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Lab Safety Situations.

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1 Lab Safety Situations

2 Lab Safety 1 A student in group 2 spilled alcohol on their lab table and wiped it up with paper towels. They threw the wet paper towels into the garbage can. Did the student do the correct action? Why or why not?

3 Lab Safety 2 Paige, Mina, Tommy loved science class and could not wait to begin their lab. Tommy lit the bunsen burner and stretched across the flame to give Mina a beaker. Did the student do the correct action? Why or why not?

4 Lab Safety 3 Terry was observing given a sample substance. The element had a sweet smell. He decided to take a big smell of it. He decided to dip his finger in it to check the taste. Did the student do the correct action? Why or why not?

5 Lab Safety 4 Austin and Karen had just completed the testing of sample A. About that time, the bell rang to change classes. Austin and Karen left for their next class. What is wrong here?

6 Lab Safety 5 Sam was heating a chemical in a test tube. The tube fogged over and he could not see that material in the tube. Sam decided to look over into the tube with his goggles up on his head. What is wrong with this situation?

7 Lab Safety 6 Lana finished the lab just as the class bell rang. She knew that lunch was in one hour. She decided to wash her hands at that time. What could happen?

8 Lab Safety 7 While prying open a sample container, Rachel cut her hand. It was not bleeding bad so she wiped it with a tissue she had in her pocket. What could go wrong?

9 Lab Safety 8 While one group was cleaning up, they noticed a small crack in the test tube. They were afraid that they would get blamed with it and it was very small so they put it away with the others. What is wrong with the situation?

10 Lab Safety 9 John arrive to the science lab just after break. With his unfinished pack of crackers in his pocket, he and his lab partner begin the assignment as instructed by the teacher. During the class, he finishes the crackers. Is this ok? Why or why not?

11 Lab Safety 10 When group 4 completed their lab practice early, they decided to perform some experiments on the remaining chemicals. Was this done corrected?

12 Lab Safety 11 Zeke spilled the contents of a beaker on the floor. He didn’t tell the teacher because he didn’t want to get into trouble. What is wrong with this situations?

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