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The Moose Hunt By: Harvey and Chase StartStart moose huntmoosehunt.

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1 The Moose Hunt By: Harvey and Chase StartStart moose huntmoosehunt

2 So you decide to cow call at the swamp and you get there at roughly about 9:00 am because it was along quad ride.. You have been there for about 45 minutes to an hour and all you have seen is two beavers. So you have two options you can go back to the base camp to eat, or you can to the lake and a try cow calling there. GoGo back and eatbackandeatTryTry calling at the lakecallingatthelake

3 So you get an LEH (Limited Entry Hunt) in Region 6-6 for any bull moose. The first day you deicide to set up your base camp. You have a couple of choices of what you can do tomorrow. You can go cow call at the swamp or you can go drive up to the top block and see what comes out for the morning. CowCow call at swampcallatswamp GoGo to the top blocktothetopblock ViewView mapmap

4 So you decide go back and eat at camp but after about 20 minutes or so a bear gets the sent of your food without you knowing and it comes charging in at you and you are done for !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 So you decide to go to the top block and you have been sitting there patiently and all of a sudden a little bull walks it the left corner of the block. You have two decisions you can take your shot or keep hunting and hoping you see a bigger bull ! taketake the shottheshot HopeHope for the bigger bull and walk threw the bushforthebiggerbull andwalkthrewthebush

6 So you decide to cow call at the lake. After about 45 minutes you finally make it to the lake because it was along walk. You have been cow calling and waiting for about 15 minutes and then out of no where you here a bull pretty close by. About a minute after you hear the call then you hear CRASH CRASH CRASH… SNAP SNAP SNAP… then it just comes crashing out of the bush and stops! Then before you know it, its gone! You have a couple of choices you can stay here and cow call for a little longer and see if it comes back or go back to camp and come another time. GoGo to camptocamp StayStay and cow callandcowcall

7 So you decide to take your chances of it being a cow. It was just walking along and then BOOM!!!!! You hit it right it the lungs and it just bolts for about 25 yards and then just drops. So you decide to go look and see if it’s a bull and you just start bawling because you shot a cow now you have to call someone to come pick it up.

8 So you decide to go back to camp and rest for a little while but then out of no where a moose walks into the lake and it stops to eat the weeds. You can shoot it and take your chances of maybe shooting a cow or you can go to the meadows and leave it be. ShootShoot itit GoGo to the meadowstothemeadows

9 So you decide to stay and cow call and see if anything pops out. You have been here for about 15 minutes and all of a sudden you hear a grunt and then another grunt. So you get your guns ready just incase it comes out and then you can shoot it. Then out of no where a huge bull moose just bolts right across the lake without any chance of shooting it. So you either try and chase it down the mountain or you can slowly walk back to camp and see if you can find another bull. ChaseChase it downitdown WalkWalk down the mountaindownthemountain

10 Region 6-6 ExitExit mapmap

11 So you decide to go to the meadows but when you get there you hear like a kind of clanking noise like grabbing a block of wood and hitting it with another one. Your thinking what in the world could this be until u finally spot two bull moose fighting, one that is quite a bit bigger than the other one. You are watching them thinking should I shoot the big or wait until they stop fighting. ShootShoot the bigger onethebiggerone wait

12 So you decide to take the shot but you have to grab your gun slowly because its looking right at you. You finally manage to grab your gun and you put your cross airs right on the lungs of the moose and BOOM! It bolts right into the bush injured! YOU GOT IT! ViewView TrophyTrophy

13 So decide to check out the small river and there was a bull moose standing there. As soon as you seen it you just started firing at it. You took 5 shots each and missed every time and dropped the rest of the bullets and couldn’t find them so you had to go home!

14 You decide to wait and the bigger moose gets spooked and runs away and then you just start firing hail Mary's at the big moose and used all your bullets and so u have to head home before you go to camp and pack up you watch the little moose prance away.

15 So decide to walk through the bush all you saw was a cow. After about 20 minutes after that you have made it to an opening and all you seen was one coyote run across the meadow. So you can sit and call hear or go and check the river out. SitSit and callandcallGoGo to the rivertotheriver

16 You decide to shoot the bigger one, your looking for the perfect shot right to lungs or the heart. They finally break up the fight and the bigger one is just standing there. Then BOOM all of the sudden the moose runs in the bush and falls over! You got a medium sized trophy. ViewView TrophyTrophy

17 So you decide to go back to take a rest. You have two choices for your last day, you can go check out the willows or you can just chill out at camp and hope a moose decides to walk through camp. ChillChill at campatcampGoGo to the willowstothewillows

18 So you decide to wait a little longer to see if a moose will walk out. Its been about 2 minutes and then you seen a dark figure just inside the tree line. You look at it for a few seconds trying to figure out what it is. So then you put your binoculars on and look at the spot where the dark figure was. When you put your binoculars on the spot where the dark figure was it was gone. Then through your binoculars you see the head of something, something big, next thing you know bigfoot is running straight at you. Before you know it your dead!

19 So you decide to leave it alone and you see absolutely nothing and don’t hear anything and you were here for 45 minutes. You can walk to the lake and sit and call for a little bit and hope a bull comes out or you can go back to camp and hope you can see a moose on the way there. WalkWalk to the laketothelakeGoGo to camptocamp

20 So you decide to stay to sit and call. You have been there for roughly about 10 minutes when a immature bull moose walks out into the meadow. You are thinking should I shoot it or leave it and hope you see a bigger moose. ShootShoot itit LeaveLeave it aloneitalone

21 So you decide to leave the immature bull alone and hope you see a bigger bull but you’ve been hunting day in and day out and seen nothing. It was the last day and you only went hunting for about an hour because you had to go back home because your time was up. You sadly went home empty handed but it was a great experience.

22 So you decide to sit and call and you’ve been there for about 45 minutes and just getting ready to leave when a cow walks out into the clearing and you are watching it hoping a bull will walk out. You are debating whether you should wait a little longer or go back to camp and decide where you will go after lunch. WaitWait a little longerlittlelonger GoGo back to campbacktocamp

23 So you to walk down the mountain the opposite way the moose ran and it took about 20 minutes because its quicker on the way down. You get down the bottom and so see something white and your thinking what in world is this thing. It hasn’t spotted you yet so you decide stand still and watch to try and figure out what it is. So you sitting there for about 15 minutes just watching it move along and then you catch something it the corner of your eye. It was a small immature bull that walked up to the white thing. The white thing ended up being an albino moose. The albino moose just bolts as soon as the immature bull comes so you can either shoot the immature moose or just go rest at camp. ShootShoot ititRestRest at campatcamp

24 So you decide to chase the moose down the mountain but the way the moose ran down was on the opposite side of the trail which made it pretty rough! So you didn’t see the moose while you were running down the mountain because the bush was really thick until you are almost near the bottom and there was a straight stretch of grass. Then u just see the moose go into the bush at the other end of the straight stretch. You have a couple of choices you could sit and call and hope it comes back or walk back and take a rest at camp. SitSit and callandcallWalkWalk backback

25 So you decide to walk to the top lake and hope that gives you a chance to shoot a moose. On your way to the lake you seen a cow in an opening. Once you seen that cow you decided right away you were going to sit and watch. You watched for about 15 minutes then it finally casually walked away feeding on the grass. After about 10 minutes you make it to the out skirts of the lake. Just inside the bush line you slipped and hit your head on a rock. He got a little cut on his head but it was pretty deep. Your said, “ it looks like you need stitches”. so the first thing you did was run to the other side of the lake and go down the trail, hopped on the quad, rushed to camp, and hopped in the truck and went straight to the hospital.

26 So you decide to shoot the small immature moose and its grazing away eating the grass. So you decide to watch the moose for a little while. After about a minute you put a bullet in the chamber. Then you pull the trigger, then you hear a click, you try again then click. After the second the moose’s hears shoot up to try to hear what that click was. Then they slowly go down. When they go down you look to see what was wrong with your gun and safety was on. You take the safety then boom the moose runs into the bush. ViewView trophytrophy

27 So you decide to walk back to camp and you seen a cow and it looked like there was another moose with it and you start running after it because it starts prance away. You look back at your partner then BOOM you run into a tree. Your heads bleeding and you are very dizzy, your not able to walk so your partner helps you back to camp and rush's you to the hospital. The good news is your fine but the bad news is you wont be able to hunt for the rest of the season.  The moose run right through your camp and there was a little bull with the cow you caught the picture of both the moose on your game camera.

28 So you decide to go check out the willows, as soon as you get there, there is a huge moose in the bottom corner of the willows. So you walk to the top of the hill so you get a good shot off. When you get to the top of the hill you put your cross airs right on the moose's lungs then BOOM! The moose runs right into the bush and then drops. This was the big trophy you were looking for and now you can go tag your trophy. ViewView trophytrophy

29 Your small trophy shot in Region 6-6 This is your trophy mounted

30 You scored a medium sized trophy in Region 6-6 This is your trophy mounted

31 So decide take your rest of the chilling at camp. Then you hear some CRASHING in the distance then it starts getting closer rapidly, your heart is pounding. Then,WACK, bigfoot grabs you! Your hunt is over!

32 You scored a small trophy in Region 6-6 This is your trophy mounted

33 Your huge trophy shot in Region 6-6 This is your trophy mounted

34 So you decide to rest at camp and then you here a roar. There is a bear running right at you and then you feel the bears jaws clamp shut around your legs carrying you off in the bush for an afternoon meal. Your hunt is over!

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