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The Pearl by John Steinbeck

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1 The Pearl by John Steinbeck
Week 6.1 The world’s largest pearl weighs 6 tons and is worth 301 million dollars

2 SSR- Students will read the novel for 10 minutes
As you read, fill out paper organizers for Theme, Symbols, and Characters Write specific text Identify the figurative language used Write the page number for the text

3 Monday Vocabulary Each student will copy the sentence onto the Vocabulary/ Grammar handout. Use context clues to predict the meaning of the underlined word, then copy the definition from the dictionary.

4 Dank His blanket was over his nose to protect him from the dank air.

5 Discontent His eyes rested in puffy little hammocks of flesh and his mouth drooped with discontent.

6 Suppliant Slowly he put his suppliant hat on his head.

7 Four Basic Methods of Characterization
*The writer may make direct comments about a character’s personality or nature through the voice of the narrator. “She, who was obedient and respectful and cheerful and patient….”p 7 *The writer may describe the character’s physical appearance. “Kino was young and strong and his black hair hung over his brown forehead.” pp3-4

8 Four Basic Methods of Characterization
The writer may present the character’s own thoughts, speech, and actions. “His teeth were bared and fury flared in his eyes and the Song of the Enemy roared in his ears.” p 6 The writer may present thoughts, speech, and actions of other characters about another character. “And Kino saw her determination and the music of the family sounded in his head with a steely tone.” p 7

9 Inferences and Predictions
Using the quotes from the previous slides, what can we infer about Kino’s respect for Juana? Why? What can you predict about Kino’s temper? Why?

10 Read pages 8-10 Read from “They came to the place where the brush houses….” on page 8 to “The glaring sun threw the bunched shadows of the people blackly on the white wall.” on page 10 1. Use the details in the text to make a prediction about what will happen in the text. 2. Write your prediction on the whiteboard. 3. We will share out the details and predictions

11 DOL Read the question and answer responses, below. Use text to turn the three incorrect responses into correct responses. Which personality traits of Kino are incorrect? A. Kino was angry when he awoke in the morning. B. Kino felt helpless and in the way while Juana sucked the scorpion’s poison out of Coyotito’s shoulder. C. Kino felt strong and confident as he let the iron ring pound on the gate. D. Kino makes sure to use correct English to show respect while speaking to the doctor’s servant.

12 Tuesday

13 Problem: Gerund Phrase Sentences
Rule: Starting your sentences with a gerund (verb with “ing”) can be a great way to emphasize the action in a sentence and vary your sentence structure. Example: It is good to eat healthier foods as you get older.  Eating healthy foods is important as you get older. Example: A way to get in shape and explore the neighborhood is running. Running can be a relaxing way to get in shape and explore your neighborhood.

14 Your turn! Turn the following sentences into gerund phrase sentences. Use the underlined section to form your gerund. In order to get into college, you have to study and work hard. If you blame the teacher for your grades, you are not being very wise.

15 Poetry Connections Read the poem “The Mending Wall” by Robert Frost on pages of the textbook. Underline details that help you understand the speaker. Circle details that help you understand the setting. Paraphrase each sentence. Write down what you think the tone and theme may be.

16 Imagery Find examples of imagery in the text. Write it on the board.
How does this imagery help us understand the theme of the poem?

17 DOL How does the imagery in the poem explain the theme of the poem? Use evidence from the text to support your opinion.

18 Wednesday Vocabulary Each student will copy the sentence onto the Vocabulary/ Grammar handout. Use context clues to predict the meaning of the underlined word, then copy the definition from the dictionary.

19 Estuary The town lay on a broad estuary, its old yellow plastered buildings hugging the beach.

20 Bulwark It is the bulwark against starvation.

21 Deftly Kino deftly slipped his knife into the edge of the shell.

22 QUICK WRITE What would you do if you won one million dollars in the lottery?

23 Take notes about past lottery winners
Yes, there are plenty of jackpot winners who manage their riches well and turn their prize into a true blessing for family and community. But there are others, too, who discover that millions of dollars can be a curse.

24 Abraham Shakespeare Winner in 2006 of a $31 million lottery jackpot in Florida, he had spent away most of his fortune by the time he disappeared early in His body was found last month under a concrete slab. A woman who had befriended him -- and fleeced him for $1.8 million, say police -- has been charged in connection with his murder.

25 Ibi Roncaioli Won: $5 million. Where: Canada.
What happened: By 2003, 12 years after splitting a $10 million jackpot with a friend, Roncaioli had turned her fortune into a $1 million debt. Her doctor husband, soon after discovering the financial mess, injected her with a lethal mixture of painkillers. In 2004, he was convicted of manslaughter.

26 William "Bud" Post Won: $16.2 million. Where: Pennsylvania.
What happened: The former circus cook was broke within a year because of lavish spending (he bought his own airplane without ever learning to fly), bad investments and an ex who successfully sued him for a chunk of the fortune. He lost more, too. His brother was arrested for hiring a hit man to kill him. Today: Post died in 2006 of respiratory failure. At the time, he was living on $450 a month and food stamps. Quote: "I wish it never happened. It was totally a nightmare."

27 Jeffrey Dampier Won: $20 million. Where: Illinois.
What happened: Dampier used his fortune, won in 1996, to move to Florida and open a gourmet popcorn shop. In 2005, he was kidnapped, robbed and murdered -- by his own sister-in-law and her boyfriend. Quote: "He didn't deserve this." -- A juror, after convicting the sister- in-law.

28 Jack Whittaker Won: $315 million. Where: West Virginia.
What happened: After winning the then-record jackpot, Whittaker felt the full force of the lottery curse: DUI charges, thefts (he was robbed of more than $500,000 outside of a strip club), lawsuits, and, saddest of all, in 2004, the death of his 17-year-old granddaughter, Brandi, whom he supported with a monthly allowance, of a drug overdose. Today: Whittaker is dealing with even more loss: In July 2009, his 42-year- old daughter Ginger was found dead in her home. Quote: "If I knew what was going to transpire, honestly, I would have torn the ticket up." -- Whittaker's ex-wife.

29 Read pages 16-20 (17 minutes) Fill out charts for
Characters- descriptions and page numbers Themes- explanations and page numbers Symbols- explanations and page numbers

30 DOL SAR: Compare Kino’s finding the pearl to the winners of the lottery. Predict what Kino will do after finding the “pearl of the world,” and provide textual evidence from both texts.

31 Thursday

32 Problem: Adverb phrases
Rule: Beginning your sentence with adverb phrases (often ending in “ly”)can focus the reader on how an action is done and add variety to your sentences. Example: I sprinted to the bathroom with great speed. Quickly, I sprinted to the bathroom. Example: My aunt tried to play the piano without seeing what she was doing.  Blindly, my aunt banged on the piano.

33 Your turn Turn the following sentences into adverb phrase sentences. Use the underlined section to get your adverb. I crept into the kitchen without making a sound to get a cookie. I made a stupid decision and did not finish my English project.

34 Students read pages 21-26 of The Pearl
Write page numbers and details that describe or explain the characters on their character charts. (15 minutes)

35 Students re- read about lottery failures
With your group, think creatively to predict the plot of events that might happen next, in the novel. Write these down on colored paper, using language similar to John Steinbeck, the author (8-10 minutes).

36 Share writing with the class
One person from each group will stand and read the group’s response to the class (10 minutes). Responses must be turned in to the substitute.

37 DOL Read the pages , again. Write an SAR to a score of 3 that explains what will happen to Kino and Juana, and “the pearl of the world.” When you finish your SAR, turn it in and read silently, until the bell rings.

38 Friday Vocabulary and Grammar test (10 minutes)

39 View the poster and write down details that show its theme/message.

40 Colonialism 1. What is the picture showing? 2. Who is in the picture?
3. What is the tone of the picture? 4. What is the theme/message of the picture? 5. How does it tie-in to our novel?

41 1.

42 2.

43 3.

44 4.

45 5.

46 6.

47 DOL What does the poster below communicate about indigent people
DOL What does the poster below communicate about indigent people? Talk about what you see in your answer.

48 DOL: 1. What does the poster communicate about indigent people?
A. They are in control. B. The British magistrate is in control. C. The indigent people are strong. D. The indigent people want the British to control them.

49 DOL 2. What does the poster say about the beliefs of the British people? A. The British magistrate respects the indigent people. B. The magistrate believes he is doing what is best for the indigent people. C. The magistrate assumes the indigent people will fight for their rights. D. The magistrate wants to help the indigent people.

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