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“Charles” By Shirley Jackson

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1 “Charles” By Shirley Jackson
Laurie’s Letter Text-based Writing Prompt

2 Laurie’s Poor School Behavior
Graphic Organizer Laurie’s Poor School Behavior

3 Laurie’s Poor School Behavior
Paragraph Topics 1- Physical Attacks Laurie’s Poor School Behavior 3- Disruptive Behavior 2- Verbal Offenses

4 Points within Paragraph 1
1- Hit the teacher Physical Attacks 3- Kicked the teacher’s friend 2-Hit a girl on the head and made her bleed; punched a boy in the stomach

5 Points within Paragraph 2
1- Got Fresh (2) 3- Cursed 3 times Verbal Offenses 2- Told a girl to say a bad word-twice

6 Points within Paragraph 3
1- Threw Chalk Disruptive Behavior 3- Stomped his feet 2- Yelled during story hour

7 Full Picture Hit a girl on the head and punched a boy
Hit the teacher Got Fresh Told girl to say bad word-twice Laurie’s Poor School Behavior Kicked the teacher’s friend Physical Attacks Verbal Offenses Said bad word himself Disruptive Behavior Threw Chalk Yelled during story hour Stomped his feet

8 How do we put it into paragraph form?
One sentence at a time.

9 Body Paragraph 1- Class Disruptions
(Bun) Topic sentence: (T) Transition: First One One difficulty your son is having is with class disruptions.

10 Paragraph 1-Point 1 Patty 1-(T) One First Initial Laurie’s foot stomping episode was the first infraction.

11 Paragraph 1-Point 1-Detail 1
Detail –no transition (what happened/what was the consequence) The noise was so loud that he was forced to stand in the corner.

12 Body Paragraph 1-Point 2 Patty 2 (T)- Next Then Another Second
Throwing chalk across the room was another offense he committed.

13 Body Paragraph 1-Point 2-Detail 2
Detail –no transition (what happened/what was the consequence) As a result of doing this twice, he lost his chalkboard privileges for a time.

14 Body Paragraph 1-Point 3 Patty 3 (T) Third Last Another Then
The last disruptive action was Laurie yelling during class.

15 Body Paragraph 1-Point 3-Detail 3
Detail –no transition (what happened/what was the consequence) This unfortunate situation caused your kindergartener to be dismissed from the group, and he wasn’t permitted to participate in the exercises.

16 Closing Sentence

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