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Dexter gazed out of the chrome, turbo, blazing spaceship window, staring at the astonishing, ensign of the planets. “It sure is exciting to be out in space.

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1 Dexter gazed out of the chrome, turbo, blazing spaceship window, staring at the astonishing, ensign of the planets. “It sure is exciting to be out in space “said Dexter. Yes it is!” said his mum and dad. Then Rex, the family dog started barking out. Dexter said “what is it boy?” The dog carried on barking. Until they heard a noise. Petrified worried frustrated the aliens got in the spaceship, sneaked around and kidnapped mum and dad. Dexter was lucky he still had his dog Rex with him. Dexter could not stay inside the ship and operate it by himself. So he jumped out and landed on a planet called Venus. “Wow, it is very intimidating to be in space on your own.”Said Dexter. Then, Dexter heard a THUD! He knew it was his spaceship, and he had left all of his equipment behind. The aliens came. He looked around and saw three boxes which had a: MachineMachine gun Ray gun AK-47gun Ray gunAK-47

2 MACHINE GUN Machine gun Dexter grabbed the machine gun out of the box. He realised that there were only 120 bullets. There were thousands and thousands of aliens swarming all around Dexter and his dog-Rex. Then he knew that Rex likes to bite a lot of stuff but it was too much for him to eat the aliens. Then Dexter remembered he still had his machine gun he shot 120 bullets but only 300 of them died. Rex had more vigour to bite more aliens. Rex Bit 50 aliens. The aliens went closer. The aliens gathered around Dexter and his dog “this is it were going to die” Dexter grabbed his dog ran for his life but there was a dead end. The aliens came and tied with a rope so Dexter and his dog Rex couldn’t escape. The aliens went away and went in their UFO and they were cameras all around to check on Dexter and Rex then Rex had a idea bit of all the rope the ropes. Then Dexter ran into the spaceship but when he looked back he saw the alien. The aliens surrounded around Dexter and his dog Rex then they came a shot Dexter and his dog Rex. #Black PortalBlue PortalWhite portal

3 RAY GUN Ray gun Dexter took the ray gun from the strange looking box and it unexpectedly it said “You Chilin homie”? Then unexpectedly it disappeared. He found a secret lab. So he used the ray gun to shatter the walls. Dexter saw all of the unknown aliens. There was a long silence...Dexter’s parents were trapped in cages that were too strong to blast. Then the alien leader spoke. “Leave! Or you will never see your puny human friends AGAIN!” Dexter just stood there thinking of ponies! The alien leader said “Ok then, alien minions! Start WAR! Dexter ran away while all of the aliens blast him and Rex. Then they found hope for survival. Dexter and Rex found a little room that had a sign above it saying portal making room. They both walked inside and they see three different portals of different colours. Which one does Dexter and Rex choose? #Black Porta#Black Portal Blue Portal White portal Zhia and Zishaan

4 CHAPTER TWO AK - 47 Dexter picked up the peculiar AK-47. He got outside and there were lots of aliens positioning with their shotguns aiming at him. Dexter shot the bullet. It was very powerful. Then he found out that he had shot it the wrong way. It blew up his rocket and he turned the gun around and before he could pull the trigger he had to dodge a thousand lasers but one hit him in the arm and his favourite t-shirt got ripped. He dropped the AK-47 and started to run as fast his big legs could carry him. He ran and dropped because one of the lasers hit his back and made a small scar. Then he got knocked out and when he woke up he was in a lab with straps on his body so he could not move. He saw 2 skeletons and he thought that was his parents. A tear trickled from his eye but they soon dried up as he made his escape. He saw 3 portals. They were: White Portal Blue Portal Black Portal

5 BLACK PORTAL BLACK PORTAL!!! That day Dexter saw a dark thunderous place. Lightning struck a village full of crops he had to run for his life. All of a sudden an alien devil appeared in a flash of dust the village ran screaming. The devil had blistering powers he spoke in a very croaky way he said “your parents are dead and now so are YOU!”He threw a very hot blistering ball Dexter dodged it Dexter ran as fast but an alien had caught him “you’re not going and where”. They bought him into a fire hot crop field the alien tied him to a rope they left him upside down. Then they came back to watch him to his death. Underneath his head the sweltering lava bubbled Dexter was sweating so much one of the aliens pulled a lever and the rope went down and they dunked him in to the fiery lava they put his whole body in and he was skeleton... HE WAS DEAD THE END jetpacks3 keys to rocketjetpacks3 keys to rocket

6 WHITE PORTAL White. Whiteness everywhere. Each way Dexter looked all he could see were dancing unicorns saying “Yo, Yo. I am the prancing pony!” Dexter didn’t know where to go. Then the white portal disappeared. Days passed, Dexter was still waiting for the white portal to reappear. Then his legs turned to ice. Then his arms. Then his head! Finally, the sun appeared! Dexter unfroze and could see that the snowy lands were no longer snowy. They were filled with candy and gingerbread men. Dexter could see where he was going now. In front of him was a narrow road made of brown stone. Dexter walked down the narrow road. The road gave Dexter a very odd feeling. But he couldn’t figure out why. After a short while of walking and walking, Dexter saw a town. But this didn’t look like a very nice town. It was filled with soldiers. Dexter realised where he was and why he thought that road looked different. He had been taken, to the past! Dexter was standing hopeless in the middle of the World War II! All around him were soldiers taking cover and screeching guns and people yelling “AAAAAH!” Dexter didn’t know what to say but whispered “Help me...” Then a young looking soldier walked up to him and said “why are you here? You should be on a train all the way to a different country!” Dexter told the soldier everything he needed to know. The soldier didn’t believe him. All the soldier could do was stuff himself with cookies. Dexter then told the man about the portal and why he was here standing terrified. The soldier told him that he could find weapons to defend himself in the army truck hiding in the back of a building called “head on fire!.” Dexter ran to the truck trying to be undetected by all of the men. He finally made it to the truck after all of the hiding behind parked cars and giant stones. But there was a problem. The truck was locked! Dexter then ran to the soldier again. Trying not to be seen, Dexter ran and ran until an enemy soldier spotted him. It was Hitler! Hitler shot Dexter but then the soldier jumped in front of him and saved Dexter’s life! The soldier coughed.” Kid...Save your self...Ugh...” Then the young soldier threw Dexter his equipment. Dexter ran and ran avoiding all of Hitler’s shots. Suddenly a giant enemy soldier stood in front of the van. The soldier aimed at Dexter with his gun. Dexter roamed around his pockets, and then he found a bomb. He threw it and said “Victory shall be mine!” He took cover and heard a big BOOM! He ran up to the van and unlocked it and saw all of the equipment inside. There were three jetpacks. A key to the rocket and a powerful, mighty bazooka! Wow. Then a bunch of aliens came in a gigantic spaceship made of a powerful black cosmic ore of some sort. Just then Dexter heard an echo coming from the spacecraft.”Battle mode active” Dexter suddenly panicked and Because unexpectedly the alien master shot a laser through Dexter and then all the aliens shot lasers. Dexter...was no. an alien gave him a poisonous cookie. 33 jetpacks keys to the rocket bazookajetpacks keys to the rocket bazooka

7 Blue portal Dexter jumped into the blue portal. It was a world of coolness. But there was one problem there was no way out. Were stuck here forever. Dexter was shouting HELP help his dog Rex barking also saying HELP! Dexter was trying to knock the door down but it wasn’t working. Rex was digging a hole. “Rex you a genius ”said Dexter Dexter went down in the tunnel they was not an out they was out into the next room of doom there was fire at the sides. Rex Dug his way out he was safe in the next room but Dexter was frightened worried. Rex dug one more hole and he was out the building Rex barked and barked while Dexter was crying. Dexter came out of the building and started to celebrate “YES” Said Dexter in happiness. I can`t believe it. We have escaped from the bizarre aliens. Dexter started to run rapidly on till he banged into a fence the fence was on the right leading into the field. The field was a phenomenal the wind was blowing the grass there Dexter looked behind him and saw three giant boxes which were all joined up together there was: 33 jetpacks keys to the rocket bazookajetpacks keys to the rocket bazooka

8 Keys to rocket Keys to the rocket chapter 4 Finally, they found a key to the rocket. Which they have never seen before. “Rex, this is it!” Said Dexter. But the rocket didn’t set of. Then the key got in the rocket. Dexter pressed a button. Then the rocket set of they were in space there was asteroids that kept on hitting the rocket. But there was one giant one. Dexter controlled the rocket the rock hit the edge of the rocket. The rocket went down and down then Dexter pressed another button and the rocket was spinning around and going really fast. Then Dexter and Rex felt dizzy and went to sleep when they woke up they was on earth. Dexter was really stunned that he landed on planet earth without his mum and dad but with his dog-Rex he felt ecstatic. It was a phenomenal day but Dexter was broken hearted because he landed without his mum and dad. Dexter walked around and saw a tree the tallest tree in the world. It took 1 hour to climb. Finally, Dexter was on the top. He saw the rocket that the asteroid had dropped on the rocket. A map flew into Dexter’s hand and the rocket place was marked. Dexter and Rex followed it took hours and hours to follow it. They didn’t even know which country they had landed on so they had to follow that map. They didn’t even know where they were going. He saw the rocket. The rocket was fixed they was a village full of people with knifes guns Dexter walked away and realised no one can go in the rocket except him because the buttons didn’t work except from him and Rex. Then the villagers look at Dexter. “This is my rocket and you will never take it!” said Dexter One of the villagers went up to Dexter and said “Give me that rocket now!” The villager got his gun out Dexter ran into the rocket and press the button. The villager jumped on the end of the rocket and got in Rex was sleeping “Rex wake up!” shouted Dexter “Give it me, we need to go somewhere really important!” shouted the villager The villager thought if he could control the rocket he could take over the world. “Give me that now!” said the villager The asteroids started to drop aaah the asteroid dropped on the rocket and took out Dexter, Rex and the villager and the but Dexter was still alive

9 3 JETPACKS Jetpacks Suddenly Dexter picked up the jetpack and smelt it. It smelt like mangos,his favourite fruit. He put one on and flew to find his parents. Then he flew for a while and found his mom and dad stranded on a lost abandoned place he flew down to save them. Suddenly three aliens came and Dexter decided to knock them out. Then another 3 came he got punched in the stomach when that happened he got really furious and knocked them out. There was only one got away the alien run away as fast as his little degraded legs could carry him. Then there evil boss Thor came and said “what on mars is happening here!” then Dexter said “you will not get away with this” then Thor mumbled “we already have muhahahaha cough. Then he went to untie his parents by then it was 10:30 pm they got back into the rocket and was happy then Dexter said “there is something mysterious on that planet of MARS!....

10 CHAPTER 4 Dexter went to the van. He unlocked it with a little Clink! Then the rusty door opened. Inside were three top secret pieces of overpowered equipment. There was a bazooka inside! Dexter wasn't expecting such a thing in the past like that. Then Dexter heard something, someone, and someone screaming! "JET! JET!” Dexter ran faster than he ever had before! Then he saw a massive, steel, explosive JET! Dexter knew who it was. "Surrender now! Surrender or face my wrath you puny humans!" It was the alien leader! Soldiers started shooting this hostile intruder all looking confused. Suddenly a massive force field covered the entire ship. Missiles started dropping out of the galactic ship. But these weren't ordinary missiles. They were cosmic missiles filled with code and commands! Dexter saw that this one missile followed everyone until it reached them and fire spread out of them! BOOM! It went! Then he ran and ran until he found a rock and he hid there for a while. So then Dexter realised that he had a bazooka and if he really tried he could blast the alien master away and then the force field would disappear. So Dexter blasted the master with a big BAM! The alien leader yelled "Get him you fools get him!" And the force field disappeared. Then Dexter saw a quick sight of his mom and dad. It was his mom and dad! "Help us Dexter! We know you can do it!" Then Dexter got his bazooka and prepared for galactic war! The aliens jumped out of the spacecraft and broke their fall with physic powers. One of the aliens had already shot a laser beam! This is unfair! Thought Dexter. They have lasers! They'll incinerate me! Dexter kept his eyes glued to the spacecraft. Hmmm. Maybe if I could shoot that engine and then it will stop working! "Exactly!" Screamed Dexter. The aliens looked confused and looked at each other talking in an alien language of some sort. Dexter tried to get a good shot at the spacecraft engine. Then he shot! The bomb went flying up to the giant engine of the spaceship. Suddenly it stopped working and fell to the ground. The alien leader came out injured and filled with anger. Then his skin turned from green to red. Unexpectedly all of the alien’s skin turned from green to red. Dexter knew what was going to happen. He was trapped! Then the cages that his mom and dad were in finally broke. They came out with laser guns and shot the leader. "Wahoo! We're out!" Mom said. Then they all stole the spaceship and went back to the present time. They decided to live in the alien hideout. You have failed this quest... THE END Bazooka

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