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Author and illustrator by: Ally Elliott The Secrets of the Small World What happens in this book will happen to YOU.

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1 Author and illustrator by: Ally Elliott The Secrets of the Small World What happens in this book will happen to YOU

2 Ally Elliott is a 10 years old and goes to Kathy Caraway Elementary with Mr. Cook as a fourth grade teacher. Right now she enjoys dancing, biking, playing baseball with her brother and practicing soccer with her sister. She loves dancing so much she dances 6 ½ hours each week. She is the middle child with a 7 year old brother and a 12 year old sister. When she has spare time she reads her favorite book or goes outside to play with her friends. As she grows up she hopes to go to Europe and Asia.

3 Do NOT read this book straight through from the beginning to end! These pages contain many different adventures you can have. From time to time as you read along, you will be asked to make a choice. Your choices may lead you to SUCCESS or DISASTER! The adventures you have will be the result of the choices you make. After you make a choice, follow the directions to see what happens next. You HAVE been warned. GOOD LUCK!!!!! WARNING!! Click this to begin

4 “Bring, Bring” goes the phone. As you (Barton Leeris or Stacy Hutch) enter the room you notice the caller ID and see that it’s Albert Einstein Jr. You pick up the phone and listen. When Albert Jr.speaks he asks you to come and try his invention. As you open the door to the lab you see Albert and his assistants. He asks you if you want to put the hat (invention) on or not. As you look at the hat you see it has black and white spots. You see it is a top hat. Do you… If you put the hat on go to page 3 If you don’t put on the hat go to page 4

5 You say you want to put the hat on. As he carefully puts the hat on your head you slowly start to……. As you look around the lab seem so small. (about half an inch.) ”Ahh I shrunk” you screamed. You look around the room, everything is so huge. You see Albert walking near you you wonder what he is doing. “Is he looking for me or the hat?” you question yourself. When you walk around Albert notices something moving like an ant. He bends over to see what it is. When he notices it’s you he puts out his hand out and asks if you want to come on. Do you…… If you climb on his hand go to page 5 If you don’t climb on his hand go to page 6

6 You don’t put on the hat on and leave the lab. As you walk out of the lab you notice that a car is coming It’s the news cast.They rush out of the car and onto the side walk. They enter the lab and you follow the excitement. They start asking Albert jr. questions about the invention. He doesn't answer. They ask his assistants about the hat. They don’t answer either one person in the camera group sees me and turns the camera on me. Then all the crew turns to see where the camera is pointing. They start asking you questions like “Did you try on the hat” and “ Can you tell us about it.” Do you... If you lie about it go to page 7 If you tell the truth go to page 8

7 You go on to his hands and he takes the hat off so he can use another device to put the hat to normal size so he can make you to normal size. “Uh oh“ he starts to cough and sneeze “Achoo” you are covered in germs. The sylvia bubbles up and down. You have already died and they flush you down the toilet. Click here to start over

8 You decide to stay on the ground. You wander around the floor and find a pole. You start to climb and once you get up you see a lot of chemicals bottles on the table. You look around the desk and see a little hole in the middle. “It’s probably where they keep the fridge.” You look around the other desks and see the hat. Do you….. If you try to get to the other desk go to page 9 If you stay at this desk go to page 10

9 You lie about putting the hat on. You start telling about having super powers and being able to fly but once you get your second power you get out of control. Then once you get the hat back on and get to normal you feel dizzy. When you get back home you notice you left the TV on. As you walk to the TV you see yourself on the news. The next morning you get a call from the news cast and they ask you to come and react the performance. Do you…… If you go and act the performance go to page 12 If you stay at home go to page 11

10 You decide to tell the truth to the news cast. As they leave Albert takes you into a secret room. Once there he tells you that you shouldn't have told the truth to them because they’re (the news cast) boss was paying for all of their supplies. He also told you that if they had a new invention they only get one tester to try it out. If the tester doesn't try it one or it doesn’t work they only get 1 more chance. That boss gave them two chances because he wanted them to prove that they can get the invention right a first time. If they (the assistants and Albert) do mess up a second time the boss will fire them. Then Albert told you that they already messed up. Click here to start over

11 As you try to figure out a way to get across you see a tester dummy your size standing between some chemical bottles. As you walk to it you think how fun it would be to dance with a dummy. When you start to dance you notice that Albert is coming to test the dummy in an experiment. As you stop dancing and step back Albert starts to talk with his assistant and turns his head. When he stopped talking to listen to the person he feels around the table to find the dummy. As he feels around he can only feel you. You try to move but you can’t. When he explains the experiment to the scientists from other cities you try to escape. As he demonstrates the process you try to hold your breath but you swallow a lot of chemicals. As he pulls you out he sees it’s you, but it’s to late because you are dead. Click here to start over

12 You don’t try to get to the other desk. You start to wander around the table. Then you notice that the tables you thought were separate were actually one table. You start to wander around the middle were the fridge was to the hat. As you try to pick the normal size hat up Albert sees you and help pick the hat up to put on you. All of a sudden it’s pitch black. “Beep, Boop, Bop” you hear buttons from the device to activate the hat go on forever. As you look down you see that Albert and his assistants have shrunk but you noticed that before you saw that you were standing on a table. When Albert helps you down off the table you thank him for every thing leave the building. The next morning as you get the news paper you’re surprised by the front cover. The whole front page is about you. When you get dressed you hear the door bell ring. As you open the door you see a crowd of people. “Wow I’m actually famous.” Click here to start again.

13 gf Click to start over As you answer the phone that you don’t want to go and perform. You hear them trying to cover the speaker but you can still hear them. “ Let’s get a replace person to act for Stacy (or Barton)” one guy told to his friends. As they uncover the phone and agree that you can’t come they hang up. When you disguise yourself as a normal person you sneak into the performance. When you see the person who is supposed be you pause a lot. As you take off the disguise and walk to the stage people start to stare at you. When you tell them that you are the real Stacy Hutch (or Barton Leeris) people start to walk away. You feel so embarrassed.

14 As you go and perform you notice they were right. There was thousands and thousands of people there. As you start to perform you start exaggerating. Once you are done person by person start to shout, “Encore, Encore.” When you go home and rest you get another call from the news cast. They asked you to perform the next day too. You notice that at the end threw money at you not roses. As you get into your bed you remind your self of all the money you made that day. Instead of sleep walking you sleep talk saying in your mind 350 dollars. Click here to start over

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