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The universal language 江苏 邓俊峰 Module 8 unit 2 Grammar and usage.

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1 The universal language 江苏 邓俊峰 Module 8 unit 2 Grammar and usage

2 In order to avoid marriage, she says that any potential husband must answer three riddles correctly or die. he must Ellipsis

3 - How is your cousin today? - She is much better. Much better. It sounds fine to me. Sounds fine to me. Is there anything wrong? Anything wrong?

4 Ellipsis is used when we do not want to repeat words or phrases that are obvious. Some words of a sentence can be left out while the meaning can still be understood.

5 1.为避免重复而进行的省略。当一个句 子中有两个或更多的相同的词、短语出现 时,其中的第一个须保留,其余的往往省 略,以避免重复、使句子简练。尤其要注 意的情况是:当时间状语从句、地点状语 从句、方式状语从句、让步状语从句、条 件状语从句等状语从句中的主语与主句的 主语一致并含有 be 时,往往将该状语从 句中的主语和 be 一起省略.

6 He hurt himself while he was playing basketball. 他在打篮球时受了伤。 He works very hard though he is still rather weak. 他虽然身体还很虚弱,但他非常努力地工作。 He hurt himself while he playing basketball. He works very hard though still rather weak.

7 2. 语法上允许的省略。有些成分 的被省略是出于语法上的允许, 以显得表述更为简明. He is twelve years old. 他十二岁。 He is twelve. I walked for ten miles .我走了十英里路。 I walked ten miles.

8 3. 习惯用法上允许的省略。有些 省略句的情况是出于习惯用法, 尤其是在口语中。例如在问句中 be 常常省略,有时连主语一起省 略: Very easy? 很简单吗? Feeling unwell? 感觉不舒服吗? What (happened) next? 下面要发生什么? Why not? 为什么不?

9 Read Part A carefully and find out the words that can be left Out.

10 Read the instructions in Part B and finish the part individually.

11 1.— Are there any English story books for us students in the library? — There are only a few, ___________. A. if any B. if there C. if some D. if has A 2. — Would you like to go with us? — Yes, _____________. A. I'd B. I'd like C. I'd like to D. I'd like to do C

12 3. — Would you like to have a try once again? — ________________. A. Yes, I like B. No, I don’t like it C. Yes, I want very much D. Yes, I’d like to D 4. — What do you think made Mary so upset? — ___________ her bicycle. A. As she lost B. Lost C. Losing D. Because of losing C

13 5. — When did they get down to the job? — _______________. A. Until they left B. Till they arrived C. Since they finished it D. Not until they turned to me D 6. — Are you angry? — Yes. He should at least answer when ____. A. speaking B. spoken to C. spoken D. speaking to B

14 7. Be careful while _________ the street. A. to cross B. crossing C. he crosses D. being cross 8. _______ us for a dinner, don’t you? A. Don’t you join B. Join C. Have to join D. Let’s join B 9. I promise we’ll be there at 6, _________. A. rainy or shine B. rains or shining C. rain or shine D. rain or shining C B

15 10. In the car accident the child was hurt, but ____. A. the mother is killed B. the mother killed C. the mother being killed D. the mother has killed B 11. __________ I don’t remember where I met him. A. Fact is which B. what the fact is that C. The fact is what D. Fact is D

16 12. He raised his hand __________ silence. A. as if to command B. as though he going to command C. as though to command D. as of he commanding C 13. Francis Preston Blair, Jr., _________ born in Kentucky, lived and practiced law in Missouri. A. was B. he was C. although D. who he was C

17 14. We are to install this instrument _____. A. as originally planned B. as it originally planned C. as was originally planned D. as it being originally planned A 15. __________, people and objects are presented in a flat, often angular, abstract manner in Jacob Lawrence’s paintings. A. Always able to recognize B. The ability to recognize always C. While always recognizable D. Always can be recognized C

18 Homework 1. Finish the exercises of C1 and C2 in the work. 2. Preview the next section: Task

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