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MIRACLES OF PROPHETS Group Members: Komal Shakeel,Nadia Arshad,Sajal Khan and Maayza Nadir.

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1 MIRACLES OF PROPHETS Group Members: Komal Shakeel,Nadia Arshad,Sajal Khan and Maayza Nadir

2 WHAT IS A MIRACLE? A miracle is an extraordinary event that men are incapable of doing and that is granted by Allah only prophets. In other words, a miracle is the approval of the truthfulness of prophets by the creator of the universe. There are many wisdoms of a miracle. They may manifest as a proof of prophethood, persuasion of deniers, strengthening the belief of the believers and meeting some needs

3 Miracles of Prophet Musa (A.S)

4 The call of Prophet Musa to Prophet hood:  Hazrat Musa the Prophet of Allah, once happened to cross the sandy desert and reached the mountain, Tur. He perceived a brilliant light from a distance. The Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) thought that to be fire land and reached near it to warm himself. All of a sudden a voice was-heard from the right side of the Valley. It uttered: "Surely. I am your Lord: so put off your shoes because you are in the sacred Valley which is blessed twice I have chosen you; so hearken to what shall be revealed: Verily, I am Allah, there is no god but I, therefore serve-Me- and keep up prayers for My remembrance."

5 Stick that turned to long wiggling snake:  God commanded Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) to throw the stick that was in his hand on the ground. He threw the stick in compliance with the orders. To his surprise he saw the stick moving like a long wiggling snake and it greatly scared him. He thought that it was going to bite him. God directed the Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) not to lose courage and pick up the snake. He obeyed and caught hold of the terrible looking snake. When he touched it, it was restored to its former shape.

6 Shinning white hand:  Soon afterwards God ordered the Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) to thrust his hand into his armpit. He did so. When he took out his hand, it was shining white when he put his hand back into his armpit and pulled it out it had been changed into its normal position. Allah, the Almighty made the Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) to perform those miracles so that he might feel better and become sure of the existence of Allah and His power

7 Relevance from Quran:  "Then he threw down his staff and lo! it was an obvious serpent. And he drew forth his hand and lo! it appeared white to the beholders." (Surah 26:Verse 32)

8 Prophet Musa contests with magicians:  First of all the royal magicians threw their sticks. They moved and looked like snakes from a distance. They deceived the eyes of the people and frightened them. The people were much surprised. They appreciated the magicians for their astonishing performances.  Soon after the Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) cast his stick. The stick became a hungry serpent by the order of Allah. It wiggled and moved like a dart. It devoured every moving stick that the magician had thrown.

9 Splitting of Sea:  When the Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) and his followers were being chased Allah revealed this order to him: "Strike the sea with the rod; and it clove asunder and each part become like a large mountain." (Surah 26: Verse 60)  The water of the sea went up high with the great uproar. The bottom of the sea turned into dry land. It was an amazing miracle. The people could hardly believe their eyes. The Israelites ran desperately and went far ahead. Pharaoh and his huge army chased them in hostility. There was a great uproar again. The water from both the sides poured. It rushed over Pharaoh and his soldiers. They were completely drowned

10 Relevance in Quran:  The Holy Quran relates this incident in the following Verses: "And We made the children of Israel to pass through the sea, then Fir'aun and his hosts followed them in hostility and for oppression until when drowning overtook him, he said: I believe that there is no god but He in Whom the children of Israel believe and I am of those who submit. What now! said God, and indeed you have been rebellious and was of the mischief makers. But this day We save you in your body so that you may be a sign to those after you and most surely most people are heedless of Our Signs". (Surah 10: Verses 90-92)

11 Water gushes out from 12 springs:  One season came there was hardly any rain. It overtook the people with draughts and diminution of fruit. There was an acute shortage of water and food. The people began to die of starvation. The Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) prayed to Allah and He provided them with eatables. Water was not available in the area. They approached Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) for help. He prayed to Allah for a miracle. Allah directed the Prophet to hit a special high cliff with his stick.  The Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) touched the cliff saying: By the name of our Lord, Almighty Allah. At once the water gushed forth. There were twelve places in that cliff from which sprang out cool clear water. The people were much amazed at the sight of this wonderful miracle.

12 Reference from Quran:  " And when Musa prayed for drink for his people, We said: Smite with your staff the rock, and there gushed out there from twelve springs so that each tribe knew their drinking place: Eat and drink of that which Allah has provided and do not act corruptly making mischief in the earth." (Surah 2: Verse 60)

13 Miracles of Prophet Dawood(A.S)

14 Miracles of Prophet Dawood-Zaboor  Prophet Dawood (A.S) was a just and righteous ruler who brought peace and prosperity to his people, and whom Allah honored as a messenger. He delivered Allah's message to the people through the precious gift of his melodious voice. When he recited the Psalms (Zaboor), it was as if the rest of creation chanted with him; people listened as if in a trance. The messages Dawood delivered are famous and well remembered. They are known in the Bible as the Psalms or Songs of David.  The Holy Qur'an says: We gave to Dawood Zabur. (4: 163)

15 ALLAH made iron flexible for him  Allah granted Prophet Dawood(A.S) great influence. His people had a great number of wars in their time, but they had a problem in that the iron armor was too heavy for the fighter to move and fight as he wished. It is said that Prophet Dawood(A.S) was sitting one day, contemplating this problem while toying with a piece of iron. Suddenly, he found his hand sinking in the iron. Almighty Allah had made it flexible for him: And We made the iron soft for him. (Ch 34:10 Quran).

16  Iron was like wax in his hands, and he used to design and mould special, lightweight battle armor made of iron ringlets joined together.  "It was We who taught him the making of coats of mail for your benefit, to guard you from each other's violence. Will you then be grateful." (11:80)

17 Understanding languages of animals and beautiful voice  He was blessed with beautiful voice. Creatures such as the plants, birds, beasts, and even the mountains responded to his voice glorifying Allah.  Dawood's sincerity was not the only factor responsible for the birds and beasts joining with him in glorifying Allah, nor was the sweetness of his voice. It was a miracle from Allah. This was not his only miracle, for Allah also endowed him with the faculty of understanding the languages of birds and animals.

18 Hazrat Dawood (A.S)’s miracles mentioned in the Holy Quran: The mountain glorified Allah, the Almighty, along with him. The birds too glorified Allah along with him. Allah made iron soft as wax for him, without any furnace and tools. Allah bestowed upon him the knowledge of constructing the armour. In fact, the armour was invented by him. Allah granted him a huge, stable and secure kingdom. Allah granted him the Zaboor, which he recited with pleasant recitation. In this manner he invited the people towards Allah. (These miracles are explained in Surae Yunus (Sura no. 10) and Surae Hud (Sura no.11))

19 Miracles of Prophet Isa (A.S.)

20 Miracles of Prophet Isa  Unlike other Prophets who performed miracles, Isa (A.S.) himself was a miracle, as he was born of a virgin mother, and the Quran describes him and his mother Mary as such: “…and We made her (Mary) and her son (Isa (A.S.)) a sign for the worlds.” (Quran 21:91)  In the Quran, Isa (A.S.) is described as having many miracles not bestowed upon other prophets. God says: “And We gave unto Isa (A.S.), son of Mary, clear miracles” (Quran 2:87)

21 Miracles of Prophet Isa As per the Gospel, Prophet Isa was able to perform numerous miracles, many of which are accepted by the Quran. These include: -Cures -Exorcisms -Resurrection of the dead -Control over nature

22 Miracles of Prophet Isa - CURES  The books of Matthew, Mark and Luke state how Isa (A.S.) first cured one leper who was instructed not to speak of the incident (though he did), and then 10 more on his way to preach in Jerusalem  The Jews during the time of Isa (A.S.) were quite advanced in the science of medicine and were proud of their achievements. Hence, miracles of this nature were given by God to Isa (A.S.), ones which the Jews could well understand that no force in nature could perform its like.

23 Miracles of Prophet Isa - CURES  The Gospel claims that two blind men came to Isa (A.S.) asking to be cured. He touched their eyes and their vision was repaired. They were told not to speak about the incident but they did, signifying their disobedience.  Similar to the Bible, the Quran also mentions Isa (A.S.) to a have healed the blind and lepers. “I also heal the blind and the leper.” (Quran 3:49)

24 Miracles of Prophet Isa - EXORCISMS  The Synoptic Gospels make mention of this incident but the Gospels of John do not  Isa (A.S.) performed pointed to his ability to cast out demons as a sign of his Messiahship, and he empowered his disciples to do the same  The Quran makes no mention of exorcisms performed by Prophet Isa

25 Miracles of Prophet Isa - EXORCISMS  7 major incidences recorded in the Synoptic Gospels, including: o Exorcism of the group of demons Legion at Lake Gerasenes o Healing a demon-possessed man who was blind and mute, so that he could both talk and see. People were astonished and said, "Could this be the Son of David (Daud A.S.)?“ o Exorcising a boy who was possessed by a demon o Exorcising another mute man after healing the two blind men

26 Miracles of Prophet Isa – RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD  The Gospels relate three occasions on which Hazrat Isa calls a dead person back to life: 1.Daughter of Jairus: Jairus asked Prophet Isa to heal his daughter, but while Prophet Isa was on his way, Jairus was told that his daughter had died. Isa (A.S.) said she was only sleeping and woke her up with a recitation. 2.The Man from Nain: A young man, the son of a widow, was brought out for burial in Nain. Isa (A.S.) approached the coffin and told the man inside to get up after which the man was brought back to life. 3.The Raising of Lazarus: A close friend of Isa (A.S.) who had been dead for four days was brought back to life when Isa (A.S.) commanded him to get up.

27 Miracles of Prophet Isa – RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD  The Quran acknowledges Isa (A.S.)”s powers of Resurrection: “…and I bring to life the dead, by the permission of God.” (Quran 3:49)  This, like the creation of a bird, was a miracle of incomparable nature, one which should have caused the Jews to believe in the Prophethood of Isa (A.S.) without doubt.

28 Miracles of Prophet Isa – CONTROL OVER NATURE  The Bible claims other miracles that the Quran does not mention.  It states that Isa (A.S.) was able to turn water into wine at a wedding, cursing a fig tree so that it withered, calming a storm and walking on a lake to reach a boat.  However the Quran does acknowledge in its fifth chapter how Isa (A.S.) provided his disciples with a table laden with food on their request. This is often said by religious bodies to be the Last Supper.

29 Miracles of Prophet Isa not mentioned in the Bible  The Quran acknowledges certain miracles of Isa (A.S.) not mentioned in the Bible.  It states that Isa (A.S.), while still in the cradle, spoke out to protect his mother Mary from any accusations people may have placed on her due to having a child without a father. When she was approached about this strange incident after her childbirth, Mary merely pointed to Isa (A.S.), and he miraculously spoke, just as God had promised her upon annunciation. “He shall speak to people while still in the cradle, and in manhood, and he shall be from the righteous.” (Quran 3:46)  Isa (A.S.) said to the people: “I am indeed a slave of God. He has given me the Book and made me a Prophet, and He has made me blessed wherever I may be... may Peace be upon me the day I was born, and the day I die, and on the Day I shall be raised to life.” (Quran 19:30-33)

30 Miracles of Prophet Isa not mentioned in the Bible  The Quran mentions a miracle given to none other but Isa (A.S.), one which is quite parallel to how God himself created Adam. God mentions in the Quran that Isa (A.S.) says: “I create for you out of clay the likeness of a bird, then I breathe into it and it becomes a bird with God’s permission.” (Quran 3:49)  Also, Isa (A.S.) was given the miracle of knowing what people had just eaten, as well as what they had in store for the coming days. “I inform you too of what things you eat, and what you store up in your houses. Surely in that is a sign for you, if you are believers.” (Quran 3:49)

31 Miracles of Hazrat Muhammad(SAW)

32  Allah has exalted Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) with many miracles.  The main purpose of these miracles was to prove the sincerity of Allah’s apostle.  Muslims believe in these miracles and that these miracles are performed by Allah.  Ulemas have recorded upto 3000 miracles performed by Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).

33 The miracles were started with his (SAW) birth.  Shaytaan could not go into skies and steal information from Angels.  He (SAW) was cradled by angels, While he was in his cradle, he used to speak to the moon and the moon used to move in the whichever direction Hazrat Muhammad(SAW) blessed fingers moved.  He could see behind him while looking in front of him.  He did not have a shadow, either in the sunlight or the moonlight.  No flies, mosquitoes or any other kind of insects ever came onto his blessed body or clothes.  The Angels followed him wherever he walked.  When he stepped on a rock, his footprint would be left on it.  Stones used to greet the Prophet whenever he passed by through the lanes of Makka.

34 AL_Quran The greatest miracle bestowed to him was the revelation of Quran. Narrated Hazrat Abu Huraira that the Prophet (SAW) said, “Every Prophet was given miracles because of which people believed, but what I have been given is Divine Inspiration which Allah has revealed to me, so I hope my followers will outnumber the followers of other Prophets on the Day of Resurrection. (Bukhari).

35 Splitting of moon:  Unbelievers asked for the proof of his prophency.  He(SAW) asked Allah to grant him this miracle and the moon was split, half was seen over mount Saffa and other half was seen over mount Kaikaan.  Abu jahl than asked to wait for the people Albadiah. The people of Albadiah said that they have also seen the moon split.  The Unbeliever still didn’t believe this and they started saying that Hazrat Muhammad(SAW) is playing trick on them.

36 Hijrah and spider web:  Quraish makes the plan to kill Hazrat Muhammad(SAW).  He(SAW) was informed of this by Allah. So he migrated to Madina(Yasrib).  He stayed at the cave, and the spider web was made by Allah at the entrance of cave so that Quraish, who were following Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) could not know that he(SAW) was inside the cave.

37 Mairaj:  Lailatul Me’raj is the night in which Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) ascended to the heavens and beyond to meet his Rabb. It is a miracle that was not granted to anyone else before nor will it be granted to anyone in the future. At Mairaj, he was gifted with the prayers. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) ummat start praying five times daily after mairaj.  Glory to (Allah) Who did take His servant for a Journey by night from the Sacred Mosque to the farthest Mosque, whose precincts We did bless,- in order that We might show him some of Our Signs: for He is the One Who heareth and seeth (all things).Qur'an, Sura 17 (Al-Isra) ayah 1.

38 Supplication of rain:  A man came to Holy Prophet(SAW) on Friday and said that there is lack of rain, please invoke your Lord to bless us with rain. He(SAW) looked at sky and there was no cloud and then he(SAW) invoked Allah for cloud and than clouds starts to appear in sky.

39 Multiplication of water:  Narrated Al-Bara: At Al-Hudaibiya there was a well, we drew all water from it not leaving even a single drop. The Prophet(SAW) sat at the edge of the well and asked for some water and with which he rinsed his mouth and than he threw it out into the well. After which we drew water, and quenched our thirst, even our riding animals drank water to their satisfaction.

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