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Chloe's adventure games By Chloe of course. Choose your character Dani harmer Tunip the vegimal.

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1 Chloe's adventure games By Chloe of course

2 Choose your character Dani harmer Tunip the vegimal

3 You were walking on the stage when you fell through a trap door and landed on a sandy floor what do you do? Walk forwardWalk backwards Touch the picture under the sentence you want Dani to do

4 You were cooking kelp cakes when you started feeling hungry, you saw a fish lying on the floor, you where so hungry you ate it, but how? If you cooked it with herbs and a pinch of salt click the cooking pot If you ate it raw click the fish picture.

5 Ahhhh… Oh no when you where walking backwards you bumped into a scary monster who ate you up for tea. You must go back to the start, click the picture.

6 You find a hole with light, you climb out and find a monkey trying to get a banana from a tree what do you do Run away (click the picture) Help him.

7 Eek Yuck the fish was horrible and suddenly you started becoming invisible. Your still alive but you better go back to the start. Click the picture

8 Yum the food was so delicious you wanted to go out and catch some more but what do you do Catch the whole ocean Think twice

9 The monkey is happy and takes you to an old, ruined temple what do you do Say sorry and go and make a shelter, click on the tree. Go inside and have a look around.

10 good you thought twice and decided not to eat the whole ocean but your still hungry what do you do? Ask captain barnacles for some advise Bake extra kelp cakes

11 Sorry!!!!! The monkey is sad and bites you, the wound that he made gets infected and you die just as the rescuers come to save you. back to the start!

12 You find lots of chunks of gold what do you do Take it allLeave it there

13 Oh no You catch the whole ocean of fish but now there is no oxygen in the ocean to breathe from so sadly you and your crew die. Back to the start (click on the picture)

14 Nooo! you forgot that all ancient old temples have curses, the temple starts to shake and it collapses on top of you go back to the start.

15 You leave it there and go out you find a ship on the shore and get in to go back to where you come from, but the monkey wants to come to what do you do Say okay and let him come to Say no and goodbye

16 If you answer this question correctly you will go back to where you were if you don’t then you will go back to the start… Osiris Anubis Who is the Egyptian god of the afterlife/underworld? Khepri Nut

17 Opps You asked captain barnacles for advise but you accidentally tell him that you ate a fish and you forgot that you rescue fish not eat them, so you get thrown of the ship. back to the start

18 You tried to eat the kelp cakes but they where to much for you. You fainted and threw up. The crew took you to hospital. Click the picture

19 You make extra kelp cakes and feel full up but then you realised that you were going to have to eat more kelp cakes at dinner, which is in only 5 minutes, what do you do? Try and make your self throw up Try and eat the kelp cakes at dinner.

20 You threw up You threw up and feel a lot hungrier, you go down to dinner and scoff your face with kelp cakes. If you wan to play again press the middle cup cake if you don’t press the faces.

21 Off you go You and the monkey set sail for home and keep the memories of the island safe on the ship. If you want to play again click the sunshine if you don’t then click the flower.

22 End of slideshow, click to exit

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