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Kaylin Koller SOSC 125 Disclaimer: All Examples are from my personal goals, use at your own risk!

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1 Kaylin Koller SOSC 125 Disclaimer: All Examples are from my personal goals, use at your own risk!

2 Keep goals measurable. Make goals realistic. Stay specific when you create goals. Use a time frame for short-term & long-term goals. Keep priorities in mind when creating goals. Stay focused and motivated to complete your goals!

3 Career: To graduate in March 2012, my expected date to graduate if I pass every quarter. Personal: I want to start and finish planning my wedding in six months after I graduate in March 2012. Financial: I wish to have my credit card paid off within six months. (This is realistic for me with defined payment parameters.) Education: I want to have at least a B+ at the end of this school quarter in all three of my classes. Physical: I wish to lose five pounds in one month and keep it off for two months.

4 I want to work out for 30 minutes a day and at least four times a week. I want to get at least an 80% on my next exam which is December 5 th, 2011. I want to save $500 towards my summer vacation by June 2012.

5 I will not ask for a 100% on my next exam, it is not a realistic goal. I will attempt to get a job in the operating room at a hospital with the resume and cover letter I created in my SOSC 113 class. I will not ask to lose 20 lbs. in 10 days, it is not realistic let alone healthy. I have a goal to get 30 miles per gallon out of my car for gas mileage.

6 My goal to get a B+ in all of my classes can be met if I: read all chapters and complete all assignments. My goal to work out 30 minutes at least four times a week can be accomplished if I wake up early and work out before my classes during the week. To get better gas mileage on my car I can make sure to change my oil every 3,000 miles, keep up with care and complete scheduled maintenance every 30,000 miles as per manufacturer guidelines.

7 Be able to set goals for the day, week, month, next six months, next year, next five years, next ten years. Keep short-term goals separate from long-term goals. (The following slides elaborate this thought.) Keep a calendar with dates highlighted for certain goals.

8 I want to finish reading two chapters before dinner tonight. I will get my Final Project for SOSC 125 completed and turned in by December 9 th before midnight. I will study with three peer study groups before my Final Exam for Nursing 202 by December 5 th, 2011. I will get my rent paid by December 1 st.

9 I will set a date to take my NCLEX Exam after my graduation in March 2012. I will submit my resume and cover letter to the director of surgical services at a local hospital after I have received confirmation of passing the NCLEX Exam in 2012. I will start looking for a house to rent three months before (April 2012) my lease is up in June 2012.

10 My priorities are set around time sensitive materials. I keep a calendar that has highlighted dates or deadlines when my goals need to be met or completed. I let people know around me (fiancé, friend, mother, etc…) if I have important dates that I cannot overlook.

11 It is easy to get distracted or unmotivated. Keep your goals in a place where you can visualize them throughout your day. Print goals on paper and tape then to the back of a door. Put goals on your calendar with bright colors and sticky notes. Enter goals on your phone and have reminders pop up. Tell a friend to remind you a week before your goal needs to be done.

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