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Social Media & the Waste Management Sector Jill Dobson.

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1 Social Media & the Waste Management Sector Jill Dobson

2 Who am I? Jill Dobson, PR and marketing consultant Set up October 2011 PR Manager for South Tyne & Wear Waste Management Partnership


4 When social media arrived What exactly, is social media The advantages The issues How and why the waste sector is using it When it goes wrong How to manage it We’re going to talk about...


6 Major changes in communications Newspaper1650 Telephone1876 Radio1902 TV1927 Internet1994Helllooo WORLD! Blogging1999Everyone gets a voice! Facebook2004 YouTube2005Broadcast yourself! Twitter2006


8 1.Internet-based tools for sharing and discussing information among people 2.Internet media that has the ability to interact with it in some way 3.Facilitation and practice of engagement and conversation online TWO-way communications It’s “social” meaning INTERACTION What is social media?


10 Users create a Profile about themselves and connect with friends. 955m+ users. Facilitates real-time personal “status updates” through short broadcasts to other subscribers. 500m+ users. Online networking community for business people. 161m+ users.


12 Just another communications tool? Yes! Treat with same caution you would when dealing with media Should be used as part of wider communications strategy Social Media can compliment other PR tools

13 Social media – the pro’s Free to use Chance to broadcast ‘non news’! Drive traffic to your website Raise awareness of your services/product Direct engagement with customers Increase loyalty amongst customers Can improve customer service

14 Social media – why is it feared? Audiences TALK BACK and sometimes you don’t like what they say! Leads to an organisation devolving some control over message and brand Requires mix of authenticity, openness and transparency Culture change...

15 Common issues Giving content a personal, as opposed to a corporate voice Difficult to quantify R.O.I Perception of wasted of time & resources

16 Waste sector is mainly using… - Reach consumers - Consumers or businesses - Professionals or businesses



19 Why do they use it? “I'm researching why waste companies use social media to communicate. What are your top reasons for using SM please?”

20 Why do they use it? Makes customer service more responsive Demonstrate expertise/thought leadership Build our brand


22 Why do they use it? Promoting news about the company Promoting job vacancies Watching competitors - monitoring news/announcements, gossip etc Monitoring customer or public complaints, or any other noise about us and responding if necessary


24 Why do they use it? Direct, informal engagement Easy way to find target clients Easier to build rapport ‘offline’ if have chatted online first Free and easy to manage Tell customers our news Demonstrate capacity and credibility

25 Why do they use it? SM allows us to connect directly with our stakeholders in a quick & informal way - if you have no presence - you have no voice

26 Why do they use it? Helps achieve two-way communications “Social media has changed the way we communicate – we are more open and transparent than ever before” To get corporate messages and news out there We like to share images of our work to show the “real us”

27 Why do they use it? Few facility in Suffolk Has opposition and it’s own Twitter account 100 followers Site manager tweets updates Promotes openness and readiness to answer questions in public way Nothing to hide


29 Why do they use it?


31 “When you make something with pride people can taste it” – McD Potato Supplier #McDStories When it goes wrong

32 “I once found a piece of meat in a McDonalds burger” #McDStories “Once I walked into McDonalds and could smell Type 2 diabetes in the air and I threw up” #McDStories “I haven’t been to McDonalds in years because I’d rather eat my own *****” #McDStories


34 Be selective with media you use Most important rule: ‘Don’t be stupid!’ Broadcast all your good news Monitor what others say about you Don’t slag off your competitors Interact with and respond to your audience ‘Rage Monitor’ - do not fight back or get angry with negative comments How to manage it

35 Ensure messaging remains clear and targeted to your audiences Create valuable content Respond in good time When responding – personalise it How to manage it


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