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Golden Jubilee National Hospital MBChB Year 4/5 Cardiology & Cardiothoracic Surgery.

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1 Golden Jubilee National Hospital MBChB Year 4/5 Cardiology & Cardiothoracic Surgery

2 Welcome

3 Tertiary Centre Cardiothoracic Services- West Scotland, National Transplantation Service. Cardiology Services- Greater Glasgow, National Congenital/Advanced Heart Failure Services. Research Unit- Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Vascular Sciences. Elective Orthopaedics- Waiting List Initiatives.

4 Cardiology Interventional Cardiology Advanced Cardiac Imaging Special National Units Device Implantation Electrophysiology Congenital Intervention

5 Interventional Cardiology Catheterisation Laboratories (Cath Labs) 4 in total Level 2, behind Radiology Department.

6 Advanced Cardiac Imaging Echocardiography (Level 2, Cardiac Unit) Cardiac CT and MRI (Level 2, Radiology)

7 National Services Division (NSD, SACCs, SPVU) Level 3 (next to 3W) Advanced Heart Failure Pre/post cardiac transplantation Congenital Heart Disease

8 Cardiac Surgery Level 3 Cardiac Theatres 1,2,5,6 Intensive Units- ICU 1 & ICU 2 HDU 2 (Cardiac) & HDU 3 (Thoracic) Cardiac Ward- 3E Outpatients clinics (Level 1)

9 Thoracic Surgery Thoracic Theatres: 7&8- Level 3 Thoracic Ward: 3W Thoracic Outpatient Clinic (Level 1)

10 Initial Group CardiothoracicCardiology

11 Cardiothoracic Mr John Butler

12 Advanced Heart Failure Level 3, NSD Unit [Next to Ward 3 West] Starting with ward rounds (8.30am) Involved in all activities (transplant clinics, MDT, biopsies)

13 Congenital Heart Disease Starting with ward rounds (8.30am) in NSD unit Involved in all activities (outpatient clinics, MDT, intervention)

14 Cardiology Wards & CCU Starting with ward rounds (8.00am) Involved in all activities of the ward – shadowing clinical fellow and registrar)

15 Coronary Intervention Starting at 9.00am- Cath lab Observe all aspects of coronary intervention (both diagnostic and interventional/PCI)

16 Cardiac Imaging Level 2 Echocardiography (Cardiac Unit) Level 2 Cardiac CT and MRI (Radiology) Imaging takes place every day starting at 9.00am

17 Multidisciplinary Meetings - MDT All taking place at 8.00am at Cardiothoracic Meeting Room, Level 1 Coronary Intervention Wednesday Advanced Heart FailureFriday Congenital Heart Disease Coronary Intervention Tuesday Valvular Heart DiseaseThursday

18 Cardiac Ward Level 3 3 East Admission and care of patients undergoing cardiac surgery Ward round start 8.30am Associate Specialist- Mr Robin Bhawal

19 Thoracic Ward 3W Pre/post operative thoracic patients Ward rounds prompt 8.00am start Meet for bedside teaching

20 Critical Care ICU 1 & 2- daily ward rounds start promptly 8.00am HDU 2/3 daily ward rounds start HDU 2 at 8.00am Ward rounds led Mr Alan Coulson.

21 Theatres Every day, starting at 8.00am, Level 3- afternoon sessions start at 1pm You will need to change your clothes and wear ‘greens’. Do not leave valuables is changing rooms. Ask the theatre/nursing staff to direct you to a theatre. Matric card visible at all times.

22 Outpatient Clinics Level 1, Main Outpatient Department Every day at 9.00am/1.00pm

23 Teaching Most tutorials held within the centre. ECG Interpretation, Blood Gas Anaesthetic Teaching- Dr David Reid. Theatre Etiquette Mock MDT- Dr Andrew Sinclair.

24 CardioSim Session Simulation training Scenarios based on care of the acutely unwell Cardiology patient (which you don’t usually tend to see in the wards) hours session while on Cardiology Week, 8- 9 students group 3-4 scenarios, divided into groups

25 Assessment No formal assessment Completed timetables 1 Long Case and discussion- ed/handed into Kirsty Quinn Evaluation session ( MCQ session)- last day of the block Attendance bedside teaching- please arrive on time. If you cannot attend a session, please Monojit Paul/Kirsty Quinn in advance of that session.

26 Additional Sessions Thoracic Meeting: Fridays 1pm, conference room between theatres and ICU2, Level 3 Unit Teaching- Fridays 2pm Journal Club/CT MCQs- Wednesdays 5pm

27 Monojit Paul Kirsty Quinn,

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