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Name :Mohammad Sabir ID :MEP09054 Country : Afghanistan.

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1 Name :Mohammad Sabir ID :MEP09054 Country : Afghanistan

2  Afghanistan After 9/11  International conferences held for the reconstruction of Afghanistan since 2001  Volume of the ODA to Afghanistan  Delivery Mechanism  Aid distribution region and sector wise  Assistance through military and non military channel  Afghan Government Aid Priorities  Paris declaration on Aid effectiveness  Challenges  Achievement  Recommendations

3 September 9/11 made significant changes in to Afghanistan social economic and political environment. At the end of 2001,the USA lead collation forces fought its war against terrorism in Afghanistan which over threw The Taliban regimes from Power

4 1. Tokyo Conference (2002) 2. Berlin Conference (2004) 3. London Conference (2006) 4. Room Conference (2007) 5. Paris Conference (2008) 6. Coming conference in Kabul

5 Amount in $US Billion

6 Pledge ODA refer to Unwritten commitment that the donor announced in the pledging conferences and or at the different occasion since 2002. As of November 2009 out of 62 billion pledges 46 billion has been committed and only 36 billion has been disbursed in Afghanistan

7 Amount in US$ Million



10 As of November,2009 out of 62 billion pledges only 36 billion has been disbursed in Afghanistan.Of 36 Billion around 19 billion has been invested in security sector to support reform and training of Afghanistan National Army (ANA )and Afghanistan National Police (ANP )

11 This indicates that due to large spending in security sector, less attention has been given to other priority sectors of the ANDS

12 1-Donor Managed assistance  Delivery through Military Channel(PRT,CSTC-A,CERP)  Delivery through Non Military Channel (Development agencies, contractor, GO ) 2- Afghan Government Managed Assistance  Core Budget  Through ARTF, L OTFA and CNTF

13 Currently there are 26 PRT in different provinces which engaged in development activities Also assistance has been channeled through (CSTC-A ) and (CERP ).Available Data shows that 40% of the total development commitment Aid has been made by military agencies. Government of Afghanistan does not have a clear picture of the assistance provided by military sources

14 The Trust Funds namely the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF), Law and Order Trust Fund (LOTFA), and Counter Narcotics Trust Fund (CNTF) remain a significant pooled funding mechanism for the Government of Afghanistan to finance its priority programs and to achieve the results of its development strategy. Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF ) :Administered by World Bank was established in 2002 to support the shortfall of government recurrent expenditure and finance its priority programs. Law and Order Trust Fund (LOTFA ) :Administered by UNDP was established in 2002 to mobilize resources for the support of Afghanistan National Police (ANP ) Counter Narcotics Trust Fund (CNTF) :Administered by UNDP was established in 2005 to mobilize resources needed by the government of Afghanistan to implement the national Drug Control Strategy

15 Amount in $Million Funding ChannelCommitment%ageDisbursement%age Development2781660%2151658% Military1838840%1540142% Grant total46204100%36917100% Assistance through military and non military channel (2002-2009)

16 Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) SecurityGovernance Economic Growth Poverty Reduction Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) is five year comprehensive Development Plan which reflects the government’s vision, principles and goals for Afghanistan that builds on its commitment to achieve the Millennium Development goals by 2020 and the implementation of the Afghanistan Compact benchmarks.

17 Aid Management Directorate (AMD) Aid Coordination Section Aid effectiveness and policy section Aid Management information Section 1. Aid Coordination Section :Serves as platform of discussion/negotiation between the donors and the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on the allocation of donors’ assistance to projects and programs and other important issues 1. Aid effectiveness and policy section :The objective of this section is to ensure that the donors programs and projects are aligned with the results stipulated in the AND 2. Aid Management Information Section :The objective of the section is to function as an information bank on the development assistance and functions as focal point for the development partners

18 Paris declaration 2005, Five Principles :  Ownership  Alignment  Harmonization  Mutual Accountability  Managing for the result

19 1. AID delivery Mechanism 2. Aid delivery through military channel PRT 3. Large portion of Aid goes to Security 4. Disparities in the Distribution of Aid 5. Ownership,Alignment and Coordination 6. Contractor and corporate profits 7. Expertise salaries and cost 8. Transparency and accountability 9. Widespread corruption 10. Lack of capacity within the government

20 Example Italian Government Project to Reconstruct Maternity hospital in Kabul to double its capacity. Contract is given to UNFPA which was sub contracted to UNOPS and then to Italian organization and finally to Afghan construction company. As a result less then half of the total budget was spent on the project and the quality of the work was so poor that it required further reconstruction. Italian government (2.2 Million UNFPA UNOPS Italian Organization Afg Company Budget 1 Million

21  Publishing New Constitution for Afghanistan.  Presidential and Parliamentary Election for the first time.  Making National Army and National Police for Afghanistan  Highways reconstruction, more then 4000 Kilometers roads have been built which link capital with major regions  Significant improvement in the Telecommunication sector.More then 9.5 million population has access to telecommunication facilitates  In spite of the security,social and political difficulties Afghanistan GDP growth in 2009 was 22.5% the most high growth ever Afghanistan has achieved.  Considerable progress made in the health and education sector in the past 8 years

22 Donors countries  Volume of the AID with emphasis on quality.  Information Sharing  Disbursement channel should be changed  Equality in the distribution of the Aid  ANDS implementation  Capacity building for the implementation of ANDS  Specify the spending of security sector Afghan Government  Corruption within the government system  Government has to improve public financial Management system  Government has to improve domestic revenue 


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