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Science Fair Project Accuracy of Darts at different Distances Physics

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1 Science Fair Project Accuracy of Darts at different Distances Physics
By Griffin and Ricardo

2 Problem How will throwing darts and different distances effect the accuracy of the darts?

3 Project Overview What we are testing is throwing darts at various distances. The distances are at 2.5 m, 3 m, m, and 5 m,

4 How it came to be… We were wondering how different lengths will effect the accuracy of the darts We wanted to try it also because darts are just good clean fun To figure out which places are hit most at the different distances

5 Variables Independent variable: The distances that we were throwing at
Dependent variable: How close the darts will be to the center Constant variables: The darts, the board, and the method in which we threw Control group: The standard 2.5 m from the dart board. We compared that to our furthest distance which was 5 m (roughly 15 feet)

6 Hypothesis If you are further away from the target in which you are throwing at then your accuracy will change because it is harder to hit the target.

7 Materials A dart board (diameter of 45 cm)
Three darts (length of cm) Electrical tape (to mark our throwing distances) A ruler (to measure how far the darts hit from the center) Tape measurer (to measure how far our distances are)

8 Procedure Get the darts Set up our target Do a trail at each distance
Record data of accuracy Summarize the effect from the distances

9 Photos The photos would not add due to technical difficulties.

10 Data/Observations (Analyzes)

11 Conclusion What we had realized is that no matter what, if you throw the same exact way at each length, it won’t always work. You have to take in the effect of the distances itself and how you sort of have to lob it to try and hit the center. There isn’t such a thing called a straight shot because you have air resistance and gravity fighting it and it is just harder considering that the target is farther making it harder to judge the throw thereby lessening your performance.

12 Possible Experimental Errors
What might’ve been an error in the testing is the exact distances. They might have been a millimeter of, an inch off, we don’t know exactly. If anything there is an error, length is definitely one of them.

13 Applications and Recommendations
Be really precise and careful while you are entering all of your data

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