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Chapter 6 Conflicts in the Colonies Section 1 Trouble on the Frontier.

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1 Chapter 6 Conflicts in the Colonies Section 1 Trouble on the Frontier

2 Colonists Relations with American Indians Wampanoag Indians no longer trusted English settlers, which led to King Phillips War Some Indians fought with the colonist –These Indians got tools, weapons, & other goods French also allied with Indians, just like English colonist were. –Indian leaders always kept their people’s independence priority

3 Iroquois Huron

4 Conflicts with France Since the 1600’s France and England wanted control over Europe & North America –What did this lead to? French setup forts in the Ohio Valley to protect their land-England thought France was keeping them from expanding west Colonial leaders also befriended Indians now for land

5 The Ohio Valley

6 The French Indian War French defeated a young George Washington in 1754 and Fort Necessity. This started the French-Indian War Between the French/Indians and British

7 Called French-Indian war because they were Britain's 2 enemies Fighting also started in Europe causing a world wide war known as the “Seven Years War”

8 The Treaty of Paris Treaty of Paris was signed in 1763 ending the war between France & England New boundaries were drawn giving –England most of the land east of the Mississippi River –And Spain most of the land west of the Mississippi River

9 Treaty of Paris 1763

10 New Taxes & Tensions Section 4

11 The Townshend Acts Passed in 1767 Put duties (taxes) on imports; glass, lead, tea, paper, and paint Colonist boycotted British goods again because they did not like this Act British troops were sent to colonies in 1768 to stop smugglers

12 Boston Massacre Colonist & British soldiers hated each other A riot in Boston, 1770, lead to soldiers shooting into the crowd killing several people This created more tension between the groups

13 A Tax on Tea All taxes were lifted on T.S. Act items except tea Britain knew Colonist always drank a ton of tea –This lead to the Tea Act in 1773 Sons of Liberty rebelled against the Act by Britain’s parliament –Tossing every crate of tea into the harbor

14 Boston Tea Party

15 The Intolerable Acts This rebellion outraged Lord North of G.B. To punish Colonist Britain passed the Intolerable acts (5) –Colonist did not like this The colonists threw snowballs in front of a building. The Redcoats came out firing and killing. Now Crispus Attacks and four others lay dead. When they first saw the Redcoats, they should have fled. Following the shooting a short while after, this instance became known as the Boston Massacre. The Sons of Liberty rose up once again. They threw a tea party in the harbor of Boston. On that night of December of '73, we destroyed 342 chests of tea. The Intolerable Acts were next to be passed, and, unlike the others, the only to last.

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