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Meningitis Aware Challenge Day Temperature Challenge.

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1 Meningitis Aware Challenge Day Temperature Challenge

2 The Temperature Challenge Outcome: At the end of this challenge you will have created a timeline. This timeline will allow you to see how your temperature can change throughout the day and how you can notice when your temperature rises An excel timeline is available

3 We will learn to… Use the symbols and key words to record temperatures on a timeline Use a spreadsheet to record data and generate a graph Use precise vocabulary to communicate changes in temperature

4 What do we already know about temperature? The average temperature for a human being is around 36° - 37 ° although your body will naturally get cooler and warmer throughout the day. When you are unwell, your temperature often rises and you can see and feel the change.

5 Key Question How can you work out if you are too hot or too cold?

6 Temperature Symbols Cold Look for paler skin, sometimes your skin and lips may appear blue. Average You will feel comfortable. Your skin will look its normal colour. Warm Look for red cheeks and face. You may feel sticky and you may have a thirst Hot Look for red cheeks and face. You may be sweating and your skin may be wet. Your hands and feet may have swollen slightly. You will feel uncomfortable.

7 Get Set Go! Challenge Notice how you look and feel? What temperature do you think you are? Use the symbols to record on the timeline. Repeat this throughout the day and then use the spreadsheet to create a graph of your daily temperatures. Online timeline: Click Here

8 Timeline Template Time:ActivityTime:ActivityTime:Activity Time:Activity Time:Activity

9 Check In What do you notice about times of the day when your temperature seems to rise? Are there any surprises?

10 Gallery What have we found out about our changing body temperature? How will this help us become Meningitis Aware? Look at our timelines: what do you notice?

11 Timeline Teachers’ Notes Frequency Children can record their temperature up to 8 times throughout the school day. Recording You may decide to use your own symbols for different temperatures. The children may want to record how their faces look or other signs to indicate a particular body temperature. Presenting An online spreadsheet is available for children to record their temperatures. The spreadsheet uses the colour coding from slide 6.

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