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Christmas 2011 Welcome to the Volunteer Induction Whilst we’re waiting to get started, you may wish to save our Trustee mobile number to your phone (thank.

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1 Christmas 2011 Welcome to the Volunteer Induction Whilst we’re waiting to get started, you may wish to save our Trustee mobile number to your phone (thank you for keeping your phone turned off during our presentation !) 07846 299336

2 Who are we? What is our aim? How are we funded?  We are a registered charity which has been operating for over 30 years.  Our aim is to provide food, warmth, shelter and friendship to the homeless and lonely of Birmingham during the Christmas period, regardless of gender, colour, race, religion or sexual orientation  We are fully reliant on donors and volunteers.

3 Our Guests  are respected as unique individuals  might be vulnerable or lonely, or both  are a diverse group  are all welcome


5 Your feedback from 2010 What did you tell us last year? What action have we taken? “It would be good if there was more than one Trustee on shift” We have been working hard through the year looking at the structure of the charity and increasing Trustee numbers. We have also taken on Non-Executive Trustees and have introduced a Junior Trustee role. “It wasn’t very clear what to do when arriving at the Shelter” Again we have produced clear task lists for each area of the Shelter this year, with Area Team Leaders being allowed to manage these areas and providing more delegation and leadership. When registering you opted to work various times and areas, and the task lists and assistance from the Area Team Leaders should help. However please bear in mind that if we are short in some areas, you may be asked to assist in areas you did not choose upon registration.

6 Our Website Our ‘new’ website has now been live for one year! Online registration working well Attracts new volunteers and Service Providers Good marketing for Birmingham Christmas Shelter Good links with volunteers via Facebook / Twitter

7 All our volunteers wear RED t-shirts. There will always be plenty of volunteers on hand to help. All Area Team Leaders wear YELLOW t-shirts. Please speak with an Area Team Leader if you need any help or advice. This year Area Team Leaders are responsible for delegating and managing the individual areas within the shelter. Somebody at the Shelter has to make decisions about how the Shelter is run and this is the job of the Trustees! They always wear a BLUE t-shirt and there will always be at least one Trustee available to answer any questions, concerns or suggestions you may have. Who’s who at the shelter?

8 Our volunteers  A range of people with a range of skills and expectations  Must be 16+  Are all welcome  Wear red t-shirts  Are not guests (and guests are not volunteers)

9 The Roy Jones Memorial Tribute

10 The Area Team Leaders  Support the Trustees in organisational duties  Responsible for managing the working areas and delegating to volunteers  All Area Team Leaders are volunteers.  If you have any questions or are looking for jobs, Area Team Leaders should be your first port of call.

11 The Trustees

12 Main areas within the shelter  Kitchen/Dining room  Main lobby (reception/toilets)  Main Hall: entertainment, tea hatch and sandwich bar / male sleeping  Male and female showers  Volunteers’ clothing room  Services room / female sleeping  Don’t forget we recycle as much as possible at the Shelter!! We will take you on a tour of the Shelter at the end of the presentation

13 Services As well as our usual facilities (hot food, sandwich bar, showers), we hope to be joined this year by the following services:  Samaritans  Dentist  Hairdresser  Chiropodist  Masseur  Outreach Team  Regular entertainment If you know of any other services or people we can contact, please let Tania know ASAP……

14 Clothing  We will provide emergency clothing, at the Trustees’ discretion.  We would appreciate new underwear/socks, and good quality, casual warm clothing, including: t-shirts, sweatshirts, jumpers, tracksuit bottoms, fleeces, waterproof coats, trainers shoes and jeans.  Please do not bring clothing other than that specified above. THANK YOU.

15 Entertainment Our Hi de Hi rep, Tania, sources and manages all the entertainment for our guests during the Christmas week. This is no mean feat and we are always looking for more for our guests to do.  If you can sing, dance, do magic, play an instrument … (we’re open to ideas!) then we would love to hear from you. THANK YOU.

16 Security  Our security partner is EB Events & Safety  EB Events & Safety will provide:  Two male guards and one female guard on duty at all times  Searching of volunteers and guests each time they enter the building  Patrolling the grounds  Radio controlled communications  Should there be an incident, please don’t get involved, tell security straightaway and notify a trustee

17 Catering  Steve Love (AKA Chef) is once again managing all of the catering during Christmas week.  We serve three hot meals each day with a vegetarian choice  Throughout the day there is sandwich bar and tea hatch serving hot and cold drinks, and snacks.  The food is for guests AND volunteers (guests to always eat first please!)

18 Health and Safety  EVERYONE has a responsibility for health and safety  All Trustees and security staff are first aid trained  If you need to escort a guest anywhere, there must always be two volunteers per guest  Please don’t make any promises or share any personal information with our guests  Please dress appropriately and bring the minimum amount of valuables  If you have any queries or concerns, please contact a Trustee or Area Team Leader immediately.

19 More Health & Safety … !  Do not hold the personal belongs of any guests (including any prescribed medication)  Guests may bring dogs into the Shelter as long as they are on a lead. Dogs are not permitted in the dining room  If a guest falls ill or if you feel unwell, contact a Trustee or an Area Team Leader  Catch it, kill it, bin it! Hand hygiene is vital. Please wash your hands regularly and use the hand gel provided.

20 And even a tiny bit MORE Health & Safety! A vitally important area of Health & Safety / liability for the Charity, is to ensure that every volunteer attends an induction. To ensure our insurance liabilities are met, everybody that attends an induction must sign the induction form on reception. We are not permitted to allow any individual to volunteer who has not done this. Please make sure you do! Thank you!

21 Fire safety (we promise it’s the last bit about safety!)  Please always sign in and out of the building  Please keep all fire exits free of obstructions at all times  During the tour of the building, we will point out the location of fire alarms and fire fighting equipment  In the event of a fire alarm sounding, evacuate the building immediately to the car park at the back of St Georges. Please do not stop to collect your belongings  If you have any queries or concerns, please contact a Trustee or Area Team Leader immediately.

22 Diary 2011 Thursday 22 December - set up day Friday 23 December - open to guests from 10:00 am Saturday 24 December - open 24 hours Sunday 25 December - open 24 hours Monday 26 December - open 24 hours Tuesday 27 December - open 24 hours Wednesday 28 December – closed to guests at 10am – clear up

23 The Volunteer Social! DATE TBC Details will be available on our website and Facebook very soon (we will write to those volunteers who do not have access to the internet)

24 We’re nearly done … ! ENTERTAINMENT (repeated for the hard of hearing!) If you are able to offer any form of entertainment or know someone else that can – please contact our lovely Hi De Hi entertainment rep, Tania –  Please do get involved  Sit and talk to our guests  If you are unsure about anything, please ask us!  Most of all, HAVE FUN and enjoy your time at the Shelter  Remember to give us feedback! A link to our feedback form will be available online and printed copies available at reception during Shelter week.

25 And finally … If you cannot make a shift please always let us know by telephoning the Trustee mobile. This is absolutely crucial to ensure full cover at all times at the Shelter. If, after induction today, you feel that volunteering is not for you …

26 Any questions...

27 Thank you for your time today. If you have any queries about your shifts, please see a Trustee or Area Team Leader at the front desk on your way out. See you soon! And make sure you signed the sheets to say you were here!

28 Birmingham Christmas Shelter PO Box 5140 Stourbridge DY8 3TN Tel: 07846 299 336 Registered Charity 1002891

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