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The Deptford Boys Mr. Mehrotra ENG 3U0.

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1 The Deptford Boys Mr. Mehrotra ENG 3U0

2 Self-Discovery The idea of individuation plays a central role in Fifth Business Only Dunny, and in part Paul, reach individuation in the novel The idea of self discovery plays an integral role in everyday “real” life, as well as in the novel This idea leads to a central theme in the novel : Everyone experiences the process of self discovery, however, only when one comes to terms with the true nature of self can they realize their unique role in life Mr. Mehrotra ENG 3U0

3 Dunstable Ramsay a.k.a. Dunstan Ramsay a.k.a. Fifth Business
The idea of self discovery is closely tied to the definitions of “fifth business” as presented in the novel Mr. Mehrotra ENG 3U0

4 Fifth Business Definitions
Those roles which, being neither those of Hero nor Heroine, Confidant nor Villain, but which were nonetheless essential to bring about the Recognition or the dénouement, were called the Fifth Business in drama and opera companies organized according to the old style; the player who acted these parts was often referred to as Fifth Business. Tho. Overskou, Den Danske Skueplads … you cannot make a plot work without another man, and he is usually a baritone, and he is called in the profession Fifth Business, because he is the odd man out, the person who has no opposite of the other sex. And you must have Fifth Business because he is the one who knows the secret of the hero’s birth, or comes to the assistance of the heroine when she thinks all is lost, or keeps the hermitess in her cell, or may even be the cause of somebody’s death if that is part of the plot. Liselotte Vitzlipützli Mr. Mehrotra ENG 3U0

5 Dunstable Ramsay Dunny goes through his life and with the help of Liesl and Padre Blazon, he is able to recognize is role in society and in the novel. In doing this, he completes his journey of self- discovery and achieves individuation by recognizing his true self. Dunny fits Liesl’s definition of Fifth Business perfectly Mr. Mehrotra ENG 3U0

6 The Odd Man Out Dunny, even as a child, is constantly isolated from others. When he is young he considers himself a polymath and is considered odd by many children Also, his mother’s involvement in the community acts as a burden to his social development and through his lack of time for regular childhood events (he is always caring for Mrs. Dempster), he establishes the persona of the “odd man out”. “I might as well say at once that although I was on pretty good terms with everybody I made no lasting friends” (during the war) Mr. Mehrotra ENG 3U0

7 Knows the Secret of the Hero’s Birth
The hero in this case would be Paul Dempster. Dunny is the only one who really knows that Boy threw the snowball that causes Mary to give birth to Paul. Throughout the novel he is questioned as to whether or not he knows anything about it, but he always, until the end when he reaches individuation, denies knowing anything even though he knows the secret of the hero’s birth. Mr. Mehrotra ENG 3U0

8 Assists the Heroine In this case, the heroine is Leola.
Dunny comes to her assistance at least twice. Firstly, when Boy goes off to private school, Leola has lost something in her life; however, Dunny is there to replace what she has lost (61). Secondly, when Boy and Leola are experiencing problems in their relationship, it is Dunny who is responsible for comforting Leola (189) Mr. Mehrotra ENG 3U0

9 Keeps the Hermitess in Her Cell
In this case Mary Dempster Dunny is largely responsible for Mary’s seclusion in the text. He does this mentally and physically. He puts her in the mental asylum in Toronto after her caregiver (Bertha Shanklin) dies Later on, when he can afford it, he moves her to a “better” cell, where she can receive better care (but still a cell nonetheless) When he eventually tells her that he has seen Paul, this destroys her. She considers him her worst enemy for keeping her son from her. Mr. Mehrotra ENG 3U0

10 Causes Someone’s Death
Several indirect causes: Mary, Leola, and Boy. Mary: when he tells her that he has seen Paul, it completely ruins her. She becomes worse and worse and eventually dies of a heart attack. Arguably, if Dunny had never told Mary about Paul, she would have lived longer. He knows that his knowledge of Paul would hurt her, and yet he still decides to tell her and thus, he indirectly causes her death. Mr. Mehrotra ENG 3U0

11 Causes Someone’s Death
Leola: when Dunny does not reciprocate her love for him, she attempts to commit suicide. From here on out, Leola’s life goes from bad to worse. Eventually, she realizes the futility of her life as she sees it, and arguably, gives her self pneumonia and dies. Thus, Dunny indirectly causes yet another death. Mr. Mehrotra ENG 3U0

12 Causes Someone’s Death
Boy: In the end of the novel, Dunny reminds Boy of the repressed memory of the incident with Mary Dempster. Boy then mysteriously dies (arguably through a suicide, but more evidence points towards a murder) Thus, by exposing the secret, Dunny indirectly causes a third death. Mr. Mehrotra ENG 3U0

13 Dunstable Ramsay Liesl and Padre Blazon bring this idea of Fifth Business to Dunny’s attention. Nearing the end of the novel, Dunny finally realizes that he is in fact, the Fifth Business. He actually refers to himself this way: “Here it was. Either I spoke now or I kept silence forever. Dunstan Ramsay counseled against revelation, but Fifth Business would not hear” (263). Dunny’s self realization is complete and he achieves individuation and he now understands, and accepts, his role in life. Mr. Mehrotra ENG 3U0

14 Paul Dempster a.k.a. Faustus Legrand a.k.a Magnus Eisengrim
Paul, arguably, achieves individuation after journeying through self discovery. He has a miserable childhood in Deptford as all of the children make fun of his mother and he is an odd looking child to begin with. He is not happy with his life in Deptford, and knows that in order to achieve individuation, he must run away from this life. Mr. Mehrotra ENG 3U0

15 Paul Dempster His self discovery has two distinct stages:
Firstly, the first time he changes his name to Faustus Legrand. At this stage, he is part of the circus but is not really accepted yet. He only stays because of Willard the Wizard. Mr. Mehrotra ENG 3U0

16 Paul Dempster After this, the group separates and he meets Liesl.
She renames him Magnus Eisengrim (Eisengrim means “wolf”). It is at this stage that he realizes his own uniqueness and also comes to terms with the fact that he is not responsible for his mother’s simple mindedness as he had thought for his entire life. Mr. Mehrotra ENG 3U0

17 Paul Dempster He finds out that Boy threw the snowball which causes his mother’s simple mindedness and this helps Paul come to terms with his true self and, arguably, reach individuation. In World of Wonders, readers find out more about Paul Dempster and realize that he does in fact reach individuation after the journey of self discovery. Mr. Mehrotra ENG 3U0

18 Percy Boyd Staunton a.k.a. Pidgy Boy-Boy a.k.a Boy Staunton
Boy wears a very good mask throughout most of the novel and never really achieves individuation. His self discovery process is a farce as he has a very large repressed memory that haunts him in his final hours. He even claims, “I don’t remember what is of no use to me, and I haven’t been in Deptford since my father died” (267). Mr. Mehrotra ENG 3U0

19 Percy Boyd Staunton By repressing many of his own memories, his self discovery process is plagued. Boy cannot seem to get past his own Shadow. He hides his highly sexual character (primitive and animalistic tendencies) from everyone but Dunny in the novel. This dark side of the character develops in Deptford as a part of his ego. Boy must face the reality of his own Shadow if he is to recover from the spiritual apathy that afflicts the last part of his life. Mr. Mehrotra ENG 3U0

20 Percy Boyd Staunton Boy, however, is unable to face his own shadow and his problems in life. When he realizes that there is a negative aspect of his life, he cannot deal with it and commits “suicide”. He does not seem to want to live when things are going bad for him. Since he cannot complete his journey of self discovery, he is not able to reach individuation and figure out his role in life. Mr. Mehrotra ENG 3U0

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