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Dogs run. Dogs run This is the subject This is the verb.

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2 Dogs run. Dogs run This is the subject This is the verb

3 Big horses eat quickly. horseseat Big quickly This is the adjective

4 I ran in the forest. Iran in the forest This is the Prepositional phrase

5 Bill and bob ran. Bill Bob and ran These are the subjects This is the conjunction

6 Bill and bob ran in the forest. Bill bob and ran In the forest This is the prepositional phrase This is the conjunction

7 Three deer and two elk ran and jumped. Deer elk and ran jumped three two

8 The boy and the girl ran at the track. boy girl and the ran the track at

9 The boy with the smile and the girl with the curls talked. boy girl talked and the with the smile the curls with

10 I threw the ball. I threwball the This is the subject

11 Bill cut some wood. Billcut wood some

12 Jim and Jerry ate a sub. Jim and Jerry ate sub a

13 Fish ate the minnow. Fish ate minnow the

14 The girls and the boys ran quickly. girls boys and the ran quickly

15 My mom and my dad drove the big car. mom dad and my drove bigcar the

16 The creepy bugs and the crawling insects flew silently in the night bugs insects thecreepy the crawling flew silently In the night

17 The girls and the boys threw the ball. girls boys the andthrew ball the

18 Mr. Heidebrink caught the ball Mr. Heidebrink caught ball the

19 I read a big book with a great ending. I read book a big with a great ending

20 Tall girls shoot the basketball Girlsshoot basketball tallthe

21 Tall girls run quickly Girls run quickly tall

22 I saw an elk and a buck in the forest Isaw an elk and buck a In the forest

23 She is beautiful SheisBeautiful

24 They are funny They are funny

25 The boys are funny and happy. boys the are and funny happy

26 My friends from college seem nervous. friends seem nervous my from college

27 This orange taste different. orange taste different this

28 I will be happy in the summer with my friends i will behappy the summer in my friends with

29 Diagramming is fun

30 Diagramming is boring and dull Diagramming is boring and dull

31 Mr. Hogland threw the ball Mr. Hogland threw ball the

32 Mr. Hogland is really tall. Mr. Hogland is tall really

33 The boys and the girls in this class are funny boys girls the and arefunny in this class

34 Mr. Hogland has three classes of students. Mr. Hogland has classes three of students

35 He likes my class He likesclass my

36 I am Mr. Hogland’s favorite student I am student Mr. Hogland’s favorite

37 He says nice things about me to his friends he says things to his friends about me nice

38 I threw him the ball I threw ball him the

39 I read my brother a book I read book a brother my

40 I play in the summer and I ski in the winter I play winter In the and I ski winter In the

41 I fish with my brother because he is fun I fish With my brother He fun Because is

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