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What makes an effective Ward Manager? Steve Flanagan Regional Director RCN North West.

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1 What makes an effective Ward Manager? Steve Flanagan Regional Director RCN North West.

2 The Context: u Examples of excellence u Unparalleled investment in NHS u Continuing & sustained media portrayal of poor practice & standards

3 “If things go well there is no need for a call to action. When things go horribly wrong something has to change…..and problems are more likely to make the headlines” Nursing Standard Editorial; May 28 th 2008

4 In the same issue:- u Patient Campaigner calls for CCTV to monitor hand washing practices u Baroness Knight accuses Trusts of being blind to patient starvation issues u Sir Michael Parkinson, National Dignity Ambassador, “some nurses behave like jailers toward their patients”.

5 RCN Campaigns u 2006: Wipe it Out (MRSA) u 2007: Nutrition Now u 2008: Dignity- at the heart of everything we do

6 “All too often Nurses are guilty of worshipping at the altar of silent acquiescence” Reg Pyne, Former Director of Professional Conduct. UKCC

7 The Difference between the two extremes? u Good Management and Leadership u Doing things right –v- Doing the right things

8 Good (Ward) Managers must: u Be Politically Aware: Speak the language/learn who/how to influence u Be Clinically knowledgeable and credible u Manage by example – Be a Role Model, Inspire and motivate u Be visible – know what the team is doing u Pay attention – More Listening u Communicate – Empowering people u Delegate – Not abdicate

9 u Be clear about performance standards and hold team members to account- challenging poor performance u Assertive – securing the right resources u Be honest when things go wrong -learning-v-blame culture u Have control over ward resources eg; cleaning, mealtimes u Network – Locally, Regionally, Nationally, Internationally u Be supported by senior managers

10 4 LESSONS FOR ORGANISATIONS FROM GEESE -Based on research by Milton Olson, naturalist -The uplift draft from each goose when flying in “V” formation increases flying range by 71% Lesson for teamwork: By significant co-ordination and working together the productivity rate is increased dramatically.

11 2. As lead goose of the skein (v) tires they rotate Lesson for teamwork: Workload should be evenly distributed Too much reliance should never be placed on one individual 3. Geese honk from the rear as encouragement/warning/information Lesson for leadership: Communication is critical to ensure effective teamwork and leadership, geese view the honking as encouragement and not in any sense of barracking

12 4. If a goose is wounded or is unwell, two geese accompany their friend to the ground and will remain until the goose has either recovered or dies Lesson for leadership: The need to be supportive and sensitive to the needs of others particularly in times of crisis is paramount. Working in the Health Service generally, and nursing specifically, is a highly pressurised and stressful occupation. The need to support each other has never been greater.


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