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Dividing Decimals and Fractions Created by: Mrs. J Couch.

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1 Dividing Decimals and Fractions Created by: Mrs. J Couch

2 Dividing Decimals


4 Practice Solve:

5 Practice The school put up a sign to advertise a car wash in the school parking lot to raise money for library books. One hundred fifty two people signed up to have a car washed on Saturday. If one student can wash 25 cars in a day, how many students will have to work on Saturday in order to finish the job?

6 Practice Sharon’s soccer team won the tournament last weekend. Her mom brought chicken nuggets for the team’s celebration. There are 16 members of the team, and the restaurant put 137 nuggets on the tray. How many nuggets will each player get to eat?

7 Dividing Fractions -Put fractions in ‘fraction form’ (improper fraction) and KCF (keep, change, flip (reciprocal)) -This work because multiplying by a number and dividing by its reciprocal is the same thing.

8 Practice Solve:

9 Drawing pictures or diagrams (tape diagrams) can help solve word problems. Tape diagram. A drawing that looks like a segment of tape, used to illustrate number relationships. Also known as a strip diagram, bar model, fraction strip, or length model.

10 Example In preparing to make hair bows for friends, Samantha realizes she needs 2/3 yard of ribbon for each bow. She has 2 yards of ribbon. Does she have enough ribbon for four bows? 2 yds1 yd Answer: Samantha will not have enough ribbon to make four bows. She only has enough to make three bows.

11 Example Michael’s mom paid $2.40 for a ¾ pound box of cereal. How much is that per pound? $0.80 How much would the whole pound cost?$0.80 x 4 = $3.20 Answer: The cereal will cost $3.20 per pound.

12 Practice Drawing a Model It’s your birthday and you are going to have a party. From the grocery store you get 6 pints of ice cream. If you serve ¾ of a pint of ice cream to each of your guests, how many guests can be served?

13 Practice Drawing a Model Sam is a landscaper. He found that he had 2 ¼ gallons of liquid fertilizer concentrate. It takes ¾ gallon to make a tank of mixed fertilizer. How many tankfuls can he mix?

14 Practice Kaylie used 10.5 yards of ribbon to make bows for the dance. If each bow required 0.75 yards of ribbon, how many bows did she make?

15 Practice The quarterback threw the football 36 ½ yards over 4 plays. How many yards did the quarterback average per play?

16 Practice Elliott is cutting a roll of cookie dough into pieces that are ¼ inch thick. If the roll of cookie dough is 5 ½ inches long, which model below best represents the situation?

17 Notecard -Solve the following problem on the notecard. -Draw a model to help you solve. -Remember to answer in a complete sentence. Ellen has ten pounds of coffee. She wants to repackage the coffee into bags of size 2/3 pound. How many bags of coffee can she make?

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