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Learning Journals By Matt Brien. MONDAY week 4 Today was absolutely awful. I achieved nothing but lay in bed the whole day. YES, you guessed it, I was.

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1 Learning Journals By Matt Brien

2 MONDAY week 4 Today was absolutely awful. I achieved nothing but lay in bed the whole day. YES, you guessed it, I was ill. This case is very unusual for me as I am known to rarely be unwell. What I disliked about this experience was disgorging and not being able to have my daily exercise. Hopefully this occurrence will not take place again.

3 TUESDAY week 4 Today in the Flexible Learning Centre, I was 1 whole session behind everybody else seeing I was ill the day before. I was shown by classmates and teachers what to achieve in that lesson and how/where to store documents related to the cornerstone piece. The next stage on the task list was to watch the Kurt Fearnly Video and how he completed the Kokoda Trail crawling. This all related to personal learning goals which we then had to conclude. After completing my goals, I was racing time to finish watching the lotus diagram tutorial which went for 15 minutes. Ohhh, how time flies by when your having fun! In conclusion, today was fairly average caused by minor issues triggering.

4 WEDNESDAY week 4 Today I was reassigned to a computer (which wasn’t as slow as the laptop) to commence my work for the day. Firstly I created a Google Docs account and was shown specifically how to create an online survey. This survey was completed within one period (well at I was happy with myself ). There was only one problem, this was sending the survey to my working party. They all received my survey, but under the wrong document so I decided to attempt it at my house instead. In the meantime, I worked on the lotus diagram that I still happened to be struggling with. Before I knew it, the end of school bell rang loud and clear.

5 THURSDAY week 4 Today was a day of reorganisation. As a 3 rd attempt on sending the survey to my working party, I sent them a netmail email which was sure to work. It’s only a matter of time before they reply with answers for the survey. After replaying the lotus diagram tutorial a ridiculous amount of times, it finally came to me. I was actually coming up with ideas to fill in the blank boxes. This must have been my lucky day, with no more catching up to do, this resulted in less homework for the nights coming. What a week so far.......

6 MONDAY week 7 Well today in the collaborative unit, I was having one of those days where absolutely nothing was going right for me. I had realised that my Google Docs account had been deleted, the Internet was disabled and my computer keeps restarting. The only work i have completed during this lesson is watching the tutorials for the Introductory 2. I disliked every minute of this lesson.

7 TUESDAY week 7 Today was another horrible day in the collaborative unit. My computer once again decided to disconnect the internet, therefore leaving me unable to work with my survey results to finish my graph. I achieved very little, if not anything during these 2 periods. I disliked waiting for my internet to reconnect and filling in my survey results. I also learnt that the people who sent me their survey are detailed with their answers and gave clear responses. During this lesson I learnt that patience is the key to success when your internet is disconnected and that this problem needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Because of my Cornerstone Piece I need to catch up at a rapid speed.

8 WEDNESDAY week 7 Today was my chance to catch up on the graphs and tables for my survey and Exercise and Diet Program. I achieved completing my graphs/learning Journals from past days. The new skill I developed was making various graphs in excel document using my survey results. I was expecting for the computers to be disabled/disconnected today but my guess was incorrect. Today I enjoyed catching up to everybody else with my collaborative work as I was very far behind. I would like to learn more about the way the average teenager lives, eats and exercises.

9 FRIDAY week 7 You wouldn’t have guessed....Today at the start of the collaborative unit, my computer was taken to the IT Office to be fixed as it was unable to log in. I had to choose a different Laptop to work on and I had already wasted 20 minutes or so. Just as I was catching up from my absence on Thursday due to a debating conference, a practice fire drill occurred. Everybody evacuated the classroom from the nearest exit and fled to the soccer oval. The remainder of my time had just been taken away from me once again. These were the challenges I faced during this double period. Believe me, I was not a happy lad.

10 MONDAY week 10 In today's collaborative unit lesson, I managed to research a large variety of diet and exercise facts. During this lesson I did learn any new techniques with office programs although did find a couple of great websites in which gave me loads of information. My experience this lesson differed to what I expected as I was waiting for my laptop to either crash or fail to upload the internet page. I appreciated the help from the computer programs when I was having trouble finding information. If I had to study this topic further, I would enjoy learning about obesity and quotes from the victims.

11 TUESDAY week 10 Today we can define as a complete failure. I achieved nothing but to recomplete a whole research task. As I have already explained in yesterday’s entry, I researched all diet and exercise facts. Today I scrambled through all of my folders trying to find this 500 word piece of writing. It was gone, disappeared off the face of the earth, it seemed like that at least. I learnt no skills from this lesson as I was basically rewriting my previous research.

12 WEDNESDAY week 10 During these 2 periods I have begun to finish up with my Learning Journals and all of my research. I have touched up on all of the tasks that we are required to hand in with full detail. Related to this topic, I would like to be able to extend my vocabulary to a great level.

13 THURSDAY week 10 Today I have basically revised and edited all of my Collaborative unit work to upload onto my wikispace. The negative aspect of editing my work was reading 1000’s of words over and over again on different documents. I was expecting to upload the data and collection this lesson but unfortunately never got round to it.

14 FRIDAY week 10 Today I have managed to upload all of work onto my wikispace (MatthewAB) for Ms.Bird to check through. As this is the last day of the Collaborative Unit and I have completed all of the requested tasks, I now have permission to play games on Cool Math Games and The 1066 Game. Oh, how i am looking forward to this.

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