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Lectio XVIII Cartae et Dona Terrae et Alii Genera Donarum.

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1 Lectio XVIII Cartae et Dona Terrae et Alii Genera Donarum

2 Today’s Class  Translation of Will  Deeds of Gift  Quitclaims  Bargain and Sale Documents

3 Document no. 12

4 Transcription and Translation In dei nomine amen vicesimo quinto die mensis febr[uarii] anno d[omi]ni mill[es]imo quadringen[tesi]mo quadragesimo secundo ego margareta Kirkh[a]m de Ebor[icum] vidua compos mentis et memoris condo ordino et facio testumentum meum in hunc modum. In primis do et com[m]endo a[n]i[m]am meam deo om[n]ipotenti B[ea]te Marie virgini et om[n]ibus sanctis corpusq[ue] In the name of God amen on the 25 th day of the month of February in the year of the Lord 1442, I Margareta Kirkham of York, a widow sound of mind …

5 TYPES OF CHARTERS AND DEEDS  Deeds of Gift  Quitclaims  Leases  Bargain and Sale (Statute of Uses, 1535; Statute of Enrollments 1536)  Final Concords  Town Charters

6 The Structure of Deeds of Gift (Find the following in Ex. 65)  Introduction  Name of grantor  What has been done  Name of the grantee  What is granted  More details of the grant  Terms upon which property is held  Warranty of future non interference  Sealing the deal  Witnessing

7 Quitclaims Quietumclamancia were (and are) used to prevent any subsequent claim to property by a grantor Look for the key words and phrase: remisi, relaxavi, quietclamavit remisisse, relaxasse, quietclamasse + accusative Totum ius et clameum quod habui vel potui habere

8 Quitclaim example Sciant omnes tam presentes et futuri me Huctredum filium Nicholai de Brocton remisisse, relaxasse et quietumclamasse et hac carta mea confirmasse Roberto vicario de Dubbrig octo acras terre in territorio de Brocton …

9 Bargain and Sale A means of conveyance created by the Statue of Enrollments of 1536 Heavy use of complex sentences that describe buildings, land, and conditions of residence.

10 Conveyance In medieval England, land was transferred via feoffment with livery of seisin Statute of Uses created an alternative means of conveyance, bargain and sale, where the bargainor promises to deliver the land to the bargainee for money Statute of Enrollments required that a bargain and sale contract be recorded in a public registry office

11 Final Concordia Used to register land via the Court of Common Pleas Hec est finalis concordia facta in Curia Domine Regine apud Westmonasterium in crastino Sancte Trinitatis anno regni Domine Elizabethe dei gratia Anglie Francie et Hibernie Regine fidei defensoris a conquestu vicesimo nono coram Edwardo Anderson, Francisco Wyndham justiciariis et aliis domine regine fidelibus tunc ibi presentibus inter Robertum Baker querentem et Willelmum Mascall et Agnetem uxorem eius deforciatores de decem acris prati cum pertinenciis in Denham unde placitum convencionis summonitum fuit inter eos in eadem curia scilicet quod predicti Willelmus et Agnes recognoverunt predictum tenementum cum pertinenciis esse ius ipsius Roberti Baker ut illi que idem Robertus habuit de dono predictorum Willelmi Mascall et Agnetis et illi remiserunt et quietumclamaverunt …

12 Hec est finalis concordia fac[ta] in Cur[ia] d[o]m[ini] Regis apud Westm[onasterium] a die S[an]c[t]i Hillarij in quindecim dies Anno regno[rum] Henrici Octaui dei gra[tia] Angl[ie] & Franc[ie] Regis fidei defensoris d[o]m[ine] Hib[er]n[ie] & in This is the final Agreem[en]t made in the Court of our Lord the King at Westm[inste]r from the Day of St Hilary in fifteen days in the twenty ninth year of the reign of Henry the eighth after the Conquest by the Grace of God King of England & France, defender of the faith, Lord of Ireland and in Final Concordia (cont.)

13 Document no. 13

14 Secundum Lucam Secundum Lucam facio = to make, happen autem = moreover, and so exeo = to go out describo = to describe orbis = world profiteor = to declare, register ascendio = to go up voco = to call desponso = to betroth impleo = to fill pario = to give birth pannus = a cloth, pl. baby clothes reclino = to lay down praesaepium = an enclosure, stable deversorius = lodging-place, inn

15 Secundum Lucam Secundum Lucam grex = herd, flock sto = to stand claritas = glory, light evangelizo = to announce gaudium = joy, happiness hodie = today signum = sign, signal invenio = to find subito = quickly, suddenly laudantium = to fill alta = high homo = male earthling, man discedo = to depart, go away loquor = to speak, talk invicem = in turn, by turns ostendo = to show reveal

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