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Melbourne, Australia By: Julie, Haram, and Yoo Seob.

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1 Melbourne, Australia By: Julie, Haram, and Yoo Seob

2 Foods Australian traditional food is barbecue. Australian barbecue is eaten at almost every single traditional holiday such as Christmas, Boxing Day, etc. The Australian diet consists of a mix of European and Asian foods. Some popular foods are steak, roast lamb, lamb chops, sausages, french fries, seafood, pasta, and meat pies.

3 Culture Most Australians believe in Christianity However there is another culture called the aboriginal where it is believed that spirits came down to earth and created everything, then they turned into humans and animals.

4 Activities More than 120 sporting organizations are located in Australia Approximately 6.5 million out of 21 million Australians are registered as sport participants Although almost all sports are played by Australians (including water sports like swimming, snorkeling, and scuba) cricket is the most popular sport in Australia.

5 Language Australians speak a language called Aussie Aussie is a language very similar to English however there are a few changes such as how television is telly, crook is unwell, uni is university, kiddy is kindergarten, friend is mate, and more.

6 Clothing Australians dress quite casually (although that doesn ’ t mean that ripped clothes aren ’ t allowed) Australians follow a mix of North American/European fashion trends Since the weather is much hotter than it is here Australians are seen wearing hats and sunglasses and putting on sunscreen all year round.

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