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Miles Ryan Miles Ryan is your average football playing kind of guy. He is athletic, tall and handsome. Everyone liked him and thought the world of him.

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2 Miles Ryan Miles Ryan is your average football playing kind of guy. He is athletic, tall and handsome. Everyone liked him and thought the world of him. He had goals he wanted to accomplish, which was to become a sheriff in the police department. Some say you wont marry your high school sweet heart, this was not the case for miles. He fell in love with a cheerleader named Missy. They dated threw out his junior and senior years. He waited for her to finish out high school and collage. Soon after they became engaged and married and moved in to a small town.

3 Miles Ryan Miles loved his wife very much, they had a son named Jonah who he cared about deeply. Emotionally everything was fine with Miles intil his wife was hit by a car and the person was never caught who did it. After that Miles had all he could do to get threw each day, he was devastated. He still managed to keep going and make sure his son was on the right track. After something like that some people would fall apart not Miles. He met his sons teacher Sarah Andrews. They began to see each other and fall in love

4 Sarah Andrews Sarah is an Attractive woman who has blonde hair and a slick frame. In other words she was gorgeous. She had been married to a man named Michael who had all the money in the world. They were married for 3 year and they were happy until Sarah could not get pregnant. Her and Michael had a divorce and Sarah moved to the same small town as Miles. Sarah was a teacher she cared a lot about the kids she taught and she was super nice to everyone. She had work ethic, she enjoyed walking to stay in shape and always looked out for her students. Emotional Sarah was trying to move on from her first marriage and felt bad because she had a disorder which would not allow her to become fertile. She thought no one would love her because she could not have kids. So she put all her effort into her work because she loved the kids little faces all looking at her while she was teaching.

5 Sarah Andrews She thought she never love again, but a young boy named Jonahs was in her class and he was struggling to do his work so she ask to have a talk with his dad who is Miles.

6 Johan Miles Jonah is short has light brown hair and blue eyes. He looks like his mother and acts like her to. Johan is only 7 but he knows that his mother died and he misses her very much. He has night mares at night because of that. He is the son of Miles Ryan and missy Ryan. Sarah Andrews is his teacher. Jonah is missing a part of his life emotionally. He only has one parent to look after him. He does not have the loving tender care of his mother. He also is struggling in school because his other teachers felt bad because his mom had died so they did not make him do the work he need to do. Un till Sarah Andrews started teaching him. She arranged that they work after school to improve Johan in all his subjects.

7 Jonah Miles is the father of Sarah Andrews Is the teacher of Met Sarah because of Missy Is the mother of Brian Is the sister to Was married to Has heard of and met

8 Sarah Andrews Johan Is in her class Miles Met threw her work and they fell in love Brian Andrews Sister to Missy Heard of her through the school Was hit by brains car and killed Brain killed Miles wife but no one knows about it

9 Father of Met Sarah because Johan wasn’t doing good in school Was in Sarah's class at school. Brian Brother to Killed miles first wife missy Was miles first wife Was ran over by Brain Mother of

10 Rachel McAdams would best fit the role as Sarah Andrews in the book, A Bend In The Road. She is around the same age as Sarah and has blonde hair and the slim frame that Sarah is described to have in the book. Sarah is also attractive and smart. Rachel is gorgeous and has the smarts to go with her looks. Rachel has had good reviews from other films, such as the Notebook, Wedding crashers and mean girls. She can different roles, this shows that she is an all around actor and could play Sarah very easily.

11 Ryan Reynolds would be perfect for the role of Miles Ryan. He is old enough to be a father but not old enough to look like his kids should be out of the house. He has the thin frame and muscular look the miles is suppose to have. I can picture Ryan as the deputy sheriff of s small town. He just has that strong look about him. Also Ryan has played in several movies so I think he could handle the emotional fells that miles displays in the book through his thoughts and facial expressions.

12 Jessica Biel would be perfect for Missy Miles because she just seems like mother material. She is beautiful and looks like a woman that could be your high school sweet heart. She also looks like she could care and love a child and that’s what Missy did. She looks old enough to be a young mother too.

13 Frankie Jonas could play the role as Jonah because he is around the same age and most young actors haven't had experience but Frankie has some playing roles in Disney films. He also has the same hair as Jonah and is about the same size. Jonah plays soccer and Frankie like to play sport also.

14 Descriptive Writing “Barely able to breathe, I ran to the front of the car. I didn’t see any damage: The car was, as I said, an older model, one structured to with stand more impact that the cars of today. But I didn’t see the body. I had a sudden premonition that id run her over, that I’d find her body wedged beneath the car, and as the horrible vision passed in front my eyes, I felt my stomach muscles constrict.” “There are those, I know, who scoff at the idea that real love can exist at such a young age. For miles and missy however, it did, and it was in some ways more powerful than love experienced by older people, since it wasn’t tempered by the realities of life.” “ That afternoon, just before dusk, the sky was glowing red and orange over the horizon as I got in the car. Though it was still chilly, the bitter cold had passed and temperatures had returned to normal. The rain over the previous couple of days had melted all the snow; where I once saw lawns blanketed in white, I now saw the familiar brown of centipede grass, gone dormant over the winter.”

15 Descriptive Writing “Miles Ryan stood on the back porch of his house, smoking a cigarette, watching as the sun slowly changed the morning sky from dusky gray to orange. Spread before him was the Trent River, its brackish waters partially hidden by the cypress trees clustered at the waters edge.” “ Why, then did I not just come out and say it? Why had I asked so many questions? Was I looking for a way out, another reason to keep it buried? The part of me that had lied for two years may have wanted that, but I honestly think the better part of me wanted to protect my sister.” “ Was It fair to sacrifice her? She was an innocent by stander; with my words, she would be irrevocably trapped between her love for Miles Ryan and her love for me.”

16 Strong Words Exquisite Brackish Attributed Irrational Ridiculous Enthusiastically Horrified Attuned Caricature Misconception

17 Maximum Climax The part in the story that I think was the climax was when Miles was on the hunt for who had killed his wife and he thought it was Otis and he was determined to put him in jail for killing Missy. Then Sarah was talking to her brother Brain about it and that she was scared that Miles was going to get hurt and Brain was kind of uneasy on the phone about it and said he had something to tell her. Brain told Sarah that he had hit Missy with his car coming back from work and he didn’t know what to do and it had been killing him all theses years. If Brian had not told his sister that he was the one that had killed Missy Otis and Miles would of ended up fighting and some one would of got hurt and Miles would of lost his Job and his respect from people. Also if that did not happen Miles would of put Otis in jail for a crime he did not commit just because him and Miles had a bad history of fighting and hated each other. The story could have been ended up vary different if Brain didn’t tell someone because he probably would of committed suicide because it was killing him inside what he had done. If he would of died it would of hurt Sarah a great deal.

18 Conflict The Conflict the would be the most important would be the death of Missy and how it involved a lot of people and cause a lot of fights. This conflict would be man vs. man. Brian hit Missy with his car when he was young and he didn’t mean to because a dog had jumped out in front of him. He didn’t know what to do so he run away. It was now a hit and run. Brain had to live with the fact that he killed someone. It was a constant fight inside himself, a battle not to tell what he had done. So he was fighting with himself. Also the people he had affected which was Miles and his son Jonah. Miles had to fight to get their each day since he lost his wife. It was a fight just to move on and keep living. It caused a lot more trouble because Miles was always looking for who had killed his wife. So Miles was accusing people when they didn’t do the crime and this caused more fighting. Sarah Andrews fell in love with Miles and then her brother turned out to be the killer of Miles late wife. This caused conflict between Miles and Sarah because Miles didn’t know if he could live with the fact that her brother killed his wife. All this conflict could have been prevented if Brian had stopped when he had hit Missy and told that a dog had jumped out in front of him and this caused him to hit Missy, everything would have been easier. Brain could of lived with himself, Miles wouldn’t of been looking for the killer for 2 years and he probably wouldn’t of met Sarah Andrews.

19 Theme I think Nicholas Sparks chose the title A Bend In The Road because in the book a lot happens in which people have to change their life styles to accommodate the change. In Miles life everything is perfect un till his wife is In a hit and run. So the road for him was going straight then the death to his wife added a bend in the road. For Sarah Andrews everything was going good in her marriage then she could not get pregnant and that ruined her marriage. Then For her brother Brian he was enjoying his life working hard and going to school and then a freak accident happened and he didn’t know what to do so he made the wrong decision and had to live with it for years. Also The title of the book connects everyone. Missy accident was on a road around a turn and after she died everyone had a hard time and People end up meeting each other because of it. The road is like a symbol of change it affects most of the characters in this novel.

20 News Report

21 Sites Used content/2009/11/rachel_mcadams.jpg&imgrefurl= sherlock-holmes-film/&usg=___ZrFO0mN2Y472- xuMrVOqZ86BCo=&h=400&w=300&sz=26&hl=en&start=3&um=1&itbs=1&tbnid=CF0W0cNs1ksKqM:&tbnh=124&t bnw=93&prev=/images%3Fq%3Drachel%2Bmcadams%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Dactive%26sa%3D X%26ndsp%3D20%26tbs%3Disch:1

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