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Healthy Gloucestershire 2008 - 2018 The Health and Community Well- being Strategy for Gloucestershire.

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1 Healthy Gloucestershire 2008 - 2018 The Health and Community Well- being Strategy for Gloucestershire

2 What is it? –Sets out the current and future challenges affecting Gloucestershire –Recognises the new expectations that are being placed on services and service delivery, and –Agrees the aims that set our framework for joint action over 10 years

3 Strategic aim To make Gloucestershire a place where: The health and well-being of all people matters We work together in partnership to improve health, “level-up” health outcomes and “narrow the health inequalities gap”


5 Health and Community Well-being Strategy for Gloucestershire: Context Our Health, Our Care, Our Say Three themes Putting people more in control of their own health and care Enabling and supporting health, independence and well-being Rapid and convenient access to high-quality, cost-effective care Seven Outcomes Improved health and emotional well-being Improved quality of life Making a positive contributi on Choice and control Freedom from Discrimina tion Econo mic well- being Personal dignity LAA – outcomes for the Partnership Improve health and reduce health inequalities Contribute to the reduction in obesity levels Support independence, health and well-being for vulnerable people Choosing Health and Tackling Health Inequalities Reducing numbers of people who smoke especially in disadvantaged groups and pregnant women and promoting smoke free environments Tackling obesity (supporting healthy eating, weight manageme nt, physical activity) Improving mental health and well-being including suicide reduction Improving sexual health and reducing teenage pregnancy Reducing harm from substance misuse and encouraging sensible drinking Every child matters - outcomes Be safeStay healthy Enjoy and achieve Make a positive contribution Achieve economic wellbeing Gloucestershire Health and Community Well-being Partnership’s commitments Keeping people well and living longer and working to reduce health inequalities When people become unwell, minimising the impact of disease on their quality of life Putting people first in health and social care

6 The journey so far……

7 Developing the strategy October 2007: First draft prepared for consultation December 2007: stakeholder meeting February – April 2008: Working group established, priority areas identified and format of strategy agreed. May 2008: Ten priority areas for action agreed by GHCWP Executive Board May - July 2008: Action cards prepared July 2008: Final draft of strategy prepared for stakeholder review / comments.


9 The ten priority areas for action…



12 Action Cards - content 1.Title 2.Sponsor 3.Champion 4.Contact for comments 5.Key facts 6.Where are we now? 7.Where are our gaps? 8.Where do we want to be in ten years time? 9.What do we need to do? 10.How will we know we have made a difference?


14 Workshop activity: Part 1. Are there any gaps and where are they? Do you agree with the statements which say where we want to be in 10 years? If not, why not What do we need to do? Who needs to be involved?

15 Workshop activity: Part 2 How we move from the strategy to delivery of the priorities? Who can lead on each priority? Who can contribute to each priority?

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