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The BAS Team Battles The Big Thompson May 17, 2013 Click mouse to advance presentation.

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1 The BAS Team Battles The Big Thompson May 17, 2013 Click mouse to advance presentation.

2 Pick Up EventPlannedActual * Al Picks Up Chester7:20 AM7:14 AM Al & Chester Departs Chester’s7:25 AM7:17 AM Al & Chester Picks Up Mike7:40 AM7: 31 AM BAS Team Depart Mike’s **7:45 AM7:38 AM BAS Team Arrives at Wapiti Park8:45 AM8:26 AM BAS Team Suited and Rigged8:58 AM8:39 AM BAS Team Commences Fishing ***9:00 AM8:45 AM *Actual times may have variance with reality. ** The actual full complement of the BAS team was not available for this trip. Once again Augie Bruno found a convenient excuse or good cause not to be seen in public with the rest of us. *** May cause drowsiness. Not insured by the FDIC. Your mileage may vary. Batteries not included. Not suitable for small children under 3 years of age. No purchase necessary. Not to be used near fire, flames or sparks. Do not use for personal hygiene. For indoor or outdoor use only. May cause bowel irritation. May increase your risk of food borne illness. Some assembly required. May contain chemicals known by the State of California to cause cancer. Requires adult supervision. May be harmful if swallowed. Not to be used for drying pets. Do not use orally after using rectally. Not a protective safety device. For use by trained professionals only. Do not use immediately. Not intended for highway user. Do not use near power lines. Safe for carpets. Not suitable for use as a dental drill. Do not use while sleeping. Not dishwasher safe. Not for human consumption. Does not enable you to fly. Not to be used for the other use. Not meant as a substitute for human companionship. Ouch, that’s gonna hurt.

3 Weather Weather AttributeMeasurement SkyCloudy – Clear * Air Temperature54-49 ** Water Temperature48 *** Wind SpeedVariable 0 to 16 **** Wind DirectionN, NE, E, SE, S, W, SW ***** * On arrival at Wapiti Park there was a slight overcast which burned off to a beautiful clear sky. ** On arrival the air temperature was 54. When checking after suiting up, Al said it was 49. *** Water temperature measured just before leaving to go to lunch at about 12:15 PM. **** At start of fishing the wind was calm. *****During the morning winds flared and shifted from all directions. Wind directional shift is approximate.

4 FlySize Wets Tungsten Micro Mayfly Olive or Red14 HoloPrince14 CDC Flashback Pheasant Tail14 Prince Of Darkness (Trailed by size 18 Blue Poison Tung)14 Mike’s Orange PHD18 Lint Bug20 RS2 Dun20 Glass Back Sow Bug18 Soft Hackle Sow Bug20 Tube Midge Black or Copper20 Tung STD20 Rainbow Warrir18 Jujubaetis18 Two Bit Hooker Olive18 Dries Hair-Wing BWO20 Extended Body BWO20 Royal Wulff18 Parachute Adams20 Griffith’s Gnat20 * Flies recommended by Kirk’s Fly Shop, Estes Park, Colorado. Based on fishing report of May 16, 2013 Suggested Flies *

5 AnglerFlySize AlBlue Wing Olive20 AlWoolly Bugger Black20 AlBead Head Copper John20 ChesterHi Visibility Parachute Adams20 ChesterYellow Stimulator14 ChesterMadam Sex14 ChesterBead Head Copper John16 ChesterFlash Back Pheasant Tail18 ChesterBlue Poison Tung22 ChesterCone Head Muddler Minnow10 ChesterFlash Back Pheasant Tail20 ChesterFlash Back Jujubaetis22 ChesterCrystal Bugger Black/Green12 MikeRoyal Coachman20 MikeParachute Adams16 MikeBead Head Green Drake Nymph20 MikeRed Serendipity20 MikeZebra Nymph20 MikeHare's Ear20 MikeTrico18 MikePrince Nymph18 * Based on whatever illogical reasoning was in force at the time of fly selection. Actual Flies Used *

6 We fished calm water

7 We fished riffles

8 We fished pools

9 We fished for 3 point 5 hours and got net zero

10 We learned a lot or think we did but after getting skunked the only thing we know for sure is that we had a really great day and a really good lunch. We need to do it again soon Chester aka Backstroke

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