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毕业答辩 Hainan airlines service concept analysis. 组员 1 2 3 黄珊 佘雨襄 张卉.

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1 毕业答辩 Hainan airlines service concept analysis

2 组员 1 2 3 黄珊 佘雨襄 张卉


4 A 内容提要 Content of the feed Analysis of Hainan airlines service concept Abstract: A good airline, mainly reflected in the "service" two words, with the intelligence services, with good attitude of Thanksgiving, life work, enthusiasm and sincere infection every guest. The intentions of services, pay attention to every detail, let guest feel our way. The service concept is as important an airline TEXT

5 B 背景简介 Hainan Airlines Company Limited (HNA) is a civil aviation enterprise with both A and B shares issued. The company was established by the restructuring of the former Hainan provincial Airlines Company in January 1993, and started its operation on May 2nd, 1993. The registered capital of the Company is RMB three billion , five hundred and thirty million , two hundred and fifty-two thousand , eight hundred and one yuan, the representative of corporation is Mr. Zhu Yimin and the current President is Mr. Wang Yingming 98.shtml TEXT

6 Hainan Airlines keeps a good safety record during its 15 –year operation of flying over 1.7 million accumulated safe block hours and transporting over 70 million passengers. HNA has achieved the excellent safety operation with zero incidents rate per 10,000 hours. In 2000 、 2003and 2007, HNA was awarded the prize by CAAC, the Golden Eagle Cup. In 2001, Xinhua Airlines of HNA was awarded the prize by CAAC, the Golden Eagle Cup. The service of HNA got the public praise of passengers. HNA won the award in the activity of “Passengers Commenting Airlines” for 9 times, and won the first prize in praise of National airlines flights punctuality several times. The punctuality rate of flights keeps above 80% for 8 years It is the first and the only one in China Civil Aviation Industry.

7 C 、服务理念的诠释 一、 Use a service, a kind of gratitude mentality of work and life, with enthusiasm and sincere infection every guest. Sincerely treat every guest's every request, and do our best to satisfy (a) message tourism resources. TEXT

8 Pay attention to every service details, let a guest feel our content. For the most perfect service, the most unforgettable impression on the guests. I am honored to be HNA hotel employees. As a member of HNA hotel, I will: identification of the HNA corporate culture; Do the h n a hotel "face"; I understand the h n a hotel group and the member hotels. I can talk with the visitor: h n a hotel group development course and development dynamic; Our hotel provides high give service; Local tourism environment and service; I can be competent for their work. In order to ensure the normal operation of the hotel, I will: the manual to ensure the quality of work, improve work efficiency; Skilled and constantly enhance the level of business; Optimize work processes; I play the team spirit of cooperation. As a team, I'll do it: the honest with each other and helping each other TEXT

9 D 、海南航空的精品特色服务 1, "lucky" tour HNA in line with "doing something for the society, to do something for others" the enterprise idea, in the cabin has launched a "lucky trip ticket bidding game entertainment. Bidding ticket from 10 yuan, the highest bid for full fare ticket. Hna will bid ticket income in addition to part of the feedback of passengers in the form of prizes, mostly in the social public welfare undertakings. Although only a flight ticket, but by a small ticket to witness the hna and passengers. The activities in more than five years, the love of hna action has from the ground to the air throughout the country, by the social people from all walks of life's praise. TEXT

10 2, "love angel" with your actions In order to maximize meet the demand of special passenger special services, hna on flights launched a full-time stewards of the “love angel”, the entire flight on mount guard, and “love angel” “achieved” service. : being a good children, elderly passenger 。 To remind passengers, prevention of economy class syndrome "love angel" steward lead all the passengers to "economy class relaxation technique" movement, the economy of relaxation technique introduced in the domestic civil aviation services "a recruit fresh", practical, innovative, unique, become the domestic air service unique service form. Also reflected the hainan airlines active, careful, friendly and personalized service characteristics, and is loved by the majority of passengers. TEXT

11 3, responders "Red Cross" be safe In order to make passengers have a safe, fast and comfortable, air travel makes hna real reliable airline passengers. Hna launched in June 2004, responders "Red Cross" special services, provide passengers with travel tips, daily health care knowledge, through subtle service, strengthen the communication with the passengers, "safe" to give passengers travel to enjoy, to the body uncomfortable passenger "angel" to provide professional services. Created new bright spot in the domestic aviation industry, promote the hna service brand awareness. TEXT

12 4, "yoga relaxation technique" health Sit for a long time in the aircraft cabin feel whole body unwell? It doesn't matter, hna attendant will take you together to do "yoga relaxation technique", loose your bones and muscles, relieve fatigue of waist, pleasure your body and mind, make you relaxed through the long journey. Combined with attendant the sweetest smile and the most sincere care, sure you have a pleasant journey. TEXT

13 5, "household type service" to enjoy the warmth of home "Household type" service stand out in the individualized service to meet passengers, on hna regional flights, flight attendants is each family's owner, in addition to basic food and beverage and security services, "home" in the regular 10 characteristic service: history review, daily buffet service, station of overview, talk and provide travel (business) advisory services to fully enjoy the easy comfort and home. Steward natural and not artificial, but not lax, elegant but not frivolous service is popular among tourists. TEXT

14 6, "in-flight entertainment" entertaining Hna VIACOM MTV music television company cooperation with the United States launched the hna MTV music honor roll, makes the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the most popular music program, make you a good mood. In addition, the new introduction to hainan, the variety show "in-flight entertainment, such as all-round display characteristic culture, hainan in the cabin can also look to appreciate charming scenery of hainan. At the same time, blended in hainan airlines flight attendants in the show features uniform, hna corporate culture motto, such as visual and auditory for passengers on a new feeling, let more people understand the enterprise culture and service concept of hna. TEXT

15 7, "the quality first-class" VIP service In addition to build first-class noble service, hainan airlines, which is mainly composed of traditional imperial dishes in first class new fine meals, sight and taste for fly first- class passengers and fun. TEXT

16 总结 Inherit and carry forward hna entrepreneurial spirit; Hna man's common ideal, is "bring benefits to human happiness and peace of the world". The common belief of the hna, is "god bless good self, self dominate, day", is "the true, the good and beauty", "boundless love"; The common pursuit of the hna, is "the public identity, public participation, public, public sharing achievement". The common idea of the hna, is "the good faith, performance, and innovation". TEXT

17 Thank you

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