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Yr 4 Dermatology Quiz Dr Mary Cuthbert GP and GPwSI Dermatology.

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1 Yr 4 Dermatology Quiz Dr Mary Cuthbert GP and GPwSI Dermatology

2 1.What is this common condition and what can it be confused with?

3 2.This man works in a pine-stripping workshop. What is his rash?

4 3.Identify this rash and explain why you have reached this conclusion

5 4.What is this rash?

6 5.Identify this rash

7 6.Describe the appearance of these wrists

8 7. What is this rash and what is its common name?

9 8.Identify this itchy,blistered rash affecting the palms of hands and soles of feet

10 9.This child with tonsillitis has been prescribed Penicillin V.What is the rash?

11 10.This student was prescribed amoxicillin for sore throat.What is the diagnosis?What is the underlying cause?

12 11.This itchy rash presented suddenly and dramatically.What is it?

13 12.What is this condition? What is the underlying problem and how is it inherited?

14 13.This rash started off in the centre of the back seven days ago.What is the rash called and what is the larger area of rash known as?

15 14.This baby is unwell and miserable.What is the likely diagnosis? What is the underlying causative organism?

16 15.What is the diagnosis? What is an alternative name for the skin lesions?

17 16.Identify these painful lumps on the patient’s shins.Name 2 underlying causes

18 17.What is this intensely itchy rash? What are the white areas known as?

19 18.Why is it important to monitor this condition in the mouth?

20 19.This patient was admitted with an extensive blistering rash.What is the diagnosis? How is it treated ?

21 20.This blistering condition affected just the legs.What is it? (Ignore seborrhoeic warts)

22 21.Identify this embarrassing and unpleasant condition

23 22.Name this condition and describe the skin

24 23.This rash appeared after a bout of tonsillitis.What is it?

25 24.What is the diagnosis?

26 25.What has happened to these scars? Name the underlying skin condition in each case

27 26.This young woman erupted in this unusual rash after shopping at an outdoor market in the sunshine.What is the diagnosis?

28 27.What is the diagnosis?

29 28.Identify this painful and destructive vulval skin condition

30 29.Describe what has happened to this patient

31 30.What are these common lesions known as?

32 31.What is this skin condition(very common in Bradford) ?

33 32.What are these crusty lesions on this elderly man’s scalp?

34 33.This patient pricked her finger on a rose thorn.What is the swelling called?

35 34.What is the diagnosis?Describe 2 features typical of these lesions

36 35.What is this rash and what makes you suspicious?(Ignore dark patch)

37 36.What is the likely diagnosis and why?

38 37.Diagnose the rash on this woman’s nipple

39 38.What is the likely diagnosis and give 3 reasons why

40 39.Give 4 features of this lesion which would suggest it is a melanoma

41 40. What is this rash?

42 41.Diagnose this potentially serious rash.What is the underlying cause?

43 42.What is this common,painful rash?

44 43.This medical student developed this rash when completing a primary care attachment.He was very unwell.What is the diagnosis?

45 44.What is this common viral condition?

46 45.This man noticed his rash when he returned from holiday.What is the diagnosis? What is the causative organism?

47 46.This nurse developed a very itchy rash all over her body.What is it?

48 47.What is this unusual rash?How is it treated?

49 48.What is this common condition? What is the underlying cause?

50 49. What is the condition on the left?What is the condition on the right and how does it differ?

51 50.This rash in the axilla can be confused with a fungal rash.What is it and how is it treated?

52 1.Mongolian blue spot. Confused with non- accidental injury in children. 2.Irritant dermatitis 3.Nappy rash, irritant dermatitis (classical W shape) 4.Contact dermatitis (studs on jeans) 5.Eczema (signs of excoriation) 6.Lichenified 7.Craddle cap (seborrhoeic eczema); keratolytic shampoos, steroids. 8.Pomphlyx eczema 9.Drug eruption 10.Infectious mononucleosis/ Epstein barr virus. 11.Urticaria 12.Hereditary angioedema. AD inheritance. C1 esterase inhibitor deficiency. 13.Pityriasis rosea; herald patch. 14.Hand foot and mouth; Coxsackie A. 15.Target lesions/ erythema multiforme 16.Erythema nodosum (sarcoid, COCP, IBD, strep throat……) 17.Lichen planus; Wickham’s striae 18.Oral lichen planus; malignant potential 19.Pemphigus; high dose steroids needed. 20.Bullous pemphigoid 21.Hyperhydrosis 22.Vitiligo (depigmentation- not hypo). 23.Guttate psoriasis (post-strep) 24.Psoriasis 25.Koebnerisation (left-psoriasis, right-lichen planus) 26.SLE 27.Raynaud’s 28.Lichen sclerosis 29.SCC development 30.Seborrhoeic warts 31.Suburn!! 32.Solar keratosis 33.Pyogenic granuloma’ 34.BCC (rolled edge, telangietcasia) 35.Superficial spreading BCC 36.SCC 37.Pagets 38.Malignant melanoma (acral) 39.Shape, size, outline etc.. 40.Impetigo 41.Erysipelas; strep 42.Herpes 43.VZV 44.Molluscum contagiosum; pox virus 45.Hypopigmentation- pityriasis vesicolor (fungal; seen more when tanned) 46.Scabies 47.Dermetitis herpetiformis (dapsone, gluten free diet) 48.Venous eczema (venous stasis) 49.Subungual melanoma (R), subungual haematoma (L) 50.Erythrasma (erythromycin) Answers

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