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PDL and Healthy Schools Network Meeting Autumn Term 2012 Access more information on: (the website for everything PDL and Healthy.

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1 PDL and Healthy Schools Network Meeting Autumn Term 2012 Access more information on: (the website for everything PDL and Healthy Schools)

2 & Helping children and young people to: Be Healthy, Stay Safe, Enjoy and Achieve, Make a Positive Contribution Have Economic Well Being Extended schools Extra curricular activities Outdoor Education – e.g Trailblazers MAKING SENSE OF PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT LEARNING Study Support Drugs education incl. alcohol and tobacco PSHE-PW Personal Social Health & economic Education (PSHE-PW) Sex and relationships education (PSHE PW) Work related learning PSHE EW Enterprise education PSHE EW Financial capability PSHE EW Individual learning plans & e-profiles E-Profile AND PORTFOLIO – ASSESSMENT, RECORDING and ACTION PLANNING Careers education and guidance PSHE EW Functional skills: Communication Numeracy ICT Working together Improving own performance Problem solving Physical activity Religious education Education for sustainable development Citizenship and Rights Respect and Responsibility, Personal learning and thinking skills: Team worker Self-manager Independent enquirer Reflective learner Creative thinker Effective participator Social, Emotional Aspects of Learning SEAL PSHE PW Volunteering/ active citizenship e.g. peer mentoring Safety Education

3 Programme National Curriculum Developments Maintaining the inspiration of the Olympics The role of the school library service Promoting Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Developments – lessons learned from 2012 Ofsted visits Healthy Schools – new electronic version MEND Upcoming training Supporting service children Healthy Early Years Diabetes in Schools

4 The PDL/Healthy Schools Team Glyn Wright County Inspector/ Adviser PDL Donna Smith Teacher adviser Fire Service Sam Francis AST PDL Portway Junior School Julie Thompson Health Practitioner NHS Hampshire Ileana Cahill Health Practitioner NHS Hampshire Eleanor Jakeman Freelance PDL- peer mentoring

5 Contact details Glyn Wright, admin support for PDL/Healthy Schools Anne McCarthy, Tel: 023 92441442 Julie Thompson, Ileana Cahill, Donna Smith, Sam Francis, Eleanor Jakeman,

6 How Hampshire School Library Service can help support SMSC  Spiritual - Year 5 & Year 1 pupil Book Awards  Moral-accessible resources for pupil choice & independent enquiry  Social - active citizenship with pupil librarians  Cultural - current resources representing diverse cultures  Additional resources-for themed weeks eg healthy eating, wider world, etc  Booklists - supporting topics eg anti-bullying, family issues, PSHE and citizenship

7 The School Library Service Bridget Rowley SLS Adviser North School Library Service South Ham Library Paddock Road South Ham Basingstoke RG22 6QB 01256 811089

8 HS post it

9 National Curriculum Updates Look for the opportunities that greater flexibility will bring Specifications in schools by September 2013 for first teaching in September 2014 for all subjects

10 The revised specifications available on DfE website /nationalcurriculum/b0075667/national-curriculum-review-update English Early acquisition, highly fluent reading by end Key Stage 2 and reading for enjoyment Structure and range in writing Development of spoken language ‘Language of grammar’, rules and exceptions Cognitive development through memorising – writing and poetry

11 The revised specifications available on DfE website b0075667/national-curriculum-review-update Mathematics Developing proportional reasoning Working with decimals and fractions Secure understanding of key concepts Fluency and confidence in four operations

12 The revised specifications Science Separate sciences, for conceptual clarity Classification Life processes, inheritance, evolution Forces, physical structure, properties, states of matter, sound and light Science through the lives of scientific figures Observation, safe tests, recording

13 Maintaining the inspiration of the Olympics - 2012 Legacy – Be Inspired 4 Life Resource A teaching and support pack developed for 2012 Olympics Challenge booklet still available The BI4L resource can be downloaded at - then click on schools 2012 Important to keep the legacy going

14 Legacy of raising school meal update – resources on website

15 The PDL Newsletter Articles/lessons please – email to Glyn Wright – and Sam Francis –

16 Promoting spiritual, moral, social and cultural development

17 OfSTED and SMSC Over 50 OfSTED Inspections since January 2012 All mention SMSC – see handout for sample of these

18 Defining spiritual, moral, social and cultural development – spiritual development is shown by: beliefs, religious or otherwise, which inform their perspective on life and their interest in and respect for different people’s feelings and values sense of enjoyment and fascination in learning about themselves, others and the world around them, including the intangible use of imagination and creativity in their learning willingness to reflect on their experiences.

19 Defining spiritual, moral, social and cultural development – moral development is shown by: ability to recognise the difference between right and wrong and their readiness to apply this understanding in their own lives understanding of the consequences of their actions interest in investigating, and offering reasoned views about, moral and ethical issues.

20 Defining spiritual, moral, social and cultural development – social development is shown by: Pupils’ social development is shown by their: use of a range of social skills in different contexts, including working and socialising with pupils from different religious, ethnic and socio- economic backgrounds willingness to participate in a variety of social settings, co-operating well with others and being able to resolve conflicts effectively interest in, and understanding of, the way communities and societies function at a variety of levels.

21 Defining spiritual, moral, social and cultural development – cultural development is shown by: understanding and appreciation of the wide range of cultural influences that have shaped their own heritage willingness to participate in, and respond to, for example, artistic, musical, sporting, mathematical, technological, scientific and cultural opportunities interest in exploring, understanding of, and respect for cultural diversity and the extent to which they understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity, as shown by their attitudes towards different religious, ethnic and socio-economic groups in the local, national and global communities.

22 SMSC Course Monday 9 November 2012 This half-day course aims to introduce and develop understanding of the new requirements for SMSC provision in the OfSTED Framework 2012 Contact: HTLC on Tel: 01962 718600, quoting course code: RE047, or online by visiting the HTLC website

23 Change 4 Life Change 4 Life supports Walk to School Month in October. Walk4Life app can be downloaded to map route to school and progress National School Meals week 5-9 November. Use Change 4 life materials including healthy eating quizzes to celebrate the event.

24 Change 4 Life SmallSteps4Life – Interactive website to support primary or secondary pupils to improve their health and wellbeing by setting themselves challenges on healthy eating, feeling good inside and getting active Free resources for schools. Register as a local supporter to receive updates and access resources.

25 Back to Basics Sign up for the Healthy Schools Course Email

26 Healthy Schools: the electronic submission process 1 Both the Word templates that are downloadable from the DfE site will be available as on-line forms by half term, namely The ‘Whole School Review (WSR) Template’ for Hampshire Healthy Schools Status (submitted every other year) and The ‘School Story Template’ for the Hampshire Healthy Schools Challenge Award (submitted when outcomes have been met, based on the work recorded on the ‘Planning template’ spread sheet which is kept by the school)

27 Healthy Schools: the electronic submission process 2 Schools are asked to use these on-line forms for submissions, beginning 1 November 2012 Forms will be sent electronically to the Quality Assurance Group (QAG) in readiness for their next meeting and the school will be emailed a PDF copy of their completed on-line form Feedback from the QAG about the WSR will also be sent by email to the school as a PDF with comments added to the end of the school’s form Instructions for using these on-line forms will be on the local Hampshire Healthy Schools website by half term

28 The HS portal Autumn Term introduction All schools to have log on Completed online Submitted for QAG Story Template to be submitted for Healthy Schools Challenge




32 MEND in Hampshire NHS Hampshire has contracted MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition…Do it!) to provide Family Weight Management programmes from September 2012 to December 2013 Programmes are for overweight or very overweight children aged 5-7 or 7-13 and their parents/ carers. These free, 10 week programmes cover healthy eating, physical activity and changing behaviour. 16 programmes will be delivered in the next few months, one in each district GPs and school nursing teams will be referring families directly via the MEND website Parents and carers can also self-refer via the website if they have concerns about their child’s weight.

33 Service children Are you one of 300 schools with service children? Books identified by School Library Service which will support children from Army families: –Irving, E Billie Templar’s War –Maryon, K A Million Angels Look out for Supporting Service Children in Hampshire newsletter that comes into school electronically Support can be found at More support can be found from……..

34 145 (South) Brigade, Firm Base Branch Tel:01252 347755 Children's Education Advisory Service (CEAS) Tel:01980 618244 Army Welfare Service Navy Families Federation Army Families Federation RAF Families Federation HIVE HIVE

35 Healthy Early Years The HEY toolkit is aligned with HS and is linked to preschool and nursery self evaluation Hampshire HEY toolkit now online! Link with your early years settings to promote and share joint health priorities Commitment for HEY to be rolled out to Children’s Centres across Hampshire.

36 Diabetes in schools One in 700 children have Type 1 Diabetes. That means you may have one or more in your school. The school will make provision for students to self administer or allow parents/carers on site to administer insulin injections. Staff will be made aware of pupil's condition and aware of procedures needed if the pupil is unwell There is a wide range of supporting websites that can be accessed including and There are also good teaching resources to raise general awareness available for free in the form of the JDRF Classroom Toolkits -

37 Resources on JDRF website

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