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Mardi le 26 août BIENVENUE ENCORE! ^^^

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2 Mardi le 26 août BIENVENUE ENCORE! ^^^ Avez-vous vu ces vidéos? Did you see these videos yet? Oui ou non? F 3 & FRAP: eIY65Ch23k3UgQC

3 2&list=PLXecXZaR2FNdlCLZDkeIY65Ch23k3UgQC

4 Les règles de ma classe: 1. Arrive to class on time. 2. Come to class prepared! 3. Absolutely NO CELL PHONES or iPods. (yes to ear buds/head sets for laptops) 4. No food, drinks, gum or water bottles are allowed in the classroom & no talking & walking, unless asked. 5. ALWAYS respect your teacher, classmates & KISD rules! LET’S HAVE A FUN & FRENCH FILLED YEAR TOGETHER!

5 Le 25 à 29 août 2014 lundimardimercredijeudivendredi FRENCH 1 Week’s Goals: Rules, Numbers, Alphabet, Greetings Roll,procedure papers, syllabus etc. Bonjour/Je m’appelle H/W: Supplies & sentences F 1-Roll, name cards, supplies 120 Powerpoint: Rules, Name cards, Heading rules, early Website Video: ABC’s & greetings H/W: Supplies & sentences F 1-Roll, supplies-115 due & sentences 100 Notes: Greetings & 0-10 Over ABCs H/W: Supplies & TBA Per. 2: school forms F 1-Roll, sentences for 50% Supplies-110 Note: Colors, 11-20 Over ABCs, #’s, greetings H/O-Supplies,& TBA Per. 2: school forms F I-Roll, Supplies-105. Oral review of ABC’s, numbers, colors & greetings LAST DAY FOR SCHOOL FORMS FRENCH 2 Goals: Phonics, number & basic review of French 1. Roll,syllabus, etc. 1 st powerpoint H/W: Supplies, sentences “ME” F 2-Roll, Name cards, Heading rules, supplies 120, sentences 100. over phonics, greetings H/W: Supplies & sentences Per. 2 TURN IN FORMS! F 2-Roll, supplies-115, sentences 100 Over 0-100, Introductions, DVD H/W: TBA-number pages TURN IN FORMS! F 2-Roll,supplies 110, sentences- 50 Class & F 1 review on slides H/W: TBA/ Number pages Turn in FORMS! F 2-Roll:Supplies 105 Tues-100 # pages-100 Tues. for 50 Per. 2: ALL KC FORMS DUE-last day!!! F 2 PA Same F 2 PA Same F 2 PA Same F 2 PA Borrowed words “G” F 2 PA Same FRENCH 3 Goals: Phonics, greetings, numbers, grammar review of French 2., introductions/phrases Roll, syllabus, powerpoint H/W: Supplies/sentences French 3 Roll, Supplies 120, sentences 100. Phonics, greetings, numbers review H/W: Supplies & sentences French 3 Roll, ck. Supplies 115, sentences 100 Review of F 2 French 3 Roll, Supplies -110 Sentences-50 French 3 Roll, supplies 105 DVD Readers: hand out FRAP: Goals- Introductions/Review Roll, syllabus,etc. Introductions/descriptions Useful phrases H/W: supplies/sentences FRAP Phonetics,introductions All paperwork due FRAP Basic phrases/intros/game Phonetics-finish New vocabulary French interactive Reading/Listening site FRAP Listening site French interactive Games in French FRAP Les clips in French Discuss/compare h?v=sX_oeV3OQzw

6 1 st & 2 nd period-le français 1 1. Bienvenue! Bonjour classe! (Bonjour madame) Comment t’appelles-tu? (Je m’appelle_______) & ABC 2. Attendance-Get out any forms you may have! 3. Do you have a huge schedule problem? (missing a class or NO schedule?) See me! Fire route-remember? 4. Check: Supplies for 120% & Handouts: Syllabus & course expectations-Sign sheet due by tomorrow-100% of class to enter special drawing! 2 nd period only: School forms due Wed for IBC! Clinic emergency, AGR, Family survey(Gray), Military(Pink) H/B form (Blue) 5. Names & name cards 6. How to do your heading for papers 1. 7. Website & blackboard *** If time: L’alphabet: 2. Les Salutations: “Bonjour” H/W: Supplies for 115%, sign forms, sentences about yourself-Due tomorrow for ALS IBC!

7 Nom Classe Date Nom Classe Date Title of work with page # USE BLUE OR BLACK INK ONLY! Not pencil, markers or red ink! # HEADING HOW-TO

8 Important Websites! 1. Accessing Blackboard (Our new LMS): 2. My website: name=teacherpages name=teacherpages 3. Gradespeed website: rent rent 4. Textbook link: (let’s see this together, to view textbook & activities)

9 Alphabet-l’alphabet l'alphabet.docl'alphabet.doc Alphabet-l’alphabet l'alphabet.docl'alphabet.doc

10 3rd & 4th periods French II & IIPreAP 1. BIENVENUE! Comment t’appelles-tu? Quel âge as-tu? Qu’est-ce que tu aimes/n’aimes pas? (done the entire class?) 2. Attendance & Turn in anything…. signature form/supplies 3. L’alphabet-quick review 4. Supply check for 120% today 5. Choose names/make name cards 6. Discuss heading and websites**(see slides) Handout: Course expectations (write down missing items & get signed. I will have new book form for you! Homework: Supplies (115%), my forms, due Wed. for 100% to enter ALS IBC, and 10 sentences*** due Thurs.

11 French 1 and French 2 Homework 1. My full name is, and my birthday is… I’m …years old and a (Freshman/Sophmore/Junior/Senior) 2. I am (descriptive adjective) 3. In my spare time, I like to do…. 4. I participate in ….club/sport/team (here at KCHS or off campus) 5. During this past summer, I (did/went)… 6. My favorite food & candy are… 7. My favorite book is…. 8. My favorite music is… 9. The person I admire most is…because…. 10. My goal in life is to….. THIS IS DUE ON WEDNESDAY FOR A 100% for French 1 and Thursday for French 2! Besides supplies (tomorrow for 120!), complete these sentences in your own handwriting on the paper provided--(due Wed.) “ME”

12 FRAP 1. Les phrases utiles-utilisez dans la classe! * 2. La phonétique: 3. Les papiers importants 4. Finissez & Lisez les devoirs ensemble! 5. Jouons un jeu (2 vrai/1 faux) 6. Avez-vous les fournitures scolaires? (pour 120%) Les devoirs: SSS (supplies, signed sheet, sentences) Last 2 to get in drawing-entire class must have them in) for ALS IBC!

13 Les phrases utiles-révision: F III, FRAP 1. (les)toilettes,(SdeB) s'il vous plaît? 2. Merci. 3. De rien. 4. Répétez, s'il vous plaît! 5. Je ne comprends (sais) pas! 6. Plus lentement, s'il vous plaît! 7. L’ Infirmière, s'il vous plaît. 8. Je suis malade! 9. J'ai oublié mes devoirs. 10. Je suis fatigué(e). 11. En anglais, s'il vous plaît. 12.Comment dit-on _ en français? 13.Est-ce que je peux ___ 14.Excusez-moi 15. Pas maintenant Madame 16. Comment écrit __. 17. Puis-je (aller…emprunter…) 18. Comment? Quoi? 19. J’ai une problème 20. Que veut dire ???

14 F 3 1.Les phrases utiles 2.Donnez-moi des papiers importants (due by Wed ALL of you to be entered in drawing) 3.Donnez-moi vos devoirs-100% (les 13 phrases) 4.Pratiquez: Phonics, greetings, & numbers 5. Supply check-120% today? Les devoirs: Supplies, sentences, signed sheet (last 2 ALL of class by Wed. to get in drawing for ALS IBC)

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