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Strength, Flexibility, Resilience Ref: to-bounce-back.htmlhttp://leading-

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1 Strength, Flexibility, Resilience Ref: http://leading- to-bounce-back.htmlhttp://leading- to-bounce-back.html

2 Confident Person Thinks independently Communicates effectively Has good inter-personal skills Self-directed Learner Takes responsibility for own learning Questions, reflects, perseveres Uses technology adeptly Concerned Citizen Is informed About world and local affairs Empathises with And respects others Participates actively Active Contributor Exercises initiative and takes risks Is adaptable, innovative, resilient Aims for high standards Desired Outcomes of Education


4 STAGE Scheme for Talent & Gifted Enrichment BASIC APEX STRETCH Mission: To Empower every INDIVIDUAL, Nurture TALENTS & Groom LEADERS

5 2D view of STAGE APEX Stretch BASICS Personal Mastery Peer Leadership Community Leadership Global Leadership Incorporating WTP Leadership Framework Mission: To Empower every INDIVIDUAL, Nurture TALENTS & Groom LEADERS

6 Level 1 : BASICS (Student Outcomes) Cognitive & Thinking Skills Real World Application & Problems LearningSmart & Mastery Skills Cooperative & Collaborative Strategies Basic Academic Success for Independent Confident Students Empowering every individual… to succeed Nurturing the Values-centred Child is central focus of EDUCATION IPW Outdoor Lessons Brain Training Group Activities in Class Exams Skills Performance-based Assessment

7 Innovation Creativity & Enterprise Instructional & Curriculum Excellence International Collaboration & Exchange Student Leadership (Self Discovery & Management ) Level 2 : Stretch Real World Learning Optional Enrichment CCAs Core Enrichment EnhanceExcel Expose Experience

8 Level 3: APEX APEX Personal Mastery Peer Leadership Community Leadership Global Leadership Incorporating WTP Leadership Framework APEX : Advanced Programme for Excellence Developing the Leadership Mindset to Excel in all areas including Academic & Talents APEX2 (Advanced Programme for Excellence 2) Developing the curriculum to bring out the best in all areas. Begins with curriculum development for the best. The best practices are distilled from APEX2 for diffusion to mainstream classes Progressive Pedagogies Edge Enhancements Academic Acceleration eXcellence eXperience

9 Competence Autonomy Relatedness Efficiency Effectiveness Core Theory of Success Quality of Sch Experience School Safety Framework Self-Determination Theory

10 P6 Alignment to Our Philosophy of Education 1.Every child can learn, deserves the right to education – Every Child should pass PSLE 2.Ultimate purpose of education is to create a better world; empowerment for each to initiate changes for the betterment of society 3.BASICS begins with Character, then Acquisition of Skills & Knowledge, Application of Knowledge 4.Balance of holistic education to nurture the whole child – the Exam is to build Character, Good Health is a MUST. 5.Every one can lead. take the first steps to make the world a better place. Starting with community, family relationships & our environment. 6.We must use our time wisely – Work Hard, Keep Learning!

11 P6 Things to Note Begin with the End in Mind, Begin with a Plan Aim to Pass, Aim to Improve 5%, Aim to Excel! Attendance – 100% unless unwell Read, Read, Read – Vocab, Stories, Science! Practise, Practise, Practise – 1 hr Math daily Mon- Fri Mon-Sun Study Schedule, 20+12 Wks Plan 3x2 Principle – Revise through 3 Times, Do Double Character: Endurance, Discipline, Diligence

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