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Tel Aviv Global City Work Plan 2012 Draft I Global City Administration I June 2011.

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1 Tel Aviv Global City Work Plan 2012 Draft I Global City Administration I June 2011

2 What is a Global City Two main anchors: Culture Business In the 21 st Century cities lead international competition

3 Mission Positioning Tel Aviv-Yafo as: an International Business Center based on existing strengths

4 What are the Cities Strengths?

5 Strengths State level… Economic stability Proximity to Europe and central Asia Human Capital and talent Highest number of startups per capita (around 4500) Highest VC investments per capita (2.5 of USA, 30 of Europe) More startups established annually than any European country

6 Strengths City level… The largest metropolis in the country Wide range of spoken languages Over 40% of the country’s startups are in the metropolis and almost 70% in the center of the country An exhaustive tech entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem Culture center and non-stop city National Geographic top 10 beach cities Lonely Planet top 3 hottest cities

7 Innovation Ecosystem: Existing Tel Aviv enjoys a unique innovation ecosystem for tech entrepreneurs and startups The ecosystem includes platforms such as co-working spaces, hubs, techie events, networking events The ecosystem is almost exclusively operated by private entities

8 No. of Members (approx) Platform 25The JunctionWork Spaces 50TLV Hub Dozensהקנטינה unlimitedTechAvivEvents 2000FinTechIsrael 400CleanIsrael 1000Startup Weekend 100Seedcamp 20GarageGeeks Lool VenturesIn development Gvahim Innovation Ecosystem: Mapping

9 Positioning of Tel Aviv as an International Center of Innovation Vision

10 Exhausting and leveraging the city’s assets in the tech innovation and entrepreneurial industry Maintaining the city’s competitive edge Objectives

11 Target Market Foreign Talent and Startups 1.Creative Class: The combination of: a young, vibrant and pluralistic city + an informal business center attract entrepreneurs 2.Startups The unique innovation ecosystem contributes an immense added value for startups

12 Work Plan 1.Cultivating an Innovation Atmosphere 2.Developing an Innovation Mile

13 1. Cultivating an Innovation Atmosphere City Wi-Fi Municipal internet site in English, Information Portal Making th city accessible to English speakers TechAviv, GarageGeeks Monthly tech events that will be identified with the city DLD Annual international conference City competitions, BigApps, Hackathon, StartupWeekend Development of tech-products for the service of the city society Fund Inviting young techies from abroad

14 2. Developing an Innovation Mile A “Geek Hostel” for innovative tech events (The Library) Encouraging co-working spaces Information portal for foreign entrepreneurs

15 Innovation Mile Hub TLV Hub Center The Library The Junction Innovation Center Evergreen Youth Center PresenTense

16 “If you threw a stone in Tel Aviv, it would probably hit a high-tech entrepreneur…Tel Aviv can compete with London, Paris and Berlin in connection to the concentration of Startups in it” (Mike Butcher, Editor, TechCrunch Europe, during his visit to Israel in April 2011)

17 תודה רבה ! THANKS!

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