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Greek GodsGreek Goddesses Odyssey explanation Odyssey Love and Adventure Odyssey Creatures 100 200 300 400 500.

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1 Greek GodsGreek Goddesses Odyssey explanation Odyssey Love and Adventure Odyssey Creatures 100 200 300 400 500

2 What task does Penelope set before the suitors as a condition of marriage? (There are two—mention at least one.) AnswerAnswer

3  String Odysseus’ bow –or--  Shoot an arrow through the holes in the axe heads HomeHome

4  What does Odysseus, in the disguise of a beggar, do to Antinous that angers the rest of the suitors? Answer Answer

5  He shoots an arrow into his throat HomeHome

6  What “test” does Penelope give to Odysseus to be sure it is really he?  Answer Answer

7  She tells a servant to move the bed out of the room and Odysseus knows that the bed is created out of a tree and can’t be moved. HomeHome

8  In The Land of the Dead, Odysseus seeks his destiny. Who does he see for help?  Answer Answer

9  Teiresias of Thebes The blind Prophet Home

10  Which god helps Odysseus prepare to visit Circe? How does the god help Odysseus- be specific? Answer

11  Hermes. He gives Odysseus a plant called Moly that acts as an antidote to Circe’s power. HomeHome

12  What do the beings in the underworld need (or else they will fade)? AnswerAnswer

13  Blood Home

14  Describe two physical aspects of the Monster Scylla  Answer Answer

15  This monster has twelve legs, six heads, and three rows of teeth. Home

16  he ate his children until his wife tricked him by handing her husband a rock  Name the husband and wife  Answer Answer

17  Cronus and Rhea Home

18  Odysseus initially tried to avoid going to war by acting crazy. How was he tricked into proving that he was sane?  Answer Answer

19  The people who came to get him threw his baby in front of his plow  Home Home

20  When Oddyseus is talking to the king the audience is getting a _________.  Answer Answer

21  Flashback  Home Home

22  How does Odysseus make the situation worse once he and his men are sailing away from the Cyclops? Answer

23  He screams his name and where he is from  Home Home

24  Teiresias, the Blind Prophet warns Odysseus to not eat______________ - Why?  Answer Answer

25  Cattle because they belong to Apollo and he will be angry  Home Home

26  Why didn’t Odysseus’ men just kill the Cyclops?  Answer Answer

27  They knew they couldn’t roll the rock away from the entrance  Home Home

28  Who said this: “…after these years with me, you still desire your old home? Even so, I wish you well. If you could see it all, before you go–all the adversity you face at sea–you would stay here, and guard this house, and be immortal…Can I be less desirable than she is?” Answer Answer

29  Calypso  Home Home

30  “Sweet cousin ram, why lag behind the rest in the night cave? You never linger so, but graze before them all, and go afar to crop sweet grass… Why, now, so far behind?”  Answer Answer

31  Cyclops or Polyphemus  Home Home

32  Who says this  “Steer wide; keep well to seaward; plug your oarsmen’s ears with beeswax kneaded soft; none of the rest should hear that song. But if you wish to listen, let the men tie you in the lugger, hand and foot, back to mast, lashed to the mast, so you may hear those Harpies’ thrilling voices…”  Answer Answer

33  Circe  Home Home

34  What do you call the extended comparisons used in Homer’s works that compare a heroic deed to something in everyday life? Answer

35  epic simile/ heroic simile/ Homeric simile  Home Home

36  Who is the god of wine? Answer

37  Dionysus  Bachus  Home Home

38  Who is the goddess of agriculture?  Answer Answer

39  Demeter Home

40  What goddess is responsible for love?  Answer Answer

41  Aphrodite Home

42  What is one thing Hephaestus is the god of?

43  Blacksmiths/fire/crafts /Forge  Home Home

44  Hera was angry about Zeus’ infidelity and to hide it he turned a girlfriend into a cow. Who was the girlfriend  Answer Answer

45  IO a nymph  Home Home

46  God of War  Son of Zeus and Hera  Bloodthirsty and merciless Answer

47  Ares  Home Home

48  Young God of Love  Son of Aphrodite and Hephaestus Answer

49  Cupid or Eros  Home Home

50  Name two of the Titans  Answer Answer

51  Cronos (Saturn): Ruler of the titans  Rhea: Wife of Cronos  Ocean: River that encircled the world  Iapetus: Father of Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Atlas (also titans)  Home Home

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