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Wacky Water and Amazing Air! Acorn Class Science Day 16.1.14.

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1 Wacky Water and Amazing Air! Acorn Class Science Day 16.1.14

2 Slippy Ice houses We sprinkled the ice with salt. The top layer melted. Then we got another ice cube and stuck it together. Salt melts ice, that’s why we use it on frosty days.

3 Bendy Rulers When we looked through the jug the ruler looked all fat and bendy. We see things differently through water rather than air.

4 The Shapes of the Rain Water make sphere shapes as it drops. It’s the shape that uses the least energy. It make circles as it lands. I made this picture by dropping water on paper then drawing around it. I noticed that the water made a bubble and was all round. Some were big and some were small.

5 Heavy Water We used a Thomas the tank train and a big green car to make the balance level with the 200ml of water. I used numicon to make it level.

6 Coffee Break for the Mechanics The hot cup of coffee the melted the ice because it was warm. The cold cup of coffee made the ice melt slowly. I can See the ice has melted quickly. You have to put things in a freezer to keep it cold.

7 Cool Pictures I made a picture with ice cubes. The ice was frozen with food colouring mixed in. Ice cubes melt because the air is warm. The food colouring dries on the paper.

8 Go with the Flow Water moves. It rolls down the slope. Some times the water goes under roads and we can see it. It gets cleaned in a factory so we can drink it. The some water goes to the sea. It’s a very, very long way for the rain to go.

9 That Sinking Feeling Some fruits float because they have more air in them.. I made some things go in the water. Some went down.

10 Brilliant Bubbles My puff pushes the bubbles off the stick. The bubbles are round because it takes less energy to make round shapes The bubbles get bigger when you blow long and slow.

11 Blow, Blow, Blow Your Boat I made the boat move with my mouth. I was blowing. They floated on top of the water When you blow it pushes the air which knocks into the boats and makes them move

12 Marbellous! It made a pattern on the paper. The oil floated on the water and made round bubble shapes. The patterns that were made in the oil were pulled up onto the paper. The oil and water did not mix. The oil made a barrier from the inky water as it floated on the surface.

13 Looking in a Puddle I can see my face in the shiny flat foil because the light can bounce off it. But it the foil is scrunched you can’t see your reflection because the light bounces every where. Light travels in straight lines and bounces off different surfaces in different ways.

14 Top Hat We made our hats waterproof by colouring then in wax crayons. The was makes a barrier between the paper and the water. The wax does not let water pass through it.

15 Rain Pictures Our predictions I Think the picture will drip off. I think the felt pen will smear off. Maybe the tissue paper might rip. I noticed that the felt tip pens were spreading out. They were going smudgy. We hung out pictures out in the rain.

16 Easy Jets We threw our paper aeroplanes to see which went the furthest. T’s went the furthest most of the time. But E’s won in the end.

17 Plastic Parachutes We made some parachutes and threw them in the air. I made an engine for mine out of a cardboard tube. I was pretending mine would go faster in a race. The parachutes floated down slowly because they were full of air.

18 Drag Racing When I was holding the bags all of the air was getting into the bags and it was pulling me backwards.

19 Parachute Pics!

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