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What makes us not appreciate them? By Daniel Orbach.

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1 What makes us not appreciate them? By Daniel Orbach

2 * So what makes us not appreciate them I mean if we are so similar. Most people feel like saying “cause there so different we have so much more”. But are you really sure that’s true Cause all that is different is items not how we use certain things and all that’s stronger is some things.

3 Well a lot of people think we don’t use items the same way but we do. Let’s start with the obvious homes we both have homes and we both do the same things in homes live in them. And if we take it farther out roads cross threw our homes and rivers cut threw their homes and we both have to cross them daily.

4 Once in a forest I was just strolling along when I saw this huge tree so big I’d say it was bigger than The statue of liberty. The sad thing is most people think that there is nothing natural higher than the statue of liberty but there is height why we don’t appreciate them cause they got it. And the thing is when I got there it was empty so why is time square always full if redwoods are taller?

5 * Is the strength to accomplish nature challenges does that make us think we are better than them? This is true but water falls ships can’t pass water falls. And we cant breathe under water like fish can it be true we are completely even…

6 So why don’t we appreciate nature is that different? In a interview with Xavier Veloz, a kid that goes to Manhattan new school agrees that nature can be as fascinating as human life. If we aren’t always stronger why do we hate it so much? If we have the same things what makes us more. The next time you decide between Niagara Falls and the Statue of Liberty think is it really that much more or is it just the same.

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