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A guide to success! By Mr Cronin Head of PE and PSHE.

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1 A guide to success! By Mr Cronin Head of PE and PSHE

2 Curriculum Pupils could be learning up to three different sports in one week so it is important children know what they are doing and when. Lessons rotate on a half-term basis and a list of what is going on during the year will be available of the website.

3 Competition Opportunities There are opportunities for pupils to try out for School teams in which they will compete against other local Schools such as: Brooklands, Leighton, Fulbrook and Gilberts. All pupils will have an opportunity to compete in inter-house competitions. The Gym/Dance Showcase will also be available to participate in. Sports clubs generally cater for every ability unless stated, these are often run with Young Leaders to develop their skills in coaching and refereeing.

4 PE Kit OUTDOOR AND INDOORIN COLD WEATHER White short sleeved polo shirtHat Black ShortsGloves Long Red SocksTracksuit bottoms School Red Reversible Rugby ShirtExtra T-shirt or thermal layer Football Boots & Trainers (Extra layers in dark colour) Shin Pads Mouth guard for Rugby and Hockey Hair MUST be tied back from the face, even bobs. SWIMMING BOYS GIRLS Swimming TrunksTowel, goggles and swim hat One Piece Costume CHILDREN ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO TAKE THEIR PE KIT HOME FOR REGULAR WASHING.

5 Pupils in the correct PE Kit

6 PE kit in bad weather At Linslade we go outside for many of our PE lessons, whatever the weather. It is crucial pupils are prepared for cold and hot weather by bringing the following extra kit when necessary: - Thermal base layer - Extra t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms - Hat, gloves and a coat - Correct footwear - Water bottle We aim for all of our pupils to be active physically and mentally, so when in doubt please pack a little extra if your child feels the cold.

7 Pupils in cold weather

8 Changing for PE This takes place in changing rooms, separate for boys and girls. There is significantly less room than the children are used to. Pupils usually struggle to escape from “collars and cuffs” and tying football boots, please practice! New football boots often come with screw in studs and a stud key - Please tighten prior to first use. If your child has specific needs to do with changing please discuss this with – Boys = Mr Cronin – Girls = Mrs Shenton. Please send us an email on the new year 5 email address asap so that we can plan appropriately.

9 Injured or unwell? Pupils will still be able to take part in the lesson. This may just be a less physically active role. E.G. Coach or referee etc. Please put a note in the planner or if the matter is of a more confidential nature a separate letter should be handed to their teacher. Pupils MUST still bring the bottom half of their PE kit to change into: - Shorts/tracksuit - Change your socks - Put on boots for the field, trainers for playgrounds and indoors. - If at the swimming pool, you’ll just need to take off shoes and socks Only if they have a serious foot injury that prevents them from putting boots/trainers on or from walking about will alternative arrangements be made.

10 Medical conditions If your child has a medical condition such as Asthma they must remember to bring their inhaler to each PE lesson even if they are injured. Hay fever – tablets should be taken before school.

11 Naming your PE Kit The only successful way to ensure your child's PE kit does not get lost is to use the following: Name labels which are stitched or ironed on to every item of clothing. Information of where to buy these is available at the back of the room.

12 Swimming descriptors All pupils in year 5 will be taking part in swimming lessons at some point in the year. Currently half a term per class. In order for your child to get the best out of their swimming lesson it is important they know what ability they are using Mrs Shentons group descriptors. Information regarding swimming lessons will be sent out via a letter. The ability descriptors will also be available via the school website.

13 Too much information? – Don’t panic! This Powerpoint and a list of the school PE kit will be available via the school website under Physical Education. A list of the pupils PE kit is also printed in their planners. Got a question? - please ask myself or Mrs Shenton at the back of the hall after the full presentation If you require any information regarding how best to name your child's PE kit, please collect an information sheet at the back of the room.

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