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2 Is an action group Is not a religious group I don’t keep my faith a secret, but I believe that the meaning and purpose of life is defined by God’s love. The big picture is not about being religious. The Love Co-Mission was created to share the love of God that changed my life. That’s it. We are a for-profit company. We use the world economy to reveal truths about God’s economy. God’s economy consists of the mechanisms and system that He works through to reveal and expand His Kingdom.

3 “I don’t want to just tell people a story about God’s love for them. I want to confront people with the love of God so that they become aware of God’s love for themselves.” Daniel Ehrlich Through everything we do we are trying to teach, reflect and reveal the deepest truths of God’s character and His intentions to develop man, overcome pride and remove opposition toward Him and between each other. The Love Co-Mission hopes to cause change around the world by setting a correct example of selflessness, mercy and maturity.

4 Non-profits are the infrastructure of global change. This plan was created to finance the development of that infrastructure by providing the people working for change a stable source for the resources they need to do their work. This plan achieves something massive that no other fundraising plan ever has before. – This plan benefits and gives back to everyone instead of taking from one person to give to another [when the first person may be in need themselves].

5 We had to find a very different breed of company to partner with in order to make this plan work. These companies are the best tools we have found so far to use to support this plan and the funding network that we’re building to benefit the non-profits and supporters. 2 reasons non-profits are struggling to find the money they need: The global economic slowdown and higher personal saving rates brought on by the fear of continued economic problems.

6 The companies we have partnered with are built on business models that are dependent on their own customers for their growth. That is why the companies pay all of us. I have formed a total of 8 companies and taken positions for them in each of the companies we’ve partnered with. 7 of our 8 companies give away 100% of the money they generate. The 8 th pays the overhead and for other programs. We are building 8 companies by building up others so that we can give the money away.

7 I like to help smaller groups who aren’t able to attract main stream funding, but that’s not a rule. My heart especially goes out to children, the poor, the left out, the hungry, the victimized, the weak, the families, the widows, single mothers and abused women, the little guys with the big ideas, the change seekers, the better life fighters, the just need a damn chancers and to the ones working against man’s prideful degradation of God’s creation. I am seeking to confront the root causes of the current conditions and problems around the world and provide opportunities that develop people and lead to freedom and self-sufficiency.

8 The African Co-Mission To help improve life across Africa Hydrating Humanity - Clean, Safe Water, Hygiene Training and Hope One Village at a Time - Creating self-sustaining communities in Kenya Paper for All - Education for children in Burkina Faso and other parts of Africa O'Brien School for the Maasai - Empowering the future of the Maasai African Vision of Hope - Faith for the present; hope for the future Unite Our World - Empowering communities in Uganda Love Botswana - Serving Botswana and Southern Africa for over 23 years Stepping Stones Nigeria - Defending the children of the Niger Delta CARE Egypt - Defending dignity. Fighting poverty. LCSO - Libyan Civil Society Organization CLI - Developing the next generation of leaders in the Congo Khadarlis - Rebuilding Sierra Leone after 11yrs of civil war

9 The Restoration Co-Mission Recovery, healing, foundation, freedom Solus Christus - Improving the lives of people recovering from addiction Chase After A Cure - Chasing away Neuroblastoma Samaritan Ministries Forsyth - Food for the body. Hope for the soul Friends of Fisher House IL - Free lodging for military families during crises Advita Fund USA - Aiding cancer patients and their families in Russia Child Family Health Intl - Global health ed and community empowerment People's Inst for Survival and Beyond - Undoing Racism Just The Right Attitude - The food bank of New Orleans Tibet Aid - Tibetan sponsorship program NAMI GS - Addressing the unmet needs of people with mental illness LAMP Community - To end homelessness permanently in L.A. The Innocence Network - Freeing the innocent

10 The Finance Co-Mission Fulfill potential, establish self-sufficiency, provide opportunity Causes for Change Intl. - Building strong communities in Central America Doggie Do Good - Service Dog training in CA Enterprise - Affordable housing. Real opportunities. Accion NM - Lending. Supporting. Inspiring. Opportunity Intl - Microfinance to help end world poverty UMMA - Empower underprivileged people in Lake County, IL Points of Light - We put people at the center of change HIM - Empowering Haitians Sunflower Co Freedom Project - Building up young leaders in MS Together in Hope - Empower the world's poor through holistic development FINCA - Charitable microfinance to the world's lowest income people JT Townsend Foundation - Helping people with disabilities

11 The Ruth Co-Mission For women Women Thrive Worldwide - Helping women thrive to end world poverty Becky's Fund - Fighting for women's freedom from domestic violence Shared Hope Intl - Leading a worldwide effort to eradicate sexual slavery Love146 - End child sex slavery and exploitation Shalom House - Giving hope to homeless women in St Louis Hope House IN - A place for homeless and chemical dependent women Women Without Borders - Change the world Women at Risk Intl - Creating circles of protection and hope National Council of Jewish Women - Faith in the future. Belief in action. CATW Intl - World's first org to fight human trafficking internationally SWAN - Shan Women's Action Network in Burma and Thailand Women for Women - Helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives

12 The Youth Co-Mission For children Cambodian Kids - Empowering the future of Cambodia Free The Kids, Inc. - Helping Haiti's children Solace for the Children - Bridging cultures and religions to aid Afghan children Assistance League - Caring and commitment in action Myanmar Hope - Holistic approach to assisting the children of Myanmar An Orphan's Bright Star - Assisting Ukranian Orphanages SOS Children's Villages - Active in 133 countries and territories Mother to Mother - Providing hope in TN one child at a time Child Soldiers Intl - To end military recruitment of children Save the Children - Every child has the right to survival St Martin - Working with vulnerable children in Rio De Janeiro Laos Children's Workshop - Helping children help themselves

13 The Green Co-Mission Sustainable farming, land preservation, resource conservation Reap More Than You Sow - The Winston-Salem Community Garden Initiative Cultural Survival - Defending the land of indigenous people Amazon Conservation Assoc - Fight deforestation in the Amazon Hidden Villa - Inspiring a just and sustainable future Sustainable Harvest Intl - Planting hope and restoring forests Man and the Environment - Conservation in Madagascar Carolina Farm Stewardship Assoc - Sustainable agriculture MOFFA - Michigan Organic Food and Farm Alliance Center for Biological Diversity - Because life is good Ecosa Institute - Regenerative change through sustainable design Semilla Besada - Sustainable land stewardship in Spain Plant with Purpose - Solutions to humanitarian problems

14 The End Co-Mission Advance love, creativity, develop people and bring them together Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago 24-7 Prayer - Prayer, Mission and Justice Reaching Souls Intl - Nationals reaching nationals for Christ The Abraham Fund - for coexistence between Jews and Arabs in Israel Southern Center for Human Rights - Fighting the death penalty and unjustice The Nobelity Project - Promoting basic rights for all children through film Chinese Christian Mission - Reaching the Chinese to reach the world WiserEarth - The social network for sustainability Southern Poverty Law Center - Fighting hate. Teaching tolerance. Shuhada Organization - Working for a better Afghanistan MCC - Middle East - Relief, development and peace Free Muslims Coalition - Muslims against terrorism

15 “People helping people helping people help people.” There are 4 levels of people/groups affected by the The LCM Assist Plan. 1: You and your direct family as a supporter within the plan 2: All of the other supporters within the plan 3: All of the non-profits supported by the plan 4: All of the people touched by the non-profits Through the cooperative efforts of Eco Power, Day1, One24, you, every other supporter, every sponsored non-profit and every person that is given support and receives an opportunity through the assembly of The LCM Assist Plan we can build each other up and cause real root changes in the world. We can’t save the world, but we can help others by helping ourselves and we can help ourselves by helping others. As we work together to help each other we can be helpful to the world and be a force for love.

16 Nationwide energy brokers in residential and commercial markets 100% renewable electric service across much of the Mid-West and Northeast U.S. 100% FREE opportunity Fundraiser program for non-profits and churches where available Largest nationwide footprint of energy products and services in the retail energy industry

17 Unique and original “Consumers for Charity” business model Powerful fundraising tool for any non-profit group Each “C4C” elects to contribute up to 10% of their earnings to a non- profit they choose and Day1 matches their contributions By finding 1 other person to also enroll as a “C4C” a person becomes part of the Day1 profit sharing program that pays up to $500 a month PetroMAXX fuel catalyst product increases fuel mileage, reduces emissions and may reduce deposit build-up from ethanol

18 The best whole food nutritional and weight loss products in the world Improve your quality of life for the long haul by making your body stronger and healthier More energy and stamina now – less risk of cancer and disease later Use The LCM Assist Plan to get paid to be stronger Double your income from the plan and double our support for non- profits

19 "Tsalach - Ahava" advance the love of God. Created to take full advantage of the plan’s cyclical structure Farm Assist Initiative – to help US farmers cut energy costs and develop supplemental incomes C.E.E.U. Initiative – big discounts to Commercial Energy End Users to generate additional fundraising for our non-profits and programs Independence Initiative – step-by-step plan to free people from the oppressive conditions of unemployment, underemployment and poverty in America.

20 This plan rests on a foundation of selflessness. The more you can put self interests aside and give your attention to help others the more it will benefit you. So let your motivations be pure and let God’s love be the guiding force in your life. Nothing man-made is perfect. I have done what I could to find the best corporate partners and provide great opportunities. The rest is for each of you to overcome. Let any wishing of something-for-nothing die and decide to take full accountability for how you spend your life. Be a force for love in the world. Pursue a path to know God’s love and purpose for mankind. Face the realization and development of your potential and the fulfillment of your purpose. Give yourself to help others do the same.

21 “Why can’t we all just..hold hands together Lay our pride down..and leave it there forever What’s with this race to out produce who Why not hold up and all trade each others shoes If we all shared the burden would there even be a load We all know what’s wrong so why not break the mold When we all go last we’re all sittin’ at the front Why not when we act its by love and not a stunt I believe I believe we can leave it all behind Let the VHS play out and forget to hit rewind Make the climb..enabled by the Spirit No more yesterday’s nothin’ too big that you can’t clear it I believe we can all look up and see the One Curtains been torn by the work of the Son We can join the Kingdom of the people on the hill Lay the old down and take up the love that’s real”

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