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Design for the real world  To meet or exceed the “customer’’s expectations  Move the “customer” up the value chain  Quality  Timeliness  Provide.

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2 Design for the real world

3  To meet or exceed the “customer’’s expectations  Move the “customer” up the value chain  Quality  Timeliness  Provide cost effective solutions

4 Design for the real world  Communications Design has moved from the print medium alone to the “virtual” world  Technology helps in the design process by allowing for: Experimentation Flexibility And speed  Provides a common platform/language for communication and is a catylst

5 The Visual Medium

6 The Visual Medium  Provides a common platform/language for communication and is a catalyst


8 Differences in Media

9  Size  Interactivity  Product Lifecycle  Updation/upgradation

10 Push and Pull Concept

11 Push and Pull concept  Push  The print medium lends itself entirely to the push concept  The multimedia and web applications area is kinesthetic – where the end user drives the “pace”, it is interactive and is basis the “pull” concept

12 The principle of metaphor

13  A product/site can be understood more easily if the user interface is depicted in a way that resembles some commonplace system – a common idiom  Once a metaphor is chosen, it should be spread widely throughout the interface, rather than used once at a specific point. Even better would be to use the same metaphor spread over several applications  An application can incorporate several different metaphors, as long as they don’t clash

14 The principle of coherence

15 The principle of coherence  The behavior of the product/application should be internally and externally consistent  An interface should be coherent – in other words logical, consistent, and easily followed  Consistency means that the behavior makes sense with respect to other parts of the program striving towards the principle of least surprise.

16 Information Design

17 Information Design  Information design is about the organization of the content and the architectural shell that holds it  On the one hand, a participant might be manipulating content. On the other, the participant might be traveling through a landscape of media  A usefully narrow definition of interface would specify it as the means by which the content is accessed, providing mediation between the content’s organization and the person’s actions  Interfaces must simultaneously maximize the quality of time people spend in relation to media and reduce the complexity of the processes they must go through to be present there

18 Consistency of Design methodology

19 Consistency of Design methodology  The changes would be in tools/technology  Processes  Development cycles  Testing/QA

20 Areas of Graphic Design Print/Multimedia/Web

21 Areas of Graphic Design Print  Marketing Collateral  Packaging  Publications (add from Indrani’s list)

22 Print  Includes an entire gamut of services for POP, publication, journals, magazine and newspapers which include design, pre-press as well as printing and print supervision

23 Design handbook for print  Colour  Typography  Composition  Treatment  Layout  Design as per requirement

24 The printing process  Design  Costing  Pre-press-scanning/positives  Processing-platemaking  Proofing  Paper selection  Printing  Binding/folding

25 Areas of Graphic Design  Multimedia: CBT’s Demo CD’s Corporate Presentations Three S Extrieve Games

26 Multimedia  Project/assignment brief  Storyboard (option1) (option2) (option3)option1option2option3  Execution: Images Animation (options1) (options2)options1options2 scripting  Incorporation of Voiceover/sound effects

27 Web applications  Web/Internet: WBT’s Website Web based applications-marketing/sales tools Home page Products catalogue Locations tool Sales tool

28 Web Solutions  The internet is a powerful, interactive medium for marketing and communication that allows people, organizations and businesses to communicate with one another directly, not only through sight and sound as well as kinesthetically

29 Web applications  Specifications/Assignment brief  Project management  Design alternatives for look and feel  Home Page/subsequent page design/elements Examples :- Home page, Secondary pageHome pageSecondary page  Development  Testing  Hosting/maintenance/registration  Updation/upgradation  Signage

30 Exhibition Design  Exhibition Design  Digital Display graphics  Signage

31 GUI design –  Application User Interface Design – the frontend of software design is a company’s primary customer interface, the importance of which cannot be stressed enough. Examples:- 1 2 3 4 512345  It requires the expertise to blend the usability quotient in the right proportion with the functionality of an application to create a truly user-friendly experience Examples:- 1 2 3 4 5 6123456

32 Areas of Graphic Design Advertising & Marketing/ Education / Training

33 Areas of Graphic Design Corporate Identity  Create an entirely new identity and brand image for a product/service/event. Packaging  Develop and print unique packs for specific products Signage  Digital Graphics  Internal and External  Window Displays  Content Creation and Management

34  Creation of a new identity or brand for existing products and services  Develop a concerted campaign in various media for optimum mileage  Reminder or brand recall building exercises  Create sales tools and develop marketing material to boost revenues  create a dramatic online web-presence as also provide web-enabling products & services.  Multimedia services that include CD's, web-enabled film and video products as well as animation.  Storyboarding, graphics and design for production of music videos, documentaries etc. Advertising & Marketing

35 Education / Training  Techpixel can provide CBT’s, WBT’s, for corporates as well as specialised training programmes for kids or adults.CBT’s  Techpixel specialises in training modules and presentations for corporates, both in-house and online.  Techpixel can create easy-to-use interactive modules for demos, sales tools and marketing kits.

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