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Sigmund Freud The Interpretation of Dreams (1900).

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1 Sigmund Freud The Interpretation of Dreams (1900)

2 1856: Born, Moravia (eventually Czech, but then part of the Austrian Empire, stretched as far as Italy during the time), in Freiberg, 240 km from Vienna 1860: Vienna 1870s-80s: zoology – physiology – neurology 1880s: General Hospital in Vienna; research on cocaine 1884 Monograph on cocaine—survey of its effects and possible uses 1886: Marries Martha Bernays; begins private practice 1887 Meets Wilhelm Fliess 1895 Studies in Hysteria (with Breuer) 1899-1900 The Interpretation of Dreams (also the date of Max Planck’s lecture on quantum theory—revolutions in understanding the physical and mental worlds) 1902 Wednesday Psychological Society

3 1905 Fragments of an Analysis of a Case of Hysteria (Dora) and Three Essays on Sexuality 1906 Begins to correspond with Jung 1907 Meets Jung 1910 International Psychoanalytical Association founded 1913 Break with Jung 1916 Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis 1920 Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego and Beyond the Pleasure Principle 1923 The Ego and the Id 1923 Tumor removed; begin of painful life and decline 1929 Civilization and its Discontents 1938 Moses and Monotheism 1938 Emigrated to England, after Nazi persecution 1938: Dalí visits 1939: Freud dies

4 The dream-thoughts and the dream-content lie before us like two versions of the same content in two different languages, or rather, the dream-content looks to us like a translation of the dream-thoughts into another mode of expression, and we are supposed to get to know its signs and laws of grammatical construction by comparing the original and the translation. Once we have learnt what these are, the dream- thoughts will be easy for us to understand without any further ado. The content of the dream is given as it were in the form of hieroglyphs whose signs are to be translated one by one into the language of the dream-thoughts. (211)

5 Jonathan Lear, Diagram of Freud’s “Botanical Monograph” Dream, in the “manner of an inverted artichoke.”

6 Brett Nitchke, Diagram of Dream Material Associations (“in the manner of an inverted artichoke”), February 3, 2005.

7 Key Terms from Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams Dream thoughts (p. 211) Dream content (p. 211) Free association (p. 81) “The Dream-Work” (pp. xiv & 211-212) 1. Condensation (pp. 213 – 232) 2. Displacement (pp. 232 - 236) 3. Representational resources (pp. 236 – 249) 4. Secondary Revision Over-determination (p.234) Wish-fulfillment (p. 96 and everywhere!)

8 Drawing Freud’s Irma Dream Adrian, Arefa, Chris, Tracy (pp. 86-87) The hall—many guests, whom we are receiving. I reproach Irma … Irma’s complaining… She looks pale an puffy. Debra, Charlene, Anthony, Danielle (pp. 87-89) I take her to the window… What I see in her throat… I quickly tell Dr. M. … Dr. M. is pale… Ariel, Hong, Jennifer (pp. 89-90) My friend Otto is now standing beside the patient… An infiltrated part of the skin on the left shoulder… In spite of her dress. Dr. M. Says Robert, Sadia, Sam (pp. 91-92) It doesn’t matter. Dysentery We know immediately where the infection originated… When she felt unwell… Shahanna, Shannon, Nishant (pp. 92-94) Of a propyl preparation… Trimethylamine. Such injections are not to be giving so lightly. Probably the syringe was not clean either.

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