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Level F Unit 8 Task: 1.First, go through each sentence and fill in (on the lines) the first word that comes to your mind. Put a star * next to each slide.

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1 Level F Unit 8 Task: 1.First, go through each sentence and fill in (on the lines) the first word that comes to your mind. Put a star * next to each slide where your first guess was a synonym for the word (check in the book). 2.Locate and highlight at least THREE instances of contrast signal words. Note the antonym by underlining it. 3.Standard RPS work: identify, make a key, and define each root, prefix, and suffix.

2 Acrimonious She whirled to face me when I spoke, and her answer startled me by its ____ bluntness. Vigorous debate is fine, but is there any real need for such unrestrained and ___ name- calling? There is often a thin line between the kind of debate that is spirited and that which Is ____ and nonproductive

3 bovine After I told him what had happened, he sat there with a ____ expression and said nothing. Although she seems rather plodding in her behavior and rarely becomes excited, I think it is unfair to call her “____” Their ____ stares and inability to understand the seriousness of the situation made me doubt their mental capacity

4 consternation His father looked at the mess with ____, hardly knowing what to say first. To the ____ of the people in the stands, the lion leaped from the cage and bounded toward the exit. Imagine our ___ when the brakes failed and we headed full speed toward the busy intersection!

5 corpulent Though she had grown ____ with the years, the opera singer’s voice and her way with a song were the same. People with a tendency toward being ____ must wage a lifelong struggle against rich foods. Not too long ago in our society, a ____ body was genuinely admired as a sign of prosperity.

6 disavow The suspect stubbornly continued to ____ any part in the kidnapping plot. Now that these ugly facts about his business dealings have come to light, I must ____ my support for his candidacy. The prisoner attempted to ____ his confession on the grounds that he had not been informed of his legal rights.

7 dispassionate Being a neighbor but not quite a family friend, he was called in to give a____ view of our plan. We have had enough of the high-powered, excited oratory; what we need now is a____ examination of the facts. Try your best to subdue your natural reluctance and make a ____ decision that will be in your son’s best interest.

8 dissension The political party was born by ____ and filally split into two wings. Far from presenting a unified front, the party is torn by all kinds of strife and _____. A certain amount of disagreement is healthy in any organization, but in our club ____ has become a way of life.

9 dissipate As chairman, he is free and open, but he ___ his energies on trivial things. Instead of using all their forces in one concerted attack on the enemy, they ____ their strength in many minor engagement. The estate he had inherited from his father was ____ in a long series of impractical and mismanaged business enterprises.

10 expurgate According to the unwritten law of journalism, the editor alone has the right to _____ the article. Thomas Bowdler ____ certain words from Shakespeare’s plays because he felt that they were unfit ‘to be read aloud in a family’. If we are going to be required to perform an ____ version of the play, then I think it is not worth doing.

11 gauntlet In the Middle Ages, a knight threw down his ____ as a challenge, and another knight picked it up only if he accepted. The bold candidate threw down the ____ and dared her opponent to face her with a television debate. The retiring coach said he no longer had the stomach to run the ____ of critics who assailed him at every loss.

12 hypothetical Science is not based on _____ assumptions, but on proven facts. Our discussion that day was a _____ one, based on the possibility--- still far from definite– that I would take the job. By reference to ___ cases, you may be able to clarify the difference between ‘murder’ and ‘manslaughter’ for the law students.

13 ignoble Most people will agree that a noble purpose does not justify ____ means. She is a person of such fine moral standards that she seems incapable of an ____ act. Far from being ____, her failure after making a valiant effort may serve as an inspiration to all young people.

14 Impugn You can ____ the senator’s facts, but you cannot accuse her of concealing her intentions. I am not trying to ____ his truthfulness, but I still do not see how the facts support his claims. It is not for me to ___ his motives, but how could anyone except an overambitious scoundrel have misled his friends that way?

15 intemperate Experience taught her to control her _____ outbursts of anger. Though her overall position seemed to be sensible, her language was so unrestrained and ____ that people would not support her. Though I was annoyed by the child’s behavior, the father’s outburst seemed to me deplorably _____.

16 odium Those eager to heap ____ on the fallen tyrant learned that he had escaped in the night. The ____ for this tragic failure does not belong to any individual or small group but to the community as a whole. My Spanish friend finds it hard to understand the ____ attached to bullfighting in most non- Hispanic countries.

17 perfidy Rulers in Shakespeare’s plays often find themselves armed atainst enemies but not against the ____ of their friends. Because Vidkun Quisling cooperated with the Nazis, his name has become a symbol of ____ in his home country of Norway. Aren’t you going a little far when you accuse me of ____ because I didn’t vote for you in the beauty contest?

18 relegate Even if they ____ him to a mere clerical job, he is determined to make his presence felt. The job of cleaning up the field and the stands after the big game was ____ to the freshmen. When Mr. Kummer saw my pathetically inept efforts to prepare a banana split, he ____ me again to the ranks of the unemployed.

19 squeamish If I am called ____for disliking the horror movie, what do we call those who say they liked it? Anyone as ____ as that trainee will have trouble accustoming himself to the sights, sounds, and smells of hospital work. I am not ordinarily ____ as a person, but the sight of that terrible auto accident haunted me for weeks.

20 subservient The officers were taught to be respectful of but not blindly ____ to their superior’s wishes. Under the American form of government, all branches of the military are clearly ____ to the civilian authority. I noticed with some distaste how her usually overbearing manner became ____ when our employer joined the group.

21 susceptible The trouble with being ____ to flattery is that you can never be sure that the flatterer is sincere. He is so _____ to flattery that with a few complimentary words I can get him to do almost anything I want. Students who have been well trained in the social sciences should not be ____ to the cheap fallacies of racism.

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