her and she was very happy. She had said to me months before she died that she wanted to look like she used to when she was young and she did. In my work I see people who have lost someone through suicide, they always fear that their loved ones are not happy or in “ HELL “,.To me heaven and hell are within you…I had hell once now I have heaven…..I am in light..I can recognise DARK because I was given the opportunity to take it....I declined. The funeral took place and there were a lot of people there grieving but I was not, I was relived she was out of the hell she was in, it was not nice. A few weeks past and Paul her boyfriend asked me to come and get the things she had left to me, among the items was memorabilia of our times together, photos and clothing. As I was leaving he told me there was another item in the back room. Mahalia had stipulated it was for me, he said, “ I don’t know if you would want it as it is broken “, and with that he disappeared in to the other room and came out with the Buddha I had admired years before minus the head which was in it’s hands. broken off at the neck.

14 The Buddha Paul said, “ I don’t know what happened, the head was on the floor the day after Mahalia died. it was ok before that, I can glue it on if you like it is a clean break “, I looked at it dumbfounded I could not believe that she had hung herself and the Buddha had no head. He said “ I think I better throw it out “, he could see the shock on my face and I agreed, he picked it up and threw it and before it hit the skip bin it exploded…..WHAT ?? We just looked at each other, on the way home I wondered about the history of the Buddha and wondered about the fate of the previous owner. I often wonder where Mahalia’s life would be if she did not meet the couple who introduced her to the séance and Black Magic world. She was NEVER the same, within months of meeting them her whole world changed in EVERY aspect and the change was dark and destructive Just always be careful what you bring in from OTHER REALMS it is not always light.

15 This event was a journey into OTHER REALMS, DARK REALMS….SOME PEOPLE CALL IT THE ASTRAL PLANE, The lower emotional plane. I SUGGEST YOU DON’T GO THERE…EVER….I feel Mahalia became a host to an evil being, one she gave into that, took her soul, it took her spiritual body so she took her life to be free from it. A year before she died she asked me about possession and I told her all I knew, she asked me if I thought she was possessed and I told her she had the evidence and told her of my altercation with the demon at her old house….the evidence was it corrupted her, then made her ill…She lost her body, soul and mind…she lost everything…..even her life. All the PowerPoint presentations I have done with the experiences I have had ARE ALL TRUE, I have not elaborated, although I do change names. Since I have started writing, my mind reminds me of what other stories I have in my memory vault which I am now unlocking. When you watch “The charmed Ones” believe it, it is true…I HAVE SEEN IT. I hope you have enjoyed reading this and have learned something by it…I certainly did. Kimberley Rauchelle. 089255 3333 0431227020 8 Bucknell Place. Swan View 6056

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